Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am totally Innocent!

to Merlinda and Yvonne:

I did NOT intend to say what I just said to that guy. Yes I think he is cute and hot and decent and speaks good English (one important factor to impress me) and friendly and is our neighbour and rich (maybe? Because he stays alone in the apartment) and ...

OK, enough description!

The thing is, I was NOT doing what you two accused me of doing and I am positive that the uncle at the mamakstall served me alcoholic teh ais during our dinner. It MUST be!!

rgtrievmapqte9458yuwnv2u9treg5t6095hbmwoe0rit9vem209??? times one to the power of a fifth!!!


Penny said...

So what did you say? :p

Kevin Tan said...

omg! cher linn!! why u flirting with random hot cute english affluent rich guy!!!!1/5