Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Love is when...

Love is when someone turns up at your doorstep, grinning, with a pack of durians at his side.

Love is when you open the fridge to find that it is almost empty, except a pack of milk sitting innocently at the middle rung.

Love is when you got to eat home-made dumpling during dumpling season! [Dee Dee faster come back eat bak zhang lah!]

Love is when your sister is egging you to switch off the lights even if you haven’t had enough reading before sleep.

Love is when someone suddenly can’t be reached and you begin to worry about him.

Love is when even if your husband doesn’t understand the dialogues in the drama yet he watches every episodes of it with you.

Love is when your daughter watches the football match with you even if she knows nuts about the sports, simply because the time for her to spend at home with you is getting shorter and shorter.

Love is when you’re forgiven for a mistake you did.

Love is in the food served on the table, free of charge.

Love is when a friend is willing to help you to move into a new place.

Love is when you’re nagged about the same thing again and again.

Love is when someone asks you if you want coffee. Or, Sparkling Ribena ;-)

Love is when someone asks if you will be seeing each other again.

Love is when you have a partner to roll on the floor laughing together while watching silly cartoons.

Love is when someone sings your name in a two-notes melody.

Love is when the book stores have SALES!

Love is when the radio station plays your favourite song.

Love is when God spent His time planning your future for you, that you’ll have a role in His mighty works. That you’re awed to speechlessness when you see everything fits nicely with each other.

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