Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm living in a place where most of my favourite people are living in.

Just this afternoon, I've bumped into two separate groups of friends while I was meeting two of my favourite girls on earth for dinner.

After kick-boxing training (ok la, that trainer is/was on my favourite people list also lah, sometimes), I went to KLCC to meet up with Ruqayyah and Hafizah later. I bumped into some of my ex-colleagues from my previous part-time job. They were having their break time at food court and invited me to sit down with them. So I did, and had a really heart-lightening time catching up with them. Puda will only be around till next month. 16th Sept to be exact, and he does not plan to continue his contract anymore. Rajesh will still be around. But Surendra will only be around till next year. AND Giriman has a girlfriend! I seriously couldn't contain my surprise and excitement. Surendra kept suggesting me to go to Giriman's table and say hi to him, and act as if I was his ex-gf by asking questions such as "Did you change your hp number? I kept calling you but couldn't get through.", "Why didn't you pick up my call anymore?" or "Hi Giriman, long time no see, how have you been? I miss you." - in front of his girlfriend. Haha, I believe these will get myself murdered. So I just went to greet him casually. But it was fun! And Giriman is a pleasant person to hang around with because he could be quite funny at times. AND I couldn't believe Surendra actually gave me those suggestions as opening line, haha!

After that, met Jauhari (Joe), my former coursemate in university, in Kinokuniya. And since Azrul, my another former coursemate, is working there today, so yeah, we had a little chat, too. Jauhari is now working some where around KL Sentral, serving his bondage for his scholarship during degree. It's lovely to bump into old acquaintances and catch up. Don't you just love to meet people you know and ask how they are and what they're doing these days? Or is it just me?

Of course, meeting Ruqayyah and Hafizah was the highlight of the day. I totally love the conversations we had, the laughter and joy, the peaceful meal and bus ride home. And the awesome visit to Kinokuniya! But I still feel like there are many things we have yet to update each other yet! Such as their thesis progress and raya preparation and their feelings to be a final year student, etc. And the presents! It made me guilty as I did not prepare or buy anything for them but Ruqayyah gave me two books and a bread (lol) and Hafizah gave me a fridge magnet from Australia! Side note: I doubt my trainer will read my post but to be on the safe side, I shall just keep quiet on what we had for dinner. Alright, girls? ;-)

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Humayra' said...

^^ the side notes? lol. yeah, indeed. no worries, we'll keep the menu to ourselves ^_^

hopefully we can get to meet up again someday, before hafizah and I go our own seperate ways. we've so much more to catch up. but i've a great time that nite, indeed.