Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my holidays

this holiday has been a relatively great one, for I did go out with friends and family, enjoy some books, songs, movies and TV program, have enough rest and do whatever I like for the past few weeks.

The greatest memory would be my Royal debate in Kuching. I couldn’t call it a holiday trip because we didn’t really visit a lot of places in Sarawak during the tournament, although we take it as it is one. After the night we spent chatting at Bing, a cafĂ© in Kuching town with cool Christmas decoration, I realize that it’s not the place itself that make it great, but the people you be with, and the things you did together, that make you remember the place, the conversations, your memorable moments in life and the atmosphere there, make you want to visit the place again. Those bunch of people really have me learnt a lot from them, effortlessly. Debating skills aside, they’ve thought me to open my heart to them, and I really enjoy every moment to be with them. Fea particularly, I find everything from her is funny, don’t know why, but she’s really adorable in every little action she did. The same goes to Alia, I’m really grateful she came back to attend this tournament with us. Just having her around is enough to make every moment enjoyable. As well as the rest of the team like Kelly, Violet, Meng Fai… ( oh, do I have to name them all? I believe they want some right to privacy.. I’ll edit the post if they leave comments to protest that their names are not here, hee! ) they really can make me laugh or smile from the bottom of my heart.

Next, after coming back home, I’ve gone to watch Dejavu at Gurney plaza in penang island with Thompson, June, and Su Yin. No, it’s not a Hindi movie, which was how I thought about the movie when June suggested it. I believe I’d enjoy a Hindi movie more if I’m watching it with my Indian friends than with non-Indian friends, because they’ll tell me more about the actor and actresses in the movie, and also I can’t really trust the subscript at times, they did glaring mistakes sometimes. We enjoyed a delicious meal from Breeks before the movie. Tasty food, comfortable atmosphere, but a little lousy service. Again, it’s the people we be with that affects our memory to it. The waiters are part of the “people” I mean here. The movie? Complicated plot, but not to the extend of confusing. I’d call it sophisticated. Jun Hoe’d hate this word, I can tell, haa haa! I find the plot an interesting one, telling a story in this way, very creative, and I find no difficulty in understanding it. On the way back we have some ice-creams from McD, with the benefit of 10% off from June’s member card. Thanks June!

And at the very next day, I received a message from Selvi, my old friend, asking for a little gathering! Now that’s what I call holiday, because every time coming back home I also expect to meet some of them and catch up with what they’re up to these days and how they’re doing in their university respectively. That night we also met Sheue Fen, a filthy rich friend who has further her study at Manchester U but will come back Malaysia EVERY holiday, about twice a year. Loaded is thy name, dear! we always have difficulty to make decisions such as where to eat etc, because our topic of conversation also deviated away, accidently. We’ve had a cheerful night. And I’ve finally bought a Sony MP3 player for myself too! I know I want it quite bad since I first saw it, but it took me quite a long time to make the yes,-now-is-the-time-to-do-it” decision. I really like it, and I can manage the transferring songs process myself, not as difficult as pei aun has describe, but I did face some problems though. Small problems whom a technophobia person like me can solve J

Again, at the very next day, dad took leave from company and brought the whole family to Queesbay mall at penang island. It’s a new mall since 1st Dec 06. there’re loads of shops haven’t open yet, June says maybe because they want to open it before Christmas. Yea, that’s the time where people have an extra reason to spend their money, or maybe just window shopping. Honestly, their Christmas decorations are quite beautiful, at least nicer than Gurney plaza. You can’t believe it? Go check it out yourself then. Gurney only has a barely visible small Christmas tree in the central concuss and some not-so-artistically-appreciated hangings from the ceiling, compare with Queensbay mall three large Christmas tree and beautiful hangings from the ceiling and the trees, the atmosphere’s greatly different. It’s been long didn’t come to penang island with family, hence I was very satisfied after the day, with my dad driving and me dozed off behind, like what I used to do when I was a child, everything just felt so good J

Other than these three events, I just spend my days with books, DVDs, TV, internet, music ( especially from my brand new MP3 player! ). Now I’m reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. It took me some pages to discover the fun in this book. Everyone saying it’s a good book, I really doubted it at the first few pages. One of the reasons is because I’m slow in interpreting when it comes to complicated sentences and tough vocabularies. After that, I’m fine, can catch up with the events happened in the book now. Another creative author. I’d say.

That’s it for today, quite a long blog already. See ya people, in my campus I guess, will be where I write my next blog.

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