Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Because You Told Me So

The stars whispered to me, that we were put back at the same place. At least they said so in my dream. Before my sleep was disrupted by the rain. The rain which was oh so familiar. Yes, the time when the world span under our feet, as we kissed in the rain.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


The worstEST way to start a day: mixed up my English in front of a cute guy.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Talented Young Story Teller

Her creative imagination amazes me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


If there's a blogger club which dictates its every member to blog frequently, I would have been shot to death 7 times at least.

September is a very happenning month :) Loads of interesting events were given a spot on my calendar. One of it, was my very own birthday.

It's always heart-warming to know someone secretly (or at least tried to keep it as a secret from me) arranged everything for the celebration. From picking a present to presenting the cake. When I saw the candle lights danced on the cake from afar, as Darryl held it carefully in front of him as he walked down the stairs, and the rest of the debating friends broke into birthday song, there wasn't anything warmer than how I felt inside my heart.

Darryl made me a bookmark! Like, how often do you receive bookmarks made by your own friends?! Kevin & Xu Vin picked me two books which totally blew my mind (and got me flabbergasted) : Animal Farm by George Orwell and *ahem* How Not To Be A Little Old Lady. AND the books are nicely wrapped when it reached me! How sweet and thoughtful! As usual, Kevin drew me a card on behalf of the rest, who wrote messages all over it =) Xu Vin later then gave me another present from herself: a purple nail polish together with removal and protective layer (or what you call that.. Nvm, I can ask Joy later :D)

I just finished reading Animal Farm. Honestly, if what Ervina said was true, that our brain is the sexiest organ, I would say I'd have by far the best orgasmic read ever! It's a relatively short story, but every turning of the pages simply makes you want more of it! Not only it blew my mind, but the author was simply stunningly brilliant. His sarcasm makes you adore him deeply and enjoy every ride down the storyline very much. And oh, my dad says he's read it 30 years ago during his Form 6 years as his English Literature subject requirement! Isn't that cool? It's not fair! How could they read such an enjoyable piece of writing for a subject?!

I've tried out the nail polish, too. But as expected, I need more practices to improve my skills. Joy would be my personal trainer for this :)

And Darryl's bookmark is ready to venture into the warmth of yet another new book which I'll start reading soon!

Last weekend, my parents were in KL. We celebrated my birthday, too, over a lovely meal in Nandos :)

Many, many thanks for the wishes and hugs and presents and love and pizzas and cards and cakes and pressing-my-head-while-I-picked-out-the-candle-from-the-cake! It's lovely to have known and spent time with you all =)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Random Flash-Backs

Feel like posting up random pictures I saw in my folders. Here you go :)

Around last year, Kev and I took a pic together in the Felo Conference Room.

A year later, same people, same venue, but.. me being photoshopped OMG.

Jun Hoe turned up during my convo to pass me the gifts on behalf of the rest, ended up him helping me to carry more gifts from other people because I was running around to take pictures with others.

I was grateful that they turned up, and gosh I really, really appreciate him and Darryl and Alex and Reno and Maggie and Jeremy and others who turned up as well (In this photo only has Maggie, Darryl and Jun Hoe). Because it's an important day to me, and I'd like to share my happiness with the important people in my life :) Besides, they also willingly helped me to hold some of the presents when I was away.

And I totally miss this girl. Soo Pei Ing you DIDN'T come to my convo! But I'll still try to make time for yours next year :) Make sure you go on stage in DECTAR next year, it's the last lap of your medical student year already!

We had fun taking some time off to take farewell picture with a colleague of us who was leaving. Have I told you how much I like the people I'm working with now? :)

Though not comparable to this group of darlings:


Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Want A Book Weight!

Does anyone know where to get one? I don't notice any of them in the book stores around my place...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Can Read Maps but I Lost Myself

It's been an emo Saturday. Well, partially. Or maybe it's more like a roller coaster between Yes and No throught the day.

I found that, I'm ok with NO swimming session in a Saturday. And I really think something weird is going on with me becuase I don't crave for the time to read and I haven't started a single search in the WordSearch puzzles I bought last week.

I've lost myself, including the guts to blame it to the hormones.