Thursday, August 19, 2010


I like it when my colleagues make fun of my Cantonese dialect :)

It's weird, to like them doing that. Because I grew up speaking Cantonese to my father and everyone from my paternal family. And I've never mixed up with Teochew dialect when I communicate with my mum and everyone from maternal family. These dialects are part of my identity as well, and something exclusive to my family members and relatives. I never use dialects to communicate with peers until I start working. It's a big thing to me, to connect with my colleagues with bonds this exclusive and personal.

But as I started to fit into their circle, I find the friendship built worthed redefining exclusivity. I love them. I love the way I don't have to worry about taking side for office politics because there's none (at my level, least). I love the time we had lunch together and talk about book fair, sales, kids and schools, vacation trips, etc.

I love them making fun of my Cantonese :)


Anonymous said...

Hi very nice blog. But why 1st of May??? Is this your graduation day or the first you started this blog??? My blog is Cheers.

Gine said...

William, haha, thanks for the comment! And just to let you know, normally I don't approve anonymous comment OK :p 1st of May.. tell you next time over curry mee!

Humayra' said...

hey there cherlinn..
u're so lucky to be able to speak different dialects and so many languages. am planning to learn mandrin and arabic soon, but not sure when yet, though.

can't wait to meet u. take care!