Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More pics and of full body massage

More pictures from the trip:

I made Jerry posed with the cowboy hat ;-)

I promised to give Jerry his 10 seconds fame on my blog because he collected a lot of beautiful sea shells for me.

I bet Keh Len doesn't know there is Jawi writing at McD outlet too!

I really find his expression very hilarious :D

A good place to read a book and doze off.

the cafe

the beach during evening

blue sky, blue sea

If you're interested to view more of Ant's pictures, you may ask from him.

Oh yeah, I forgotten to mention that, I got myself a full body massage for the first time, too! It's really an interesting experience one must try at least once in a life time if one can afford it, really. It's not just for you to have your aching muscles pampered, but also a chance for you to learn few massaging tips from the professional, so that you can give your love ones some good time, free of charge =) I tried it on Fea, and she loves it. Of course I cant beat the professionals whom she's had massage from, but she did say she wanted to moan ;-) Ariff, if you're interested to know which spot can make Fea scream and moan out loud, ask me ;-) The lady did breast massage, too! Such gifted hands... ohhh~

I also haven't mentioned about my snorkeling experience. The first dive was awful, seriously. I didn't know how to use the mouth piece and couldn't find the balance in floating, hence I have learnt that sea water is really salty so don't get fooled by its crystal clear look. But the second dive was great, guided by Fea and Ariff. Thanks to them, I got to really enjoy under water view. Now I know why mouth piece is an appropriate equipment - because as we see something as breath-taking as the huge coral and beautiful fishes, we gasp through our mouth, don't we? :-) I won't know the coral could be this huge if I didn't see it with my own eyes. And I had an adorable Nemo swam passed me ;-) It is lovely.


yiLiaN said...

picture number 3 is cute. :P

Gine said...

haha, I'll tell him!!!

Xu Vin said...

*swallows sea water, water gets into eyes*
*choke, glaucoma*
*pressure build up in eyes and lungs*
no massage prince charming uncle to rescue!!! *shrieks*
turns out it was a nightmare afterall.. *sigh of relief*

Gine said...

hahaha crazy random woman!! faster come back KL and get choked with the polluted air and traffic jam here!!!