Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One thing that I really like about the city I'm staying in now is the convenience to travel around without owning a car. Well, relatively convenient, for someone who's a technophobe, decidophobe and geographically challenged. I am both a person who satisfies with what I have around me, and at the same time, cannot wait to try out more things available. Almost everything I need to survive is easily accessible and abundant in choices, public transport is a pleasant blessing. Many activities made possible because of the high expectation by the population living in this city which pushes the boudaries of every systems that work here.

And because of this, many actitvities are organised here because it is easy to get the crowd. I love happening cities. I love interesting events. Events which I may or may not be attending. But nonetheless, I love the fact that there are many new ideas flood this place and challenge us to keep up with the flow.

And the people! The wonderful people I manage to bump into and meet up, again and again.

Five years ago, when I first set foot in this city as a student, I wouldn't have believed I actually say this out loud now. I am beginning to see the beauty of this city which I once thought to be pathethically empty and soul-less. And I am loving what I have seen and experienced thus far.

Thank you, Lord.

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