Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Post

I need a chauffer more than I need a boyfriend.

Boyfriend's profile:
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Requirement: Enjoy being himself when he's with me.

Chauffer's profile:
Sex: Whichever
Gender: Whichever
Requirement: Drive well, provided he follows my schedule of debating trainings and tournament.
*I'm going to Bangi for training this Thursday and Friday, IIU during the weekends, KLIUC the next weekends.

Apparently it's easier to fulfill the latter, right? Anyone?

Friday, February 15, 2008


I couldn't believe it. I'm outraged by the fact that me, as a senior in my debating team, have to beg or plead my first year juniors to go for training. I couldn't believe it when I say sorry to Fea that my KTSN juniors cannot make it to the training today, which they promised to attend at the first place. It's not my fault they cannot go. It's not my responsibility to make sure they attend training like attend classes or lectures. It's up to their personal initiative and commitment to go for training to sharpen their skills for future tournament or just for the fun of debat and meeting those bunch of people.

When I was first year, I did not travel to UKM Bangi by myself for once, but dozens of times. Even travel by public transport alone to tournament in UITM which by that time I have never been there myself. I couldn't think of any other reason to miss training. I do have other commitment, but I let the other parties down because I felt more for debate. And I never regreted the decision.

When I was second year, I packed my stuff and prepared to stay over night there when they have training till late night. Again, I forked out my own money and travel there alone, came back alone. And I'm still looking forward to such trips. There was once I've paid RM50 for a church camp. But because of debate, I gave up that camp and went to debate training. I've lost RM50 just like that.

When I am a thrid year now, homework and studies are getting a toll on me and a lot of tournament have to be missed because I have co-curriculum on Saturday. The first years juniors, suppose to be the ones with most free time, couldn't/didn't want to attend training in Bangi with excuses I couldn't accept.

Of course, it's up to you to make decision. But I'm trully disappointed with them when they say the training is too far to go to Bangi (main campus); if it's in KTSN (our hostel) then "maybe" they will come. They are too pampered and selfish to be a debater, which works in team.

One once asked me:" Can I not go for training but go for tournament?"


And that is how disappointed I am.

Price tag

Do you know how much you're cost?

You cost as much as the LIFE of God's only Son.

How much is that, exactly?


Not the cost of a Swatch limited edition Valentine's watch, nor the cost of space exploration spent by Malaysian government not long ago. Someone thinks you are His world. He dies for you because He loves you that much. He exchanged His life for your eternal life in heaven. He drained his blood to cleanse your sin, even if you don't confess you have any.

There's no accident in God's plan. Everything happens for a reason and happens on time, at the right time, right place, to the right people.

There is no accident in God's creation. You are His 100% perfect product. Those limitations and weaknesses we experience are there to make our life worth living. And for everything you do according to His will, shall be His proudest moment to watch you grow.

How much should one pay to take your life? He has to ask God himself.

Is there anyone have the right to take away your life?

No, not even yourself, for you can't name the price, too. But only God can do so, for He created you and pay for what it takes to make sure you are living with Him in heaven after life.

Is there anyone have the right to look down on you?

No, for you are not living for that bunch of people. You are living for God, and God will never belittle you, for He has great plan for us. Follow God, and you have every reason to smile =)

Can we reach God without Jesus?

No. Only in Jesus name we are saved. I challenge you to ask Him to show you, for this is the way I believe He is the living God.

Is God real at the first place?

Yes. He doesn't need scientific proof to show that He is here. Because He is more than just science. He is more than what human brain can comprehend and appreciate. Again, I challenge you to ask Him to show you. You can't deny it when you see things happen right in front of you.

Unbelievable? Believe Him =) Rejoice, folks!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese New Year Greetings

I don’t have much to write here except sighing that my Chinese New Year holiday is a relatively short but relaxed one. In less than two days time I’ll be back to Kuala Lumpur to study, and hence the end of my days on my warm bed and mouth-watering home-cooked dishes at home, as well as my favourite TV shows like Friends, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, Simpson, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Yes Dear, According to Jim, My Wife and Kids, and other Chinese New Year special programs…until I’m back again.

Waiting for me ahead are loads and loads of homework, assignment, presentation, project, reports, the struggles between hymn class and debate training/tournaments during weekends, revision and last but not least, exam!

I haven’t been doing much studying since I am back. Basically the time spent in front of my laptop and TV is inversely proportionate with the time spent on lecturer notes I brought back. I still one report to type and well…should give it a start by tomorrow – after I’ve decided whether to straighten my hair again or not. Of course, it’s quite costly for this, but I seriously don’t like it when my hair is so out of shape due to the curly nature I’ve inherited from my dad.

Tell me outer look is not important and other people’s opinion about OUR outer look doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you what I like about myself and how I want myself to look the way I wish to, is the point girls throw money in a saloon and some even opt for plastic surgery disregard of the safety and cost. Seriously, not so much of what-people-say-it’s-how-a-beautiful-girl-should-look-like factors that influences me to straighten my hair, but the feeling of being a beauty queen OF myself. The smooth and soft touch of silky hair when I cares my hair and the confidence to double check myself on any shiny surfaces whenever I passed by one are the reasons.

However, I told myself I’d think twice before going through the straightening process again. The agony of sitting on the saloon chair for so long (6 hours, mind you!) and the nerve-wrecking pain when my hair dresser pulled my hair layer by layer with the electrical straightener are something I doubt I like to bear in exchange for the kind of hair you see in shampoo advertisement. And yes, it will cost my around RM300.

Arggh! No wonder a monk has to shave his hair. Less misery, huh? It’s a form of informed choice I made, anyway.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Friendly Hello

Wow, I couldn't believe what I was reading as my eyes screened through the lines. Here's a Friendster message from Karen:

Hi Cherlinn, I browsed the site randomly and your blogs caught my attention. I even read some of you archieves in the blogger. I it very much. Some of it is very touching, inspiring and motivating. If there is a lot more people like you out there in Malaysia, wouldn't our place be a more beautiful country? I am so so so surprise to see such a young person with such a big heart!! I would like you to be my friend Cherlinn. I'll begin with introducing myself. As you can see from my profile, my name is Karen. I am a very proud mum of 2. A full time homemaker. My profile will fill you in the rest. Have a Very nice Day!

That's... such an honour that I doubt I really live up to it. It feels so good to know that someone is reading my blog (*ahem* check out the date of the last comment I received). And not that, they like what they've read - my creation, my thoughts, ME!

Alright, shouldn't get over excited about it. Just excited will do =) I'll post up my writings once in a while, but can't be that often anymore. Studies have been heavy and I think that's how it suppose to be. Of course, there are always so many things to share here, I'll try.

Thanks for those readers who keep coming back. You know what the "Drop A Bomb" chatbox is for - to drop me a message if you don't feel like commenting on my posts. Don't be stingy on words of encouragement, it lifts up my spirit and keeps me going!