Wednesday, December 27, 2006


since i was a kid, i've always liked the year end holidays, because it's the longest. due to this fact, my family and i mostly will go somewhere for a trip. a "trip" here means spending over night at tourism spot of other places, like melaka, johor ( sigh, these two places are facing great flood now, not to mention it's Christmas + new+year+coming. there goes all the festive mood of the residents there. ), genting highland, cameron highland, seremban, KL, penang island, hattyai, singapore, ipoh...i think that's all.

penang island and ipoh will be the frequent tourism spot i visit because they're the nearest. i always like penang because of the great food and i am from penang, (but mainland) so i don't have dialect difficulty.

ipoh also gives me a good impression because ipoh is a very clean place. i'm not saying other places are not, but ipoh gives me a particular strong sense of cleanliness, together with the peaceful neighbourhood as well as on the road. as if the drivers are not in a hurry, and you don't have to worry you're not fast enough to make your decision to turn left or right (since we're foreigners there). there you go, a place to real relax and escape from the hassel of cities. hmm.. why am i promoting ipoh? ennie and jun ling will be very happy to find me telling this here, but hey, they have more than ipoh chicken rice to tell you about their hometown!

however, if considering the number of times i visited, the place top in the list will be subang jaya. it's not in KL but just take it as KL ok? because when we stayed in SJ, we visited KL too. everytime my parents travel all the way from penang to KL to visit me or my sister who are (for my sister case, were) studying there, we stayed overnight in Hotel Summit Utara Subang Jaya (USJ). then the next day only go back. it's so frequent that we almost take it as our second home, haa! no, not that frequent, but believe me, all of us are quite familiar with the hotel as well as the shopping mall next to it, speaking as someone who has no sense of direction, it is an achievement. these days i don't see KL as a tourism spot because we're just merely traveling back and forth KL and penang and USJ.

i'd also be glad if kelly (my UKM debater friend) would bring me around sabah or just around her place to enjoy some delicious food, meet some friendly sabahan, visit some great places there. kelly, you got to proof that sabah has all these things! next will be Daniel (also another UKM debater) from miri, sarawak. i wonder how my childhood would've been different in sarawak because sarawak doesn't have Gardenia bread... for i had it every weekdays when i was a kid.

well, this post is not for promoting tourism, but i'm glad ( and greatly surprised ) if it will :-)

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