Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm living in a place where most of my favourite people are living in.

Just this afternoon, I've bumped into two separate groups of friends while I was meeting two of my favourite girls on earth for dinner.

After kick-boxing training (ok la, that trainer is/was on my favourite people list also lah, sometimes), I went to KLCC to meet up with Ruqayyah and Hafizah later. I bumped into some of my ex-colleagues from my previous part-time job. They were having their break time at food court and invited me to sit down with them. So I did, and had a really heart-lightening time catching up with them. Puda will only be around till next month. 16th Sept to be exact, and he does not plan to continue his contract anymore. Rajesh will still be around. But Surendra will only be around till next year. AND Giriman has a girlfriend! I seriously couldn't contain my surprise and excitement. Surendra kept suggesting me to go to Giriman's table and say hi to him, and act as if I was his ex-gf by asking questions such as "Did you change your hp number? I kept calling you but couldn't get through.", "Why didn't you pick up my call anymore?" or "Hi Giriman, long time no see, how have you been? I miss you." - in front of his girlfriend. Haha, I believe these will get myself murdered. So I just went to greet him casually. But it was fun! And Giriman is a pleasant person to hang around with because he could be quite funny at times. AND I couldn't believe Surendra actually gave me those suggestions as opening line, haha!

After that, met Jauhari (Joe), my former coursemate in university, in Kinokuniya. And since Azrul, my another former coursemate, is working there today, so yeah, we had a little chat, too. Jauhari is now working some where around KL Sentral, serving his bondage for his scholarship during degree. It's lovely to bump into old acquaintances and catch up. Don't you just love to meet people you know and ask how they are and what they're doing these days? Or is it just me?

Of course, meeting Ruqayyah and Hafizah was the highlight of the day. I totally love the conversations we had, the laughter and joy, the peaceful meal and bus ride home. And the awesome visit to Kinokuniya! But I still feel like there are many things we have yet to update each other yet! Such as their thesis progress and raya preparation and their feelings to be a final year student, etc. And the presents! It made me guilty as I did not prepare or buy anything for them but Ruqayyah gave me two books and a bread (lol) and Hafizah gave me a fridge magnet from Australia! Side note: I doubt my trainer will read my post but to be on the safe side, I shall just keep quiet on what we had for dinner. Alright, girls? ;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010


One of the good stuff that exists in KL is the variety of bookstores to visit. Within Bukit Bintang itself, there's a Borders in Berjaya Time Square, an MPH in BB Plaza (accessible via Sungei Wang Plaza as well) and Times in Pavilion. Even if I've always thought that both of these MPH and Times bookstores here are less impressive as compared to Borders, it surprises me that most of the time I wander into it, I won't leave empty-handed. I even know a part of Times in Pavilion so well that I can close my eyes and walk myself to the literature section, with comics section (where I got my two Garfield comic books) right next to it.

A few blocks away from Bukit Bintang area is Kinokuniya in KLCC, the one I want to marry to. Not only because it's the biggest bookstore in Malaysia, but also because it's the only bookstore that offers jacketing service for books bought there. I always drowned in words in text as I visit it. Rows after rows of bookshelves, with patrons flipping pages after pages, I guess these contribute to the smell of books in it. I've always loved the smell of books published in recycled papers. And I love the unspoken culture of sitting wherever you like and start reading. Because stumbling upon an interesting book is like fate. One may even have not heard of the book or author before, but he or she may keep you turning the pages! Sometimes, all I want to do is have a little retreat in a corder of a bookstore and comfortably chew the words, be transported into the content of a book and undisturbed.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


MMU Ramadan IV 2010

Played board games with Darryl, Prethivan, and Thiru, with John and Kevin around.

And Prethivan lost :p

Well, we played board game because we were bored. We were bored because the emo dude/drama king Jeremy had not arrived with our breakfast .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In June's car

June: Hmm.. what to get..

Me: ..him as a birthday present?

June: *dreamy* yes, haha :)

Me:.. hmm, since when I can complete your sentence, huh?

June: *laughs* That just sounds wrong!

Me: When I finally meet Joash I'm gonna tell him "Hey, I can complete June's sentence, you know? You've got competition!" Hahaha!

June: *dreamy laughs till I don't remember when*


Monday, August 23, 2010


I am currently staying with a Chinese, a Dusun, and two Malay girls. Despite staying in the same house, we actually seldom see each other. Especially Ana. She is working as a nurse in IJN, and her working shift is not fixed. Another Malay girl is Ina, who works in Grand Season Hotel. I seldom see her because both of us always go out with our own friends, so are always not in. Yvonne is a Dusun, whom I've mentioned a few times in this blog already. Yup, she is the one with the skillful hands and biggest heart. Another one is Ch'ng who is a Paed in HKL.

There were a few times, when I finally meet Ana in the house, we spent hours talking to each other, even if we both were tired and preparing to sleep already. Or we can just watch TV together, commenting about what we were watching. I am not a big fan of Indon dramas. But man, those guys were really cute and good looking! And the girls as well!

Or the both of us will go to Yvonne's room and disturb her. Although we seldom see or spend time with each other, whenever we do, it's just so natural. The connection and bonding are genuine and heart-warming. I'd say Yvonne knows my personality the best. The good ones and the bad ones.

I miss the time spent with them.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


One group of people I enjoy spending time with is my cell group in EFC.

We just celebrated Amos'es birthday last night, after our Bible study. I happened to be able to help Evon to buy the tiramisu birthday cake from Baker's Cottage in Wangsa Maju yesterday on behalf of our CG. I always like the excitement in choosing presents/cakes and planning for surprises. There wasn't a big surprise that needed a lot of planning last night though. But secretly lighting the candles in kitchen with other friends when the guys were praying at the dining table right outside the kitchen was challenging.

Amos turned 19 this year, hence we had to light up 10 candles. After lighting them, and we were all hyped and ready to bring out the surprise, we realised that they were still in the middle of their prayer. Hon Yau went on and on leading the prayer, and we kept watching the candles which became shorter and shorter, with their wax dripping on the cake, the heat from candles were melting the chocolate strips on the cake as well. And Hon Yau still went on and on... hahaha :)

Eventually they're done, and we sang birthday song right after that, and the usual candles-blowing and pictures-taking and cake-cutting events. Thanks to Amos, no mamak food for supper after CG this week. And thanks to Joanna, who made jelly mooncakes for us! I've never tried jelly mooncake, so it's interesting for me. Joanna indeed has skillful hands!

Finally, Hon Yau gave me a ride home as usual. I always enjoy the nice conversation during the ride. Most of the time, that's my last conversation of the day with human before I hit the sack. I thank God for such timely and pleasant way to end my busy and tiring working days of the week and prepare myself for weekends ahead.

It's become my routine on Friday evenings for a few months already. And I still look forward for CG and Bible study every Friday. This is a group of people I will miss dearly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I like it when my colleagues make fun of my Cantonese dialect :)

It's weird, to like them doing that. Because I grew up speaking Cantonese to my father and everyone from my paternal family. And I've never mixed up with Teochew dialect when I communicate with my mum and everyone from maternal family. These dialects are part of my identity as well, and something exclusive to my family members and relatives. I never use dialects to communicate with peers until I start working. It's a big thing to me, to connect with my colleagues with bonds this exclusive and personal.

But as I started to fit into their circle, I find the friendship built worthed redefining exclusivity. I love them. I love the way I don't have to worry about taking side for office politics because there's none (at my level, least). I love the time we had lunch together and talk about book fair, sales, kids and schools, vacation trips, etc.

I love them making fun of my Cantonese :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One thing that I really like about the city I'm staying in now is the convenience to travel around without owning a car. Well, relatively convenient, for someone who's a technophobe, decidophobe and geographically challenged. I am both a person who satisfies with what I have around me, and at the same time, cannot wait to try out more things available. Almost everything I need to survive is easily accessible and abundant in choices, public transport is a pleasant blessing. Many activities made possible because of the high expectation by the population living in this city which pushes the boudaries of every systems that work here.

And because of this, many actitvities are organised here because it is easy to get the crowd. I love happening cities. I love interesting events. Events which I may or may not be attending. But nonetheless, I love the fact that there are many new ideas flood this place and challenge us to keep up with the flow.

And the people! The wonderful people I manage to bump into and meet up, again and again.

Five years ago, when I first set foot in this city as a student, I wouldn't have believed I actually say this out loud now. I am beginning to see the beauty of this city which I once thought to be pathethically empty and soul-less. And I am loving what I have seen and experienced thus far.

Thank you, Lord.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Event: IIU Open 2010
Incident: Buying ice-creams

Me: Isabel! Are you getting yourself an ice-cream or not?? (I've asked this for the N-th times)
Isabel: Are you? I feel like to, but..
Me: Yeah, it's kinda wrong to eat ice-cream in the middle of the day in public, in IIU!
Isabel: Oh the ice-cream looks so good!
Me: Rawr. Maybe we'll have to hide at some where to eat it?
Isabel: Toilet?
Me: Hahahaha!
KOK JOO: Oh no, you don't want to eat ice-cream in toilet, that just sounded so wrong!
Isabel: But we weren't thinking about that!
Me (towards the cashier): Kak, kalau kami beli ais kream, ada tempat kami boleh makan?
Cashier: ..(smiling) boleh je makan kat mana-mana.
Me: Oh, haha *still unconvinced*scan around corridor for some nice spot*
Me: Isabel! How about that corner?
Isabel: Yeah, looks ok.
Me: Yay! Faster buy ice-cream!

:D Ice-cream in a hot, boring afternoon while waiting for debate to start. Awesome! We were laughing at yourselves for being so anal about eating in public during fasting month and the fight (and eventually the failure) against temptation. The joy to find someone who crazed for the same thoughts. The whole incident was just so memorable. If I have the chance to do it again, I'll still pick Isabel to repeat this incident :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

KF Training

Me: I can't have training on every Friday night because I have my Bible study.

Trainer: OK. How about this Saturday?

Me: Oh, this weekend is unavailable because starting from Friday I'll be going for a debate tournament. I am taking a day off from work for it :)

Trainer: What time does the debate start?

Me: I think around noon.

Trainer: How about we catch a movie on Friday morning before your debate?

Me: Hmm, I think it should be able to fit in. OK.

Trainer: Well, since you have time for a movie, why not you just come for a kick-boxing training session then?

Me: ..... *burst out laughing*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It means very much to me when someone knows that I'm sick and wishes me get well soon. When one is attacked by sickness and feeling vulnerable physically and emotionally, the best treatment is your attitude towards the patient. I don't want a doctor who treats me because I am his job. Please treat me because you really care.

I wonder if a doctor can't be nice to a friend who is sick, would he be able to be nice to his patient who is a stranger to him?

On being nice: How to tell the difference if a person is nice to you because he is generally a nice guy, or because he values you as a friend? Boy I really wish to know.

I don't know what caused the diarrhea, but I am sincerely thankful for toilets available. If one day I have to divorce with washing machine, toilet will be my next target.

I also think I should take it as a sign to slow down on my busy schedule and actually listen to God. It's tiring to work with own strength. But Lord, please grant me over-flowing strength of Yours to fulfill my purpose.