Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lethal Combo

This morning I woke up and found myself down with sore throat and seeing stars above my head.

Sore throat + slight fever (getting worse) + headache + slight cough + lethargy = slow motion in whatever things I do, if I ever get to climb out of the bed.

Hope the ceiling fan in my room can be more considerate by slowing down the cracking noice it makes for every spin.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm just amazed that I found someone who helplessly has no whatsoever freaking sense of direction and are afraid of leeches to death. Oh, he dislikes smokers and not into watching football game, too! *High five*

Let's go have coffee.

Well done for KTSN juniors debating team who went through all the prelims and made this year's VC Cup a KTSN final! We're so going to make it a humor round :-) Ok, I mean, hang out at McD or maybe a movie together. What do you think, babies?

I always love you all =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'll Always Be There

For some reason, other people can easily say they're busy and cannot make it for a certain event, believing it's still alright because the one who's always there will always be there.

I can never say "I quit!", can I?

And if you want some other people to understand that everyone is as busy as they do and should work together to lift the burden together, they'll say that you're a dictator because you never try to understand their situation. What? Oh, no, they never have to understand that you are busy too. They never need to know that your thesis proposal is next week and your supervisor has flewn back Iraq at this critical moment. All they need to know is that you are informed about their inconveniences and make sure that you understand their situation.

Hence when the work for 10 people is accumulated onto only 3 people's shoulder, this will chase people away even faster than a dictator's pressure. But they'll say they don't want to commit because the leader is a dictator at the first place. So from time to time, the so-called dictator has to plea for the other people to come back to help, by right it's their responsibility to help up with the team at the first place. After all the skills you taught them, all the time spent to get them the most comfortable training venue and bus ride to Bangi, help them to give excuses when they cannot make it for a certain event, paid RM50 from your own pocket for their accommodation during their VC Cup Debate Tournament yet remain silent about it until now... they still have all the excuses to leave and come back to the team as they like because you are a dictator who never understand that not everyone is as free as you do.

I'm nearly exhausted, but am tired of the never-grow-up babies already.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rest Before Striving Again.

Walking down the dimly-lit corridor, I was on my way back to my room in KTSN. This is like one of my most familiar paths during these recent years. However, the faces of new juniors make all the difference. Of course, new term is starting next week - my forth and final year.

I’m the kind of person who dislikes changes. I can be random at some of the time, one of the evidence will be revealed below. But the longer I grow in something, that something will grow in me, too. And it’s sorrowful for me to accept the fact that I will be leaving something behind when it has grown this much in me.

I thought I love to spend my time in KTSN. Not to mention I’m the first one to enjoy the brand new comfort in my room as mentioned in previous post. The shocking fact was, it was not that appealing to me at that time. Even with the wireless strength in my room was at its full blast, I couldn’t bear the meaningless life here for even one day, hanging around just to start straight off with my thesis. That explains why:

Last Monday morning, I did meet my thesis supervisor. I was told to focus in Toxoplasma gondii infection in local wet market. In the afternoon, I spent my time searching for books in library and hanged around in my “new” room.

Approaching evening, I suddenly had the urge to go back home - very strongly indeed. At first I told my mum that I’m not going back home after meeting my supervisor because I figured a lot of student from other university will be heading KL during this weekend as we will be starting our new term at the same time. But the urge is so strong that I couldn’t bother much about traffic jam or whatnots anymore. Deep down I yearn like a child – I wanted to go home…

Again, I made use of my speed-packing skill I acquired by attending debate tournaments. It has passed 6pm as I headed for KTSN gate. I flagged a cab, hopped on LRT, bought myself a bus ticket at Plaza Rakyat station and there I was, sending sms to surprise my parents.

Life in KL is exciting and happening. Shopping malls with cinemas are easily accessible, high-end restaurants with good food is everywhere, and my favourite bookstores cannot be any nearer. Beautiful Titiwangsa Lake is just opposite KTSN, national library is just a gate separated from me. I shouldn’t complain. In fact, I find nothing to complain about.

On the other hand, life at home is home-cooked food, TV, some hawker food for dinner and more TV at night. It sounded like a boring routine. And if you’d ask me, yes, this is exactly the kind of life I missed. I haven’t really enjoyed my holiday during the break. I was having my LI. LI was indeed fun, but a relaxing holiday can’t be replaced with satisfaction during LI. They are two different things.

Hanging around at home is more relaxing than at my hostel room, where all my neighbours had yet to come back. I love watching my mum’s favourite Taiwan drama with her, although I don’t really keen on the progress of the drama. It’s the moment that I missed. I missed sharing a plate of fried hor fan with my dad. I love watching news at mamakstall and discuss what had happened that day. Oh, if you’ve lived under a bombshell for the recent three months, Malaysia politic changes in term of days ever since the last general election. I love to watch Scrubs and Friends and some other TV programs which I don’t have the chance to watch when I’m back at hostel. I love to spend four hours just to read that day’s newspaper. I miss the taste of white coffee at home. I missed the quiet moment when I can absent-mindedly swing myself on the swing and stare blankly at the blue sky above, day dreaming, with the occasional roaring of motor bike or the chatters of school children passing by my house.

Life passed by at a very slow pace, but it was like the most contented life I can ever have. All of this makes the peaceful life at home a lot more meaningful.

Now I’m back in my hostel room, for real. I’m going to start my new term next Monday. Hope it’ll be a good term, and as fruitful as the previous!