Thursday, December 28, 2006

my fave song 3

here's a song from (late) Luther Vandross, buy me a rose :-)

i like the way (late) Luther Vandross sings. in fact, i realise Black people sing very well in sentimental songs, they really make my heart melt with their songs. let's check out the lyric of the day...

He works hard to give her all he thinks she wants
But it tears her apart 'cause nothing's for her heart
He pulls in late to wake her up with a kiss goodnight
If he could only read her mind, she'd say...

Buy me a rose, call me from work
Open a door for me, what would it hurt
Show me you love me by the look in your eyes
These are the little things I need the most in my life

Now the days have grown to years of feelin' all alone
As she sits and wonders if all she's doin' is wrong
'Cause lately she'd try anything just to turn his head
Would it make a difference if she said, if she said...

Buy me a rose, call me from work
Open a door for me, what would it hurt
Show me you love me by the look in your eyes
These are the little things I need the most in my life

And the more that he lives the less that he tries
To show her the love that he holds inside
And the more that she gives the more that he sees
This is the story of you...and me

So I bought you a rose on the way home from work
To open the door to a heart that I hurt
And I hope you notice this look in my eyes
'Cause I'm gonna make things right for the rest of your life

And I'm gonna hold you tonight, tonight
Do all those little things for the rest of your life

*** very touching lyric huh? plus the feeling he sings the song, great!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


since i was a kid, i've always liked the year end holidays, because it's the longest. due to this fact, my family and i mostly will go somewhere for a trip. a "trip" here means spending over night at tourism spot of other places, like melaka, johor ( sigh, these two places are facing great flood now, not to mention it's Christmas + new+year+coming. there goes all the festive mood of the residents there. ), genting highland, cameron highland, seremban, KL, penang island, hattyai, singapore, ipoh...i think that's all.

penang island and ipoh will be the frequent tourism spot i visit because they're the nearest. i always like penang because of the great food and i am from penang, (but mainland) so i don't have dialect difficulty.

ipoh also gives me a good impression because ipoh is a very clean place. i'm not saying other places are not, but ipoh gives me a particular strong sense of cleanliness, together with the peaceful neighbourhood as well as on the road. as if the drivers are not in a hurry, and you don't have to worry you're not fast enough to make your decision to turn left or right (since we're foreigners there). there you go, a place to real relax and escape from the hassel of cities. hmm.. why am i promoting ipoh? ennie and jun ling will be very happy to find me telling this here, but hey, they have more than ipoh chicken rice to tell you about their hometown!

however, if considering the number of times i visited, the place top in the list will be subang jaya. it's not in KL but just take it as KL ok? because when we stayed in SJ, we visited KL too. everytime my parents travel all the way from penang to KL to visit me or my sister who are (for my sister case, were) studying there, we stayed overnight in Hotel Summit Utara Subang Jaya (USJ). then the next day only go back. it's so frequent that we almost take it as our second home, haa! no, not that frequent, but believe me, all of us are quite familiar with the hotel as well as the shopping mall next to it, speaking as someone who has no sense of direction, it is an achievement. these days i don't see KL as a tourism spot because we're just merely traveling back and forth KL and penang and USJ.

i'd also be glad if kelly (my UKM debater friend) would bring me around sabah or just around her place to enjoy some delicious food, meet some friendly sabahan, visit some great places there. kelly, you got to proof that sabah has all these things! next will be Daniel (also another UKM debater) from miri, sarawak. i wonder how my childhood would've been different in sarawak because sarawak doesn't have Gardenia bread... for i had it every weekdays when i was a kid.

well, this post is not for promoting tourism, but i'm glad ( and greatly surprised ) if it will :-)

my holidays

this holiday has been a relatively great one, for I did go out with friends and family, enjoy some books, songs, movies and TV program, have enough rest and do whatever I like for the past few weeks.

The greatest memory would be my Royal debate in Kuching. I couldn’t call it a holiday trip because we didn’t really visit a lot of places in Sarawak during the tournament, although we take it as it is one. After the night we spent chatting at Bing, a cafĂ© in Kuching town with cool Christmas decoration, I realize that it’s not the place itself that make it great, but the people you be with, and the things you did together, that make you remember the place, the conversations, your memorable moments in life and the atmosphere there, make you want to visit the place again. Those bunch of people really have me learnt a lot from them, effortlessly. Debating skills aside, they’ve thought me to open my heart to them, and I really enjoy every moment to be with them. Fea particularly, I find everything from her is funny, don’t know why, but she’s really adorable in every little action she did. The same goes to Alia, I’m really grateful she came back to attend this tournament with us. Just having her around is enough to make every moment enjoyable. As well as the rest of the team like Kelly, Violet, Meng Fai… ( oh, do I have to name them all? I believe they want some right to privacy.. I’ll edit the post if they leave comments to protest that their names are not here, hee! ) they really can make me laugh or smile from the bottom of my heart.

Next, after coming back home, I’ve gone to watch Dejavu at Gurney plaza in penang island with Thompson, June, and Su Yin. No, it’s not a Hindi movie, which was how I thought about the movie when June suggested it. I believe I’d enjoy a Hindi movie more if I’m watching it with my Indian friends than with non-Indian friends, because they’ll tell me more about the actor and actresses in the movie, and also I can’t really trust the subscript at times, they did glaring mistakes sometimes. We enjoyed a delicious meal from Breeks before the movie. Tasty food, comfortable atmosphere, but a little lousy service. Again, it’s the people we be with that affects our memory to it. The waiters are part of the “people” I mean here. The movie? Complicated plot, but not to the extend of confusing. I’d call it sophisticated. Jun Hoe’d hate this word, I can tell, haa haa! I find the plot an interesting one, telling a story in this way, very creative, and I find no difficulty in understanding it. On the way back we have some ice-creams from McD, with the benefit of 10% off from June’s member card. Thanks June!

And at the very next day, I received a message from Selvi, my old friend, asking for a little gathering! Now that’s what I call holiday, because every time coming back home I also expect to meet some of them and catch up with what they’re up to these days and how they’re doing in their university respectively. That night we also met Sheue Fen, a filthy rich friend who has further her study at Manchester U but will come back Malaysia EVERY holiday, about twice a year. Loaded is thy name, dear! we always have difficulty to make decisions such as where to eat etc, because our topic of conversation also deviated away, accidently. We’ve had a cheerful night. And I’ve finally bought a Sony MP3 player for myself too! I know I want it quite bad since I first saw it, but it took me quite a long time to make the yes,-now-is-the-time-to-do-it” decision. I really like it, and I can manage the transferring songs process myself, not as difficult as pei aun has describe, but I did face some problems though. Small problems whom a technophobia person like me can solve J

Again, at the very next day, dad took leave from company and brought the whole family to Queesbay mall at penang island. It’s a new mall since 1st Dec 06. there’re loads of shops haven’t open yet, June says maybe because they want to open it before Christmas. Yea, that’s the time where people have an extra reason to spend their money, or maybe just window shopping. Honestly, their Christmas decorations are quite beautiful, at least nicer than Gurney plaza. You can’t believe it? Go check it out yourself then. Gurney only has a barely visible small Christmas tree in the central concuss and some not-so-artistically-appreciated hangings from the ceiling, compare with Queensbay mall three large Christmas tree and beautiful hangings from the ceiling and the trees, the atmosphere’s greatly different. It’s been long didn’t come to penang island with family, hence I was very satisfied after the day, with my dad driving and me dozed off behind, like what I used to do when I was a child, everything just felt so good J

Other than these three events, I just spend my days with books, DVDs, TV, internet, music ( especially from my brand new MP3 player! ). Now I’m reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. It took me some pages to discover the fun in this book. Everyone saying it’s a good book, I really doubted it at the first few pages. One of the reasons is because I’m slow in interpreting when it comes to complicated sentences and tough vocabularies. After that, I’m fine, can catch up with the events happened in the book now. Another creative author. I’d say.

That’s it for today, quite a long blog already. See ya people, in my campus I guess, will be where I write my next blog.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas wish..

Being a Christian since this Feb, suppose this's my first "meaningful" Christmas..but now, on Christmas eve, I'm sitting here, in front of this computer, writing blog, listening to michael wong's songs. Not even in the festive mood.

I'm never in the count down for whatever occasion. May it be independant day, Chinese new year, new year. Nah..always not thinking of waiting to watch the fire works. only after a few minutes of the fire works then only drag myself to search for it. It's not that I don't like these celebrations, in fact, I'd love to join them, but some worries like security, safety etc hold me back. I don't want to be snatched, robbed, molested during the moments of count down. Maybe I need a body guard, haa..or I just need somebody?

I'm doing fine single, but not when your best friends' boyfriends replaced you in their life.. or they've had a crush on someone and their situation have reached "more than a friend" stage, honestly, it's not the same anymore. They'll talk about the one they keep thinking of, and less on themselves I can only listen then, for i don even have someone for me to have crush on, ha..pathetic? Not me, those guys around me are, ha!

Nah..I do have a little crush on someone these days. But I don't think we're gonna work though. Why I'm talking about this thing here? It'll be my biggest secrets! well, simply because nobody knows about my blog here. I'm the only visitor I guess, haa. It's the place to be myself because nobody's gonna bother what I am crapping here.

My christmas wish? I'd wish for a friend who'd invite me to their christmas celebration next year, may it be in a church or family, to really feel that I am celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a blessed and warm Christmas fill with joy and love! And to Jesus, happy birthday :-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

my fave song2

this is another song's lyric which i just found, from lite fm's lyric station too. you may notice both my fave song1 and my fave song2 are songs that are quite old. well, like i say, they stay in heart no matter what. i simply like the lyrics and the passion of the singers when they sang the songs. i've been loving these songs since few years back. thompson says his favourite songs changed every week. mine? they'll change, but not all :-)

Dying Inside To Hold You ---- Timmy Thomas

It's turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn't believe my eyes

standing there i didn't know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

you said hello then u asked my name
i didn't know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same

standing there i didn't know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

Chorus 2x

one hello changed my life
i didn't believe in love at first sight
but you've shown me what is life
and I now i know my love
(i know it's coming right)

Chorus (fade)

my fave song1

this is one of the songs that will always be my favourite. i've copied it from lite FM's lyric station. maybe in future i'll post up more lyrics. i post the lyric of this song first because it really touches my heart everytime i hear it. try to spend some time to read it, will ya?

Butterfly Kisses ---Bob Carlisle

There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from heaven
and she's daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
andI thank god for all the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;
"Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
Oh, with all that I've done wrong,
I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning
And butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world.
But I remember

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you, Daddy,
But if you don't mind I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time.
"With all that I've done wrong I must have done
Something right to deserve her love every morning
And butterfly kisses at night.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly
Spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said
"I'm not sure-I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over.gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair"
Walk me down the aisle, Daddy-it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry"
Oh, with all that I've done wrong I must have done something right.
To deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses
I couldn't ask God for more, man this is what love is.

I know I've got to let her go, but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

God's favor in Royales debate

Here i want to share with you the testimony to God :-) I fasted and prayed for God's favor for the tournament. and He answered them in a miraculous way:

First round, we met UTM2, we as gov, debated over selling organ issue. Luckily I'd read sth on it in The Economist and used some of the facts from there. At least we have experience with this motion, and the oppenent didn't have structure and substantive argument, we won.

Second round, we as opp, against UTM3, debated over water privatisation issue. The gov set a very narrow case, said they want semi-privatisation in water supply, which's already in the status quo, just that they want it to be implemented state by state, like Selangor first, then Kelantan, and they said every state has different private company to govern the water supply, hence they claimed they are not proposing status quo, just some improvement on status quo. Luckily we prepare a "full-privatisation" case (we thought they'd come up with something like re-nationalise thingy, as the motion stated " should not be privatised") and we won over them for this round.

I think two rounds of winning is enough to boost our self-esteem. I think that's how God prepared us, to face UiTM1, in our third round, haa haa, and it's a humour round. Sooner or later we're going to meet them anyway, so i still think it's God's favor for us to meet them during humour round. We didn't know what they as d gov were proposing until the 6th min of daniel's speech. Motion : Frailty, thy name is women. They went with it as it is, saying women are weak, hence they want them to cover up themselves with black cloth (like those saudi arabia women we saw in KLCC), justified by the fact that it's in the teaching of Islam, and two more justification which i've forgotten. and women who do so will be pampered, like, they were to follow their husband wherever they go, so (i think this is funny) the husband has the responsibility to chauffer them around ..etc. we came out with something like discrimination to women thingy and..we knew we were skrewed. jerry and anthony still able to came up with some funny things, but I was too panic to e funny. and our stance wasn't strong enough la, luckily the margin is clear, not thrashing.

Then fourth round, we met UMS 3, whom we met again during quarter round and both round also defeated by them. we debated over protectionism by WTO on the ground of environment. we were gov. we set the case very wrongly. We set it in US instead of 3rd world countries, and want the latter to accept GMF technology so they would need less land to produce crop, hence cut down less trees, hence decrease deforestation rate. later alia expalined to me what does this motion actually mean. no wonder the chair, mr omar, was kinda pissed of wt us. suppose protectionism is on 3rd world countries, not 1st world, hence we were to give the former a say in their countries' development, whether to sascrifice their environment or not. because under the control of WTO, we should reach certain development stages as they have set for us, rite? we don't know much about this WTO and protectionism thing, and didn't quite understand what did it mean by " on the ground of environment", we set up our case on the 30th min prep time, and we let jerry veto it because there's no point to argue further. and we learnt a hard lesson from this round.

fifth round, we met UTM 3, again. fea's team also met UTM1 before, hence we say mildred's team and us became enemy in this tournament, ha. we debated over prisoner in guantanamo bay should be trial in military tribunal. we know what's guantanamo bay for, but didn't know how military tribunal function..we as gov, saying it's justified to punish those war criminal harshly if they found guilty, and those innocent will be released after the trial, rather than keeping all those "suspected" war criminals in there, torturing them for terrorist group information. it's a silent round. we won. as a whole, we manage to break by 3-2.

in quarter, we debated over "hired surrogacy mothers". we as opp. but we didn't quite argue with the "hired" term, rather, we say we should allow surrogacy mothers..which's not the point of the debate. it didn't quite occur to me until during the DPM's speech that i realise it's money that we were clashing. but my argument didn't really have anything to do with it, and we couldn't come up with anything to save our case,i talked about the right to parenthood and positive ramification of surrogacy. the point is, both sides already agree on surrogacy, just that the gov argued that surrogate mothers should do it voluntarily, not being hired. besides, jerry already told our split..then anthony came up rebutting "we served both desperate parties by hiring surrogate mothers". Mr latiff said this point came in too late, hence we lost. i agreed. we learnt a great lesson though, finding the crux of the debate.

I have to admit i learnt even more by sitting there and watching people debate. observing the way they argued and analysed the case, really feel the gap between us, down the stage, and them, on the stage, and the trophies in their hands. more trainings? definitely. but it's not enough. we should try out every possible way to improve ourselves, like watching video clips of final round in several tournaments and learn the way they debate. all and all, this's God's favor in us for this tournament, not to mention the great time we spent together in Kuching town , hee hee

homey girl

well, alas, i'm back home! the last return was in mid september, more than 2 months i was away. of course i missed my home, not only the comfort staying at home, but the home town i'm familiar with as a whole, together with the great food she has, always call me back home whenever possible :-)

though i do think of getting myself a job during this holiday ( well, if i can help up in a pharmasi, it'll be a great practice for me to avoid me from forgetting what i've learnt during my last semester ), but my holiday is just too short... till january, i have around 3 weeks' time. but previously i couldn't even get myself a part time job for my 2 months holiday! hence, for that 2 months, i took up guitar lesson instead, hee hee, didn't earn money but spent money instead...

then i'm thinking of continuing my guitar lesson during this sem break. it's been so long i didn't practise my plucking skill. besides, i didn't bring my guitar back from KTSN this time... i always think it doesn't worth it if i only get to practise during the guitar lesson, because u've paid to learn new things, not to practise the theories which i've known. plus, i'd prefer to learning struming than plucking because one can play more songs, in front of more audience, with struming. and the purpose i took up guitar at the first place is to serve my church, you denifinitely need more struming than plucking ok? i've even bought a pick for struming! but to me, my teacher was like refuse to teach me struming... it's been several times i requested from him that i want to learn chords, but he still went on with plucking... maybe it's still too early for me to learn plucking, or maby it's his job to teach me classical plucking. guitar lesson for holiday? still considering...

one thing for sure, i'm going to finish up few books i've bought: The Witch, and Danny the Champion of The World, both by Roald Dahl, and The Bible's Greatest Story. i just finished The Witch this morning, man, i can't help to love children storey books even though i'm 20 years old now. reading, for me, pleasure comes first than knowledge. getting my English improved or my scope of knowlegde widen are only the side benefits, compare to the pleasure of plunging myself inside the thoughts of the author and indulging with the creativity, not to mention the ability to read and to comprehen are always blessings to me :-) there's another book which i borrowed from my friend Kimberly -- To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. took me like 10 mins to read the first page, great. but i still want to read it, because it's about children.

last but not least, maybe meet up my old friends and have a movie together, or mayb a lazy afternoon in starbucks, or a long night in mamak. whatever it is, i always like to meet up with them to see how they have changed, or what they are up to these days. Say Li says she's permed her hair, wow, that's a change! but i haven't got a chance to meet her yet, soon, i hope. then Kai Lee's been to bangkok last week and today's still in KL, meeting ex-matric friends. both Say Li and Kai Lee are my old school-mate now studying in USM, Pharmacy. there are loads of friends i'd like to meet up, too, especially Hsin Lin who's starting her first year in UMS, Sabah, this July. i wonder how did she find Sabah? i wonder how did she find Air Asia.. ha, because i don't quite like it la, although it's a lot cheaper compare to MAS, but for me, if i can afford, i'd rather choose the comfortable MAS to fly.

talking about luxurious life, i've always wanted a Sony MP3 player, especially the latest water-proof, cylinder-shape model. i think it's 2G, but i don't need that much memory space ok, i also don't need the water-proof function..i only like the design..the last time i checked its price, it's RM499 - 500. i know it's expensive, but i like Sony because of its good reputation in quality and it's the first ( and only ) MP3 player that can squeeze the file size of a song to a smaller size, hence, compare to the other brand of MP3 player with the same memory space, you can save more song in Sony! man, and the design of the lastest model is really cool, if not killing me, then it must be making me go insane to spend large sum of money just to purchase it, then go on diet for weeks. there's another model from Sony which i quite like it. i don't remember the model ( sorry guys, i have bad memory, even to people's names! ). it has sufficient memory space ( with the squeezing function i told you), reasonable price RM3++. the design is ok la, more stylish than other brand. so..maybe i'd just opt for this instead? Jun Hoe says the original price is RM7++ le, now is RM3++ , ha! so if i bought the latter, also considered worth it la.

and not to forget, Christmas is coming, and i've asked Thompson to take me to his church for Christmas celebration. i got to wait till he comes back from thailand then only ask him again la. hope my mum'd let me attend this festive celebration.

to end with today's blog -- Merry Christmas everyone, have a warm and peaceful Christmas full of love and joy!

Friday, November 03, 2006


OPKIM 4/9/06 - 9/9/06 Langkawi
During my mid semester break, I went for a community service in Langkawi. Langkawi, wow, sounds fun. Well, it was fun, but not the tourist-kind of fun though. This community service only ran by students from my faculty, which is Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, in short, FSKB (Fakulti Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu). we went to this Kampung Nyior Chabang, at Mukim Bohor, Langkawi. We departed on 3/9/06, 10pm, from my hostel (we call our hostel as college) - Kolej Tun Syed Nasir, in short, KTSN, which situated in KL.

4/9/06 Monday
We reached Kuala Kedah around 6am if not mistaken, and then we took the ferry after we loaded every luggages and stuff onto it, to cross the sea to reach Pulau Langkawi. Although I was not sure whether I have motion sickness or not, I swallowed 2 motion sickness pills 30 min before I took the ferry. I think it's the medicine that made me so sleepy that throughout the trip crossing the coast, I was asleep and unwilling to get up when we had reached.
After about an hour, we reached Pulau Langkawi and unloaded our stuff from the ferry. A terrifying incident happened to me... I lost my luggage!! With my brain still in the sleepy mode, I had to accept the fact that although I helped up with the loading and unloading thingy, emm, selflessly, I’m the only one lost my luggage out of 120 people, great... then after searching over and over again at the jetty, we received news from other committee members saying that, well, somebody has helped me to bring my luggage to the bus already, ha, wow, phew! But till now I still don’t know who that person was though.
The bus took us to our village, where we gathered at the mosque first. Before reaching there, we stopped by a shop producing and selling minyak gamat. What’s that in English? I don’t know. It’s a kind of herb though.

Here’s the wok boiling the minyak gamat behind the shop. We could see the steam evaporating from the liquid surface, but we can dip our fingers in it, it doesn’t boil our fingers. Amazing? Not all liquid boil at temperature of 100˚C ok.

We started our opening ceremony at the mosque compound shortly after we reached there. Each of some 60 families had been assigned 2 students from UKM as their foster children. My friend, Maher, and I, were assigned to a six-siblings family led by Ahmad Long. But our father didn’t turn up for the ceremony; he’s at the paddy fields. So we met with our mother first. I was very glad that my foster sister brought a car there so we could have a comfortable ride home. After all the bus and ferry trips, it’s understandable why I was so sick with my once-lost luggage. Besides, our home was quite a distant from the mosque.

Before departing back home, we could experience the intimacy among the villagers. They greeted everyone they met like old friends , which is something not really happen among the people staying in cities or the modern housing estate. They even start knowing their foster children’s names too, so sweet…

Reached home, finally… our brothers were with their friend in the living room. We didn’t go and say hello. I think it’s the Malay’s culture that boys and gals who were strangers don’t really talk or even bother about each other if not necessary. My brothers didn’t even look at us when we entered the house. Later we sat at living room to chat with mum, and Maher, who always has good manner, didn’t look uncomfortable didn’t greet my brothers. However, to me, well...they are a part of the family too, really feel awkward didn’t greet them, seeing I was entering their house, and they are my elder siblings. I was “trained” so.

Bathed, tidy up our stuff in our room. Oh, haven’t told u guys how surprised we were when Maher and I entered our room! Every inch of the floor’s covered with carpet, and our bed looked so elegant that you’d carefully and gently put your butt on it to avoid messing the comforter. Yea, it’s the comforter with beautiful Malay culture’s design that makes the different. Overall, the room is cozy and I felt so lucky. Things here were better than I expected.

Coming days, busy with activities. My activities were not really that much, but not for Maher, she had damn lot of activities, almost every slot she’s in. So, I just put my nose in every activities of hers when I was free. They needed extra people to help up too, why not? Hee hee! This also saved the hassle for my sister to fetch us to the mosque compound for our activities. We went together and came home together in spite of different schedule. If not because of my busybody nature, I wouldn’t really enjoy my OPKIM this much. Through these activities, one would get to know the villagers better, meeting all level of people there, from baby, toddlers, primary school kids, secondary school teenagers who start to have dreams about their future carrier and field to strive in, then the adults, and grandmas and grandpas.

We had cutest babies contest, teh tarik competition, game slot specially for primary school kids, net ball competition for women, which my sister’s good at ( UKM students against villagers ), tug-of-war and football for men ( also UKM students against the villagers ), which...UKM students lost in all 3 sports competition if I’m not mistaken, what happened?? ha~ then colouring contest for kindergarten kids, pertandingan gubahan, what we call that in English? Something to do with creativity and altering something into something, ha~ the theme is on Malays wedding. My elder sister and I were in a team, Maher and our younger sister were in another team. My team won the 4th place! But I did nothing much to our “ product”, it’s my sister’s idea to pin sweets all over the pineapple. It’s simple and easy, but the end product really made u “wow”, as well as others’ creativities. Here’s the pineapple:

The other creative products:
Maher (on the right) and Siti’s work.

I really like this one, very sweet, but forgotten which prize they won.

Pumpkin. Actually inside there’s not the real pumpkin if not mistaken, that’s why we call it gubahan .

Hand bag, using cloth to fold it.

Fruits, obviously.

This one also very nice, maybe because of the soft material thingy.

Other than the activities mentioned above which were held were talks, exhibitions, and clinical. For me, as a Biomedical Science student, we provided free blood test (only blood grouping, glucose, cholesterol and red blood cells levels), and blood pressure check-ups. For other courses, like Nutrition and Dietetic department, they checked their body weight, BMI, body fat levels, and give consultations on healthy eating habit. Pharmacy students also provided consultations on supplement and healthier life style; Optometry students checked their eye sight and other eyes-related diseases. Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist also had their special way to serve the community there, which I admit, more interesting, because you got to play the “toys” and actually they were looking at how smooth were your actions, whether you have any problems with your joints that you never realize, and your hand and eye coordination and so on. They even taught the villagers ways or steps to handle heavy boxes to avoid back ache.

Here are some of the pictures taken during OPKIM:

That’s me, with Amirul. He’s only a kindergarten kid but his cute face was in every gal’s hand phones, since the first day we were there! I think he’s aware that he’s cute too, ha, he’s good at posting for pictures – the peace sign was his, not mine, see? So cute...

A field near our place where we had our volley ball match.

Here we have a pair of twin babies, Daniel and Danish. Forgotten who’s who though. For them, I think their faces were in every gals’ handphone too, but I’m even sure they were in everyone’s arms too, ha~ they are everyone’s heart throb, we’d do anything to make them smile or laugh! But they cried a lot too, especially Daniel I think, they will suddenly show the symptom of “unstable emotions”. , which meant : u better hand me back to my mum!! We liked to kiss them on the cheeks because babies always smell good, because they drink milk I guess. Better start drinking milk now, hee

Here’s one of the twin, with their mother, trying to grab my phone.

This is Yazid, the one doing the blood pressure test on my younger brother, Annuar. Kids are too young to measure their blood pressure though. But never mind, Annuar’s pretty healthy, he’s very active, in spite of the fact that he’s a “special” kid. He’s special, in the sense that, he has only a foot, running around with the aid of an extra wooden foot. His fingers were joined together when he’s born. He went through surgery to split them. Now his fingers don’t really grow nicely, but can grab the rubber seeds faster and firmer than I was when playing congkat. Believe me, he’s good in it, not just gals play it, ok? He’s so familiar with the game that by looking at the lump of seeds, he knows exactly how much there were and which hole to start with. He even taught me tactics to beat him! Ha~ how on earth can we not love kids like him? He thinks fast, moves fast too, likes to run around, ride his bike around village often, polite and obedient. My family is indeed blessed with obedient children. My mum says she doesn’t have loads problems raising the 6 of them up.

We celebrated Maher’s birthday together! My sisters were so sweet that they went out secretly to buy a birthday cake for her. It was only the second day Maher and I were there and we only stay there for a few days, but they put the effort to celebrate her special day. Even I myself am touched. Starting from the left, my eldest sister, kak Amy (now working), kak chik, means youngest elder sister I think, then Annuar was half hiding at kak chik’s back, he’s shy in front of camera, not like Amirul, then Maher, next to her was siti, our youngest sister, sitting her SPM this November, and lastly, our mum! I wasn’t in the picture because I was the one taking this picture, with my hand phone; this explains why the pictures posted here are not very clear and have lower quality. Just bear with me la.

This is our kitchen. Notice there’s a little square thing on the floor near the stove? It’s a stool they sit on when cooking. Bet you cannot imagine a house with this kitchen will have this beautiful room:

I took this picture on the day we depart back UKM, after packing all our stuff. That’s why it’s neat, or else...ha ha~

One of our meals with my family. They insist on eating together if possible. There was once, our activity ended quite late, and there’s only 1 bathroom. We didn’t know they actually waited for everyone to finish their bath so that we could have dinner together! That was way past their usual dinner time already… although these dishes were not prepared by my biological mum, but they tasted like home food though, which I never know someone other than my mother would know the secret recipe, hee hee! That’s family..

My family members:

My mum and I.

Maher and Annuar.

From left, eldest sister Kak Aini, then second eldest sister Kak Cik, Annuar, birthday girl Maher, youngest sister Siti, and finally mum.

Adorable Kak Cik and Siti.

From left, behind row: Brother, Siti, mum, Kak Cik. Front from left: Annuar and I.

Dad, watching TV.

Look at this herd of geese. When you look at they walk, you’d feel like they have very fat and heavy body but very short legs! Dunno why I find it quite amusing, and every time I looked at them, I always ask God from where He gets the idea to create such cute animal with this special walking method, ha~ I was actually chasing behind these geese to take this picture, they can run with their short legs! And you’d stare at their butt, swaying site by site. These geese also quite noisy some times. This happen when human are gathering around too.

This kid is a standard six student, just finished his UPSR, we call him ah long, because he’s the elder brother in his family, and people here also call him this way. He likes to sing and he really sings well! He’s a bright kid, quite mature compare to kids at his age, especially kids in KL, who put great attention on latest model of hand phones or some other materialistic stuff. He has good manner as well, respectful, and innocent J they’d laugh at the comics in leaflets and would show it to you and explain to you why it is funny, “ look at the dog! It’s also pressing its nose beside the smokers. Look at its eyes! Bulging out like it’s going to fall out...” this leaflet was from the clinical site, on smoking, to increase awareness on the bad effect of smoking.

This is Maher, we were at dataran lang, one of the tourism hot spot in langkawi island. We only have time to visit it at night, our schedule were packed with activities, remember? Even our brother now also voice out his complaint about our hectic schedule, saying no time for us to go around langkawi or do some shopping, ha, as if he’s the one busy with the activities, but very sweet. It’s normal that when people from other places come to your place and you will have the strong feeling to show them around this fabulous place you call it your home, the place you grow up, and the island where tourists never stop visiting, in spite the motion sickness one might have. Dataran lang is an ideal place to go when you were tensed, you can have the breeze gently blow on your face and brush through your hair. There is a gigantic eagle, but they didn’t on the lights there that night when we visited, so unable to take picture if it.

Here’s the colouring competition, held in the kinderganten there. The kids were concentrating on their pictures.

That’s me among the kids, with Syukri standing at the back of right hand site in stripes shirt. Erm..dunno that black shirt guy on the left though, he was posting for his camera I guess. Those kids like to take pictures, dunno why, they were very excited when we said we want to take group pictures, they’d ran up to the front of the camera to make sure they were in the picture and had all those peace signs and funny posture, ha! This picture was taken after Maher, who’s holding the camera, warned them to calm down and don’t go any nearer the camera or she wouldn’t take the picture

Look at the kids! Especially the one on the left, with head scarf, she looks so innocent! Kids are kids, and notice Amirul in red shirt among the boys in behind? But some of these kids also quite tough to handle too, ha~ but the teachers are good at handling them. when the class’s too noisy and the kids weren’t seem like paying any attention on what the headmaster was talking in front, the teacher would say “ everyone, raise you right hands! Raise them high in the air.”. And amazingly every kid follows her instruction instantly. Then “show me the number ‘one’ now, how does number one look like? “so the kids followed, and we were still stunned by the way the teacher can put the situation under her control so easily. “alright, now put that finger on your lips, on your lips, dear.” Hee, so guess what? It’s the action you do when you mean “ shh..” brilliant, brilliant..

Here’s one of the mak cik near our house, she makes and sells Malay delicacies. She did all this by herself! But I’ve forgotten the name of this kuih, ha, so sorry.

We also had gotong royong with the villagers. We never know we’d “discover” a drain when we clean up the compound of this surau. It was stuck and covered with mud and rubbish, and a few trees actually grow up there, breaking the semen drain!

Here’s Maher, and Khai, our friend. We were at the paddy field. I swear we didn’t mean to steal some time to go there and took some pictures of this breath-taking scenery… Maher and I were planning to go home, and Khai and her friend turned up to fetch us home on their motor bike (no, their family’s bike ) but the problem was...ha~ do I want to admit it here?? Ok, we were bad with directions, in fact, we have no sense of direction at all, seeing the fact that we’ve been there for quite some days and everyday to and fro the mosque compound from our home, using the same route…and now we say we cannot recognize the’s so embarrassing! But never mind, we just laughed it off, hee!

Some other pictures from the paddy field:

Buffalos bathing in...river?? Ok, river. It took me some gut to take a picture this close. I dislike zooming with my phone camera, because the picture will be blurred.

Look at the paddy field and the sky above..

That’s why God didn’t create human arms long enough to actually let us hug the mother nature, or everybody will be hugging this sight, and how are we going to do this without slapping others on their faces with such long arms?

Here are some pictures of the village, the views:

The road which’s taken…

Chicken prints.

Yup, these are some pictures taken during my OPKIM 2006 in Langkawi Island. On 9/9/06, we took the ferry cross the coast to the main land. Some pictures taken on ferry:

This is the view taken when I was facing the breeze. Took bad pictures can’t tell the feeling of mine when I was on the ferry, on the deck some more. The scenery of the sea was so cool and breath-taking that it really made us call upon our God to praise Him sincerely from our heart. Staring at the view makes us feel humble and glad at the same time, because it reminds us that we are one of His creation that are as beautiful and worth-loving as this scene. The sea breeze blew on my face and ran through my hair and lifted them up from my shoulder… then my thoughts of OPKIM and journey back KL was wiped away instantly, I felt so satisfy to be alive and left my mind not worrying about anything at all. It’s such a wonderful feeling! It’s great to keep long hair, hee hee!

Then we reached the jetty at main land. Loading and unloading stuff, and finally, headed KL with bus!! This is all about my community service in Langkawi during the second year of my uni life. After reading this must leave comment ya!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

for one more day

yup, it's a title of a book by mitch albom(ok, can't really remember the spelling). i get to have some lite reading last weekend, finally!! God, before this, i can't remember when's the last time i actually finish a book!

bought it from border book store, it costs some money, but i think this book worth it :-) i like what's shared by the author. if not because i needed to answer a nature call, i don think this book deserve a book mark -- u simply can't put it down!

it's about a son in great depair of his life meeting his late-mum at the minute he wanted to end his life. the author says it's a ghost story, because it involves a spirit of a dead person in the story. well, if so, i think it's the first and last ghost story i'm gonna read. personally, i very afraid of listening and reading ghost story, not to mention horror, i'd never allow it to happen to mebut for this book, in fact, i'm glad i bought it, knowing it is a ghost story.

that guy, Charley, people called hin Chick in the story( except his mother), had gone through several large downfalls in his life, continuously..he was a baseball player in World Series (his glory moment), but his team then keep loosing, so he landed himself in office work, doing sales, then lost the job, found another sales company, remained the same attitude, lost customers, fired. family? divorced with his wife, his daughter who used to love him much didn't even invite him to her wedding, informed him only weeks later after the ceremony, sad..that's the main factor that drove him to the idea of ending his life. he wanted to kill himself at his grown up place, his home. he drove all the night there, with a gun in his car, and several cans of beer. that's why, people, don drink and drive! although he didn't plan to kill himself on the road, he didn't care if he really died there.

the story begins here, after the accident on the highway. his body lying unconscious down the hill, but his spirit came out, without himself noticing it. now he even wonder whether he's a murder, because the truck which he banged into the minute before has no driver in the seat! then he had a vision about his mother comforting him, right at that moment,ha~

skip,, according to the story, it's because when someone is near the "end", he'll be meeting people from that "end" too. so u see how near he was already..

he spent a day with his mother. recalling all his childhood days at his childhood place. moments with his family, mostly with his mother. he even made a list of time his mother stands up for him and times he didn't stand up for his mother.. of course, the former touches my heart deeply, i'm touched by the way a mother can love her child this much..this is not a thick book, chick only spent a day with his mother. suppose he's died, but he spent this extra, meaningful day with his mother, that's where the name of this book comes from. for the mother, it's just an ordinary day, paying visit to her customers as a beautician. did i say his mother's died? yup, she was, and the people she's visiting were all near the end, too. the first customer of that day's going to end her life that very evening, her mum's just preparing the lady to meet her husband "later". the second customer's suffering from a cancer, not long to go too.. and the third, well, i can't remerber if she's suffering from any disease, but she's chick's father's wife, and she's not chick's mother. chick's father, Len, met chick's mother, Posey, first, then len left for war. he met this woman (forgot her name in this story though), and married her, with the idea of not going back home. it's not that he didn't want to, it's that he didn't know there might be a chance to come back. but hey, the war ended two weeks after Len had proposed to Posey! what's hapenning here? not really remember. but the fact is, Len and that women had a son. years later, Len wantedo pay his debt, he felt very guilty and sorry to that woman, so bought a house for them .when Posey found out, this caused them to split. since that day, chick's a mama's boy, instead of papa's boy, which he used to promise (to his father) to be.

i'm not good in synopsis writing, but i shouldn't miss the part of chick's life as a baseball player, because we can feel the craze of chick to baseball in the story. this craze was one of the factor making him not at home when his mother passed away.. he wasn't there when her mother was discovered dead too.. and he's feeling very guilty for that. who won't? hmm, that's all i want to talk about the craze, ha~so sorry, dunno how else to say it. just read the book la! chick was introduced to this game by his father, by the way.

i'm going to talk about my view about this book later la.

i think that's all for today la, going to leave this cc, yea, my KTSN cc.

still waiting for the vice canselor cup junior english debate report..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

my secret burden

well , i wish to tell u guys bout the operasi khidmat masyarakat ( OPKIM ) which was a community service in Pulau Langkawi i had during my mid semester break which was after my exam..but well, maybe next time. . there're too many things i wanted to say bout that trip too, don feel like talking bout them nw, with my moody kind of mood..

something was and is on my mind since the beginning of august. i'm waiting for a report. in fact, it's WE are waiting for a report. it's concerning the merit points most of the KTSN-ers are crazy about.

i was in a debating tournament. i was one of the trainer for my college(hostel) junior english debating teams. well, although i know joining this will get myself loaded with loads of merits, but only for these debating-related and Christian Fellowship activities, i don care bout the merits. i simply want to learn and grow by joining them. other college activities, merits is initiative for me to join them. I didnt even tell my juniors about the merit thingy when i approached them to be in the team. loads od them rejected this chance as soon as they heard "english", "debate" and "represent". it's not an easy job, explaining it to a lot of strangers ( well, this tournament only open for first years studens and they were new students in our university then ) and the response u get each time would just make u frustrated at the end of the day. still, i didn't want to tell them a thing about the merit points. i never want my jouniors join this debating team because of merits, without the spirit for debate in it.

luckily, together with other trainers ( yann shan and wey wen )we managed to form 3 teams at last, total of 12 people. it's quite a success compare to other colleges, but never mind, my college has more residents i think. we trained them as frequent as we could, put them into appropriate teams with suitable speaker positions and group co-operation..arrange venue for each training, arrange transport for the tournament etc.. to see them compete for my college..

KTSN don really have rooms for debate trainings, sad to say..there were twice, we had to train in the volleyball court ( which was the most deserted place we could find that day ) and gave free meals to the mosquitoes there. then there was once we trained at the TV corner, which's a much better place compare to the volleyball court, at least had sofa to sit on and a table for the speaker, together with the attention from the residents of that block who happened to pass by and watch. all and all, the juniors didn't complain about it, which make me love them even more, and felt guilty at the same time. i never knew it'd be this hard for them.

we couldn't present at the tournament without transportation, as it's not in our college, it's in the main campus of my uni, we're from the branch. ok, transportation. for the prelims, quarter and semi round, i've summited the forms and get approved few days before the tournament began, quite ok. comes the final round. yea, my kids went into final round !! that's not easy, as trainers we felt hw they feel, we could feel the saltiness of their tears just looking at them crying after the semi final round.well, i thought i hand in exactly a week before the event ( which is what we suppose to do if we want any bus service from uni ) is enough to get a bus for us. 2 days before the final, still no news, so i went to follow up about my form. it was not processed yet !! sometimes i handed in late, at this hour they also could tell me that it's IN the process. i get really frustrated, i asked them, but i didn't even raise up my voice..then that girl was accually yelling back at me( in english, sth that surprised but annoyed me at the same time, because she's speaking it with great difficultly, as if i don understand BM huh..), saying that they have not enough drivers and have loads of more important events to give the service to. hey, how am i suppose to know?! that's why i'm asking! but the point is still this : why my form was not processed yet? at least they process it then say my application is rejected or sth like that, u cnt just leave it there, as if i didn't hand in my form at all and that's not fair. i managed to remind her that that was for the final round and we were representing our college ( which residents are all from that branch campus ) before i stormed away. the response i got from that girl was.. " it's only a final! " i stared at her for a few seconds.. then the next thing i know was the best manner i could have was just to walk away, and i did.

then i met someone whom i least wished to meet at that moment -- my senior trainer, wey wen, because i knew i'm gonna cry in front of her, which i did. that's my soft spot. i'm quite insensitive when being bullied. when i realised, it often hurts so deep..i never complain when i have to go to the main campus alone, it's tiring, time+money+energy consuming and is always dangerous for a girl to travel alone. but i'll try to get there for debate trainings. the thing i was facing at that moment was to ship all the 12 juniors, with their books and matter files, and not to forget their anxious hearts, to bangi, safely. which is a very tough job. to get to bangi, we need to take monorail from chow kit station ( didn't feel like walking them to the titiwangsa star station, it's hot and tiring and time consuming, but will definitely save us RM1.20 ) to titiwangsa star station, take star LRT to tasik selatan station, then change again to KTM to reach UKM station, then take cab around there to get in campus. both monorail and ktm often have reports on lost belongings, snatch theives, or stealings etc. that's the thing i worry about. now u know it's not easy to be a hen, to protect all those vulnerable chicks from the eagle. next day i went to see that girl again, preparing for the worst case scenario, then got to start planning the shipping job. but to cut things short, we managed to get a bus at last. it's such a relieve. guess no one would understand how i felt throughout these things, and i think it's better keep it like this. my juniors had have enough pressure for the final.

everything's over, and we were the champion for this year, 2006. now comes the merits issue. i let them know just before the finals. president of Jaksa( student welfare representatives of my college ), farid told us that we'll get >80 points for it. yea, u have noticed, we count our merit points by points here, just like calories, just that the latter is sth we want to get rid of and not for the former. i always tell things that i've confirmed, especially this merit thing, dare not give them false hope, or my juniors will hate me. the thing is, we need report. jaksa dont care whether we've won the title champion 2006 plus several best speakers for ktsn and the trophy is in the jaksa room as proove but they want report to give us merit, in a week's time. well, i told my friend, who's a secretary for this event, to write a report. again, to cut things short, i knew nobody likes to write report and she's quite busy as she's a final year student, i tried to ask farid to extend the due date to hand in report. since my friend's from bangi and we need an officer from bangi to approve the report, and we won the champion as well, he gave in, he said hand it in as soon as possible. the final round was on 7/8/06, today is 24/9/06, the report issue is not over yet. yea, very soooooon..

after the mid sem break, jaksa did a very well job to post up the merit points we managed to collect throughout this half of semester. of course, the debate points's not counted in yet. we found out that my friend has faxed in here, but jaksa didn't receive it. ok, i assumed i gave the wrong number to my friend, so i asked the fax number again from jaksa, to confirm, then sms my friend. actually farid told me to write the report according to their format if we want to get merits, but i asked, it's organised by Unit Perucapan Umum, not any colleges from bangi, and definitely not KTSN, why we have to follow? i was and am sure that he did say something like "then it's ok ". but nvm, i still post up their format to my friend, in our ukm debating team yahoogroup. didn't expect she'd follow though, even i myself think it's so irrelevant. now farid give us new due date. 23/9/06, which was 2 weeks to go from the day he told me this due date and a week to go when reminded me on the report format thing. i was really lost this time..i felt so helpless. wey wen told me (ermm..i think she meant like this ) that is not good to egg my friend who's doing the report, everyone is busy..and for myself, because she's my senior, i think it'll be kinda rude to do this to her. but sometimes i really cnt bear anymore.. it's not my friend's fault that she put such a low priority to the report. only my college needs report i think, we are so deprived of merit points..but it's already 1 and a half months she delayed it, which from the beginning she already known that our jaksa want it in a week's time. although farid did say it's ok if we cnt make it in a week, but 1 +1/2months is already too much. i feel so bad about myself, why cant i just do the report myself and email her to let her take the signature of that particular officer then post it here..well, i thought they'll be doing report on it, so thought maybe just photostate an extra copy for me will do..

rite, bout the format thing, this time i think i should do it myself, if i ask my friend to do it, i can guess i need to egg her again, which's sth i tried hard not to do it and did it once throughout these 2 months. i need objective of the event. i assumed the proposal sent up by jun hoe will have it, so i asked jun hoe to copy and paste for me if he's free. i tried to sound i'm ok. with sms, one is able to hide her feelings if she wished to. yup, he's having it, but he asked why i needed so much details for the report..i..was speechless..and all those emotions overwhelmed me suddenly, and i cried in front of another senior debater again, stupid PMS !!

the report issue has been on my mind ever since the final round was over. the juniors have been asking bout it and every time my answer to them is : the report is not here yet.. which translate into : u not definitely will get ur 80 sth merit points's sth they deserve but they cnt have it yet. 12 of them, 12 hopes, 12 anticipation of joy, 12 insecurities, 12 anxious, 12 fold of pressure, all on me.. even i myself cnt really bear wt my own's portion already, but i keep it from my friend,she doesn't have to know, any she won't understand this stupid policy anyway. the feeling of dissappointment of my juniors always hit me hard..and i can feel the jaksa already have bad impression on the ukm debating team. maybe they think we are cocky because we won the champion for ktsn, the fact is we are NOT least i myself am not, we just feel proud that we can make it till the end after going through all these obstacles, but definitely not to the extend of cocky.. i already reach the stage i cnt defend myself..

well, jun hoe asked me to send him the format soft copy, he'll handle it for me..and this make me felt more guilty, why on earth i have to ask jun hoe for the objective?just use ur brain, cher linn! u can come up with some nice common-sense objectives! put some junk in it, it's only a report! the most important thing is still the details of people who deserve to get merits, which i already have! and why jun hoe? he always says yes to something he can help..stupid me..

then later i found out that it's still the same friend of mine who's doing it, i feel even more ashame..yea, i am like a total useless person who can't even write a report for sth that we are waiting for and that sth is sth we deserve..nw my friend is going to send it to my junior, who'll print it out and hand it to jaksa. wish everything's ok, wish jaksa don complain about the report.. i'm so tired of this report issue already, which's always on my mind but i cnt let anyone know it. it's sth out of my control but it's like my responsibility, in the eyes of jaksa..i really hate the if i'm not doing anything to get things done earlier, but in fact, yea, i am really NOT doing anything for's not because i don want to, it's because i egg my senior for sth that's nothing to do with her and only benefited us..why do i have to go through all these venue-preparing, trainings, transport arrangeging and crying and stressing out and wearing mask get blamed on sth like this..

and i read jun hoe's blog just now.. he says he's very busy for the last week, but he is still kind enough to insist to handle the report thing for me..

may God bless both jun hoe and Salwa, my friend who helped me to write the report.

i think that's it la, too tired.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

busy day

It's been so many days i didn't come and update my blog.. i always wanted to, but no time, still occupied by loads of work. This time i mean home work : assignments and lab reports, whereby the latter is more terrifying ones, dunno why. i never dislike practical class, but i do hate to hand in report after a week's time. i prefer handing it on the spot. yea, honestly, if i have a week's time, i'll only do it in the last minute. this also means that i'll give myself loads of excuses to not to have time to complete my own report now the situation is i ask my friends to borrow their reports. i wish one day somebody would come to me and ask me to lend them my report, haa ! i want to contribute to my course too..
now the exam is drawing nearer and nearer, i started to feel anxious. but whenever i have time to actually spend my whole night in my room to study, i feel lost..because i dunno which subject to study first..sometimes i feel like i should study the subject which test is coming up first, but then i realise that other subjects have more things to study, need more time to understand and store in mind..of course i have to study them earlier or else i'll end up skipping some part of it. and if those parts which i choose to skip were asked in the test paper..i'm sooo gonna kick myself then.
this is the consequence of not doing revision every week. people, if you want to enjoy studying, better don follow my foot step. i believe taking part in activity really helps us in our study. one of my fren says she starts to appreciate the time to study whenever she has them. but the point here is...NEVER over loaded with activities, or you'll feel like crying every night, because you enjoy gaining knowlegde from a book but u were too exhausted to even put your butt on your chair with your eyes open, sad..sad..
i find myself always have activities coming to me ( why not guys??! ha, joking ). i think the reason that i keep running out of time for myself is i rarely say " no " to people..i thought turning up in a discussion on BM debate motions ( which totally has nothing to do with me ) is a kind of moral support to my friends who are taking part in the competition, because they ask me to.. but then i think..they are always just a sms / call away, I don have to stay for the whole discussion, just mayb sometimes turn up at the beginning of the discussion then leave the room to them.
I think that’s it for today. Got to spend time study,ha~

Sunday, August 06, 2006

my new life

today 7/8/06

today's my fren -- chun yi's 20th birthday !! he's no longer a teenager! maybe it's something he'd like to celebrate, but for me, i don feel like leaving the teenager catagory yet, hee hee, every new day still feel like wonderful teenage life just started ..hmm..

been very busy these days.not that i'm in a lot of activitiesit's just that sometimes things happened unexpectedly and slowed down the progress. but thank God, everything just turned up fine. that's why i always agree that we'll learn a lot and gain experiences via taking part in activities, especially during our uni life.

sometimes after a long day of class+activity, i feel satisfy, because my life is filled. i've tried things i've never think of trying before,done things i've never think of doing it and the outcomes were quite good! in fact at times i really enjoyed spending my time for the activities, which i'll meet a bunch of funny ppl who'd pay full commitment,ha~ miss u guys..

but still,sometimes i was involved in activities that i don really like.well..i do believe in giving chances, i myself was also the first time assigned to the unit <>..but that leader was so !@#$% and she still declared that she joined a lot of activities in previous years..yea rite,my senior..the whole marketing unit was demotivated by her and i just wished that the activity would end as soon as possible.

joining activities are fun. but these days i feel like i cannot clique with those who are not interested in these activities..i mean my we join activities to get merit points in order to stay in hostel.the higher your points, the greater the chance to stay in. the cut-off point for every year is different is because it depends on how competitive the students are. so, to guarantee a place, keep trying ! well,of course, if you are not interesten in stayin in, u don hv to bother about the merit points, which most of my frens opt for...

here comes the sad thing..when frens hv their after class activities, even as simple as a movie time together..i cant be with them, always hv sth to do for the activities, or i'll need to spend the precious free time which's not occupied with activities to catch up with my studies, lab reports, assignment..i love my coursemate, they are nice people that i'd always want to get to know them better..but come to think of it, staying in hostel will really help me to save a lot of money and time, considering transport is provided back and forth to campus and hostel,and the facilities quite sufficient,plus u have activities u'd love to join&loads of cute juniors to meet.. i like my life in hostel..but i just talked to my fren about this coursemate relationship vs hostel life..i make up my mind this time, that i'm still going to join activities but i'd make time to hang out with my frens more this year, because i also appreciate the people i meet here, they worth my time and attention.

feeling a lot better after writing this,ha~

send me an angel

today ..6/8/06

ya i know,i should post this up yesterday,but never mind..who cares?

today i depart from my hometown back to my hostel..tomorrow is monday,class starting..oh monday blue~ but since i met someone on the bus, who left quite a good impression to me, well, it's not so bad a day,hee ! though we only talked for a few sentences and didn't even mention bout exchanging hp number, i still hope maybe we can meet each other again. he's a TAR college student who stays in wangsa maju.yea rite, loads of college students stay there, the place which get famous recently because of the murder case..God please bless the community there..especially that gd manner guy whom i don even know his name..sad,sad,sad...

sometimes i feel that i need a shoulder to lie on, a person to share my problems or more..yea, someone who's more than a fren..and i wonder why God didn't send me one..then i come to realise that it's because i'm the kind of girl who falls easily..this mean i'll get hurt often if i always meet with the wrong people,and yea, another problem of mine is i really cannot recognise who to trust or who to give my heart still..the best way is i x meet with anyone when the time is not right yet.
after getting this straight, i start to grip my heart tighter so it wont fall easily. i believe God will let me know who is the right person at the right time, at the right place. besides, these days i'm quite occupied with activities, it's better i don hv a bf nw,or both of us will be just bear with it first la, when the time comes,hee hee,i'll appreciate.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

first time

well, it's my first time to write a blog, yeah~ dunno why i'm kinda excited, i'm sure i'll find out more bout this blogspot.will post up something here soon to share my day :-)