Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes I think to decide if one knows another person well enough, a good method is not by asking one about some facts (likes/dislikes etc) regarding the other person, but by predicting one's response or opinion about certain topics or incidents.

If you came across a question such as "What would Cher Linn say if her books collapsed on the bookshelves?"

The answer is...

"Oh, it's time to buy new books to fill in the gaps!"


Friday, June 26, 2009

As they were passing... and passed

No one deserves to die. No one even has the right to say someone is better off dead, for the moment of returning to the Lord is always a sacred one. And the deceased should be respected irregards of what he has done during his time on the Earth, for we make mistakes too, hence shall not be the one who judges others.

May Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett rest in peace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am totally Innocent!

to Merlinda and Yvonne:

I did NOT intend to say what I just said to that guy. Yes I think he is cute and hot and decent and speaks good English (one important factor to impress me) and friendly and is our neighbour and rich (maybe? Because he stays alone in the apartment) and ...

OK, enough description!

The thing is, I was NOT doing what you two accused me of doing and I am positive that the uncle at the mamakstall served me alcoholic teh ais during our dinner. It MUST be!!

rgtrievmapqte9458yuwnv2u9treg5t6095hbmwoe0rit9vem209??? times one to the power of a fifth!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Greyish Growth

Because growing up is not so much of knowing what is right and what is wrong, for even if something is always right or otherwise, there could have been something one has done right to cause the wrong that is visible. The invisible side is the grey area which is not for us to judge.

And growing up is about looking at the grey area and try to understand with love.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

point form

current thoughts:

1. IRONY + CONFLICT with myself

2. so little time, so much to do!

3. going swimming tonight!

4. alright, lunch time's up...
Don't act cool.

Because the best part is when you struggle for words and don't know where to put your hands.

Telling me that you're crazy about me is not enough. 

Because I want to see it...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was so blur on the bus this morning that I lost my one and only medical dictionary on RapidKL B103 bus. That book is like my second Bible OK?! Have to visit Karmal to buy another one. Must. *obsessive*

On another note, I miss speaking English.

Till here. Lunch time's finished.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

hormone overdose

PMS hits at a very wrong timing, especially when the world seems to conspire with the hormone to make fun of me, with me easily letting them to.

1. my beloved husband (the dearest washing machine in my condo) decided to leak its outgoing water into the kitchen. There was blockage at the drainage system actually. But we went nuts mopping the floor. And it's going to repeat this tragic everytime we use the washing machine. But washing machine is my LIFE...

2. and because the washing machine leaked, I can't use the small space near it that I planned to use as a study table. My room is very small (5 feet x 7 feet) and I would really appreciate it if I can use that place. It means a lot to me because I need a GOOD place to surf the web, MSN, blogging, read news/magazines online, do revision, Bible study, leisure reading, day dreaming and 1001 other things you can do at the study table. It totally blew my hope. Hope the landlord can fix it quickly pls pls pls...

3. cannot decide if I want to go buy stuff tomorrow. Still lacking shoe shelf, nice rugs for room, iron board... Basically I'm not in the mood to shop alone but I dunno who else to go shopping with and I can't see myself bringing the iron board back with alone and... maybe I just hate being indecisive, finally.

4. internet connection is slow at the moment. It affects my MSN. I'm already moody and hope to talk to someone but it keeps disconnecting! But well, to frustrate me further, I'm not in the mood to chat with those online now.

5. and those I wanted to talk to... I've called two people, but each only lasted for 10 minutes, and probably they didn't know I was moody and I actually didn't really want to talk about the things we talked about over the phone. Those topics were sort of like my second interests because I wish I could tell them that I was feeling emo. But I guess no one will know what to do/say if I tell them that anyway. I was frustrated at myself for not making it clear that I don't want to hang up yet, that even if we breathe quietly over the speaker is a good enough conversation than trying to create topics.

6. cannot visit those at ICRC this weekend. But it's not that I'm really that important anyway, no matter how Kevin tried to be nice.

7. I'm starting work on next Monday, which is the day after tomorrow. And I'm lacking a sanctuary to do revision or read up - I can't enjoy preparing myself for work because I can't read joyfully.

and because I know I can't blame anyone, I feel even more emo.

Can't you understand that?! I called you because I want to talk to you!

edited: the third person I called today, is always the one who can cheer me up :) thanks, friend. and what you keep hee hee-ing about lar?! ;p

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More pics and of full body massage

More pictures from the trip:

I made Jerry posed with the cowboy hat ;-)

I promised to give Jerry his 10 seconds fame on my blog because he collected a lot of beautiful sea shells for me.

I bet Keh Len doesn't know there is Jawi writing at McD outlet too!

I really find his expression very hilarious :D

A good place to read a book and doze off.

the cafe

the beach during evening

blue sky, blue sea

If you're interested to view more of Ant's pictures, you may ask from him.

Oh yeah, I forgotten to mention that, I got myself a full body massage for the first time, too! It's really an interesting experience one must try at least once in a life time if one can afford it, really. It's not just for you to have your aching muscles pampered, but also a chance for you to learn few massaging tips from the professional, so that you can give your love ones some good time, free of charge =) I tried it on Fea, and she loves it. Of course I cant beat the professionals whom she's had massage from, but she did say she wanted to moan ;-) Ariff, if you're interested to know which spot can make Fea scream and moan out loud, ask me ;-) The lady did breast massage, too! Such gifted hands... ohhh~

I also haven't mentioned about my snorkeling experience. The first dive was awful, seriously. I didn't know how to use the mouth piece and couldn't find the balance in floating, hence I have learnt that sea water is really salty so don't get fooled by its crystal clear look. But the second dive was great, guided by Fea and Ariff. Thanks to them, I got to really enjoy under water view. Now I know why mouth piece is an appropriate equipment - because as we see something as breath-taking as the huge coral and beautiful fishes, we gasp through our mouth, don't we? :-) I won't know the coral could be this huge if I didn't see it with my own eyes. And I had an adorable Nemo swam passed me ;-) It is lovely.

Of Blue and Green, and the Yellow which I like ;-)

It was pretty much like a family trip - two parents and three adorable kids, went for a vacation in an exotic island away from the hustle and bustle of city. I haven’t got more pictures from Fea’s camera, here are some from mine:

Jerry says this could be a pretty profile picture. What do you think? ;-)

On the speed boat, with hair flipping and Anthony blur-ing and Jerry perasan-ing.

Sexy Kitten among luggages.

With Anthony

At McD beside the bus station.

On the bus

Before departing

Sparkling Ribena spokeperson

We were surrounded by the lively green forest and staying in resort over-looking the blue sea with gentle rocking waves. It was very lucky for us to be there during full moon. Because a romantic stroll on the white sandy beaches under the silver moon light is what I will come back for. And the lovely moment as we lie down on the beach, watching the night sky decorated with shimmering stars. If you were to bring a book to read on the beach, remember to choose the right spot so that as you drop your book and doze off, the breeze will kiss your forehead and the waves will sing in your ears.

I love the time we had meals at the cafe together. Great meal always comes with the one with warm conversation. I found that Thousand Island dressing goes well with anything, including serving as a sauce for French fries. I realised that the sight of scrambled eggs (cooked with milk) makes me happy. Yellow jelly tasted better than the green one ;-)

I will never forget the time we dared each other for things which make us laughed and cheered so loud that we received complaint from the manager. If you want to know what Jerry and Anthony did at the swimming pool, do get their permission for it. Of course I am more than willing to share. These memories last a life time, don’t they? It makes me smile from the inside whenever I recall them.

If you love me, hold my hands. Because you never know if I may decide to fall for you.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

short update

Yes I've got a job in KL, as a Life Science Underwriter for an insurance company. And thank God I've also found a place to settle down in the city, with my friends I know back in uni :) I'll be starting a new chapter in my life on 15th June.

Wish me all the best with my new job, will you? In full awareness that job hopping is normal for fresh graduates who're looking around for suitable career to settle down, I want to believe that this career is meant for me, that this is a place I want to settle down and stick with. Most importantly, pray that it's God's calling for me to be here.

For those who're still having holidays, enjoy your leisure time and have a safe trip, or two ;-) For those who're hunting for jobs, may you be hunted like hot cakes. For those who're going for debate tournaments, READ UP and shine UKM name for the rest of us in the team, alright? 


Love is when...

Love is when someone turns up at your doorstep, grinning, with a pack of durians at his side.

Love is when you open the fridge to find that it is almost empty, except a pack of milk sitting innocently at the middle rung.

Love is when you got to eat home-made dumpling during dumpling season! [Dee Dee faster come back eat bak zhang lah!]

Love is when your sister is egging you to switch off the lights even if you haven’t had enough reading before sleep.

Love is when someone suddenly can’t be reached and you begin to worry about him.

Love is when even if your husband doesn’t understand the dialogues in the drama yet he watches every episodes of it with you.

Love is when your daughter watches the football match with you even if she knows nuts about the sports, simply because the time for her to spend at home with you is getting shorter and shorter.

Love is when you’re forgiven for a mistake you did.

Love is in the food served on the table, free of charge.

Love is when a friend is willing to help you to move into a new place.

Love is when you’re nagged about the same thing again and again.

Love is when someone asks you if you want coffee. Or, Sparkling Ribena ;-)

Love is when someone asks if you will be seeing each other again.

Love is when you have a partner to roll on the floor laughing together while watching silly cartoons.

Love is when someone sings your name in a two-notes melody.

Love is when the book stores have SALES!

Love is when the radio station plays your favourite song.

Love is when God spent His time planning your future for you, that you’ll have a role in His mighty works. That you’re awed to speechlessness when you see everything fits nicely with each other.