Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Note To Malaysia

Definitely there are a lot more bloggers out there who has blogged about our 51st Independence Day long before I do. But I just want to share something I read on the paper today about this supposely significant event.

I read from an article about the idea of celebrating independence day and any possible anniverssary, be it a birthday or any break-ups annual rememberance. It is a day for us all to stop and ponder on:

1. what we've done so far;
2. what we've failed to do; and
3. what we're plannig to do in the future.

No doubt it's always a reason to celebrate this historical moment of success. It certainly means a lot to a population to be recognised as a sovereign nation which right to own governance is respected.

However, gaining independence isn't the end of the fight. It may be the end to imperialism by other leaders who are not from our own land. Yet, it is also a beginning to a journey to be travelled by all races together, to a stable and well-developed future.

From time to time, if we were to ensure that we're moving to the right direction, we have to pause at a check-point, step back and look at the big picture. The same applies to personal development. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves some time, to ponder and reflect on our personal growth, the direction we're heading and if we're doing enough to achieve our goals.

I guess I got to stop here. I can write no further when Bernard and Justin are goofing around me with that Madonna song *eyes rolling*. No, I still love them. Aren't they just being one of a kind? How many bimbo-ish people like them we can find in KTSN? =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Reason for Hula Dance ;-)

I just came back from movie at Pavilion with Justin. It was really fun, even if it rained since the evening till the time we headed back KTSN. I was contented that I went out with a friend who is not boring and willing to accompany me to satisfy my craving for movie.

The reason I wanted to watch 21 was because these days I've been craving for movies (to be watched in cinemas), and today happened to be the last day for 21 in nearby cinema in my area. The show was at 6pm. Hence around noon I started to ask around for friends who might want to join me for the outing. Justin happened to be kind enough to agree to tag along with the reason of taking some fresh air amidst his studies.

I don't watch horror movie on whatever occasion. Yet these days we have a lot of it on show: 4bia, Mirror, and whatever the names are. I also don't really watch violent/ action/ thriller/ blood-shedding-for-unknown-reason/ gun-shooting-like-the-bullets-are-not-going-to-run-out movie, alone. I watched Blood Diamond only because Albert said the plot and message were quite interesting and he wanted to watch it back then. I watched De Javu and came out remained sane because I watched it with Thompson, June and Su Yin back then.

Well, today it so happened that Justin hasn't watched Dark Knight and it's also showed at 6pm, same time as mine. I find the coincidence very amusing. We went outing together, we went for movie at the same time, but different show at different hall *laugh*.

Anyway, 21 was alright. I like the storyline, the attention-catching twist of the plot, the actors and actresses (Gosh for the first time I'm this superficial in commenting a movie), and soundtracks and etc. For whatever reason, I came out of the cinema smilling without meaning to =) It was a worthy show and the things before movie went just nice - we enjoyed our conversations and we shared (or, like Xu Vin said, "pigged on") half a dozen of J.Co donuts right before movie and they were delicious!

After movie, I saw a book on war crime in Abu Ghraib in Times bookstore. Title: Monsters, costs RM 66.90, at Current Affairs section. I really want to read the reports about US army torturing hostages or suspected terrorist in Abu Ghraib. I really wanted to know what was really happening inside there. I was nearly tempted to buy it, but, yeah, I convinced myself that I still have a lot of books on my shelf yet to be read. The main reason being the book is a little too costly for me. If next month I am going to Pavilion again and the book is still there, then I'll reconsider it again =)

As we were heading back hostel, it's still raining, though not as heavy as 2 hours ago. Luckily I brought along my umbrella and we walked to Bukit Bintang Monorail station to go to Chow Kit. From there we flagged down a cab who didn't suck the blood out of our pocket. We reached safely before 10pm. And I am still smiling, even until the writing of this post.

Have I told you how I dislike to be alone out there at night in a big city like KL? Plus, it was raining. Somehow I'm afraid of the night in KL. It's like sucking the wanderers' souls, leaving unhappy people on the street, partying their night away while in the inside, their lonely hearts will never be cheered by the neon lights and exclusive touch of high end shopping malls/ clubs.

After a day of lab and a simple outing, all I wanted was to come back hostel safely for a good night rest. And to check my mails. And maybe to blog about the night. And also some Face- "book-keeping". Hee hee~

Cher Linn IS very happy and contented. Thanks, Justin *smile*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Finally on last Thursday I gave my thesis a push and the lab work has started since then. After I finally talked to my thesis supervisor face-to-face and talked to some lab technicians for their advice, I decided I can't delay it any longer and got it moving right away. I got the things I needed ready and went out to collect water sample from hawkers at Chow Kit.

If you were wondering why am I using water and soil sample instead of rat's brain and cat's feces as mentioned earlier (Did I mention it here?), the reason being - my supervisor wanted it. I know it's a poor excuse, but if you were me, you'll understand how difficult it is to go against what your supervisor insisted. Yes, she insisted on water and soil sample from Chow Kit since the beginning of our discussion, even if both of us didn't know how to do that, not even the method to collect the sample.

Hence as I talked to the lab technicians as suggested by my supervisor, all of them responded:"Oh, this is a difficult topic!" or "Hmm..the method is very difficult.."

It's not the point of difficulty in conducting this research that troubles me, but the fact that none of the lab technicians in Parasitology Department of Medical Faculty who worked there for 20 or 30 years know about the methods for those samples. We discussed and decided to use some of the basic method to screen the samples. When you talk about "basic" methods, it's always less sensitive and specific.

And till now I still don't understand why use water and soil sample by right cat is the definitive host for this parasite and only cat can defeacate this parasite in oocysts (egg) form in its feces. If we were to check for the prevalence of this parasite in Chow Kit, isn't it suppose to check for its presence from cat feces found in Chow Kit? The probability of getting a positive result would be higher. Of course, it's not wrong to get a negative result which means Chow Kit is free of Toxoplasma gondii, but will the result be reliable coming from water and soil sample? Water and soil sample will only be contaminated and positive for this parasite only if it's contacted with cat feces. Hence isn't checking out cat feces is more logical?

Anyway, I have collected 3 bottles (Schott, 250 mL) of water sample from 3 different hawkers in Chow Kit and am in the process of screening the water. It has become my routine everyday since then:

1. Wake up and convince myself that I'd rather sleep less to catch the last bus than to walk to campus.
2. Reach campus and have a quick breakfast then go to lab.
3. Pipette the water sample from Schott bottle into 4 centrifugation tubes and centrifuge them at 1500 rpm for 5 minutes.
4. Get rid of the supernatant and pipette the sediment to perform direct smear on microscopic slides and cover with cover slips.
5. Screen under light microscope.

The last step can take up to 2 hours, just for 4 tubes (2 drops of sediment each, hence 8 slides to screen within 2 hours). I'm trying to increase my screening speed so that I can screen more slides and finish of the water sample I've collected since last week to collect new water sample again. There are loads of hawkers in Chow Kit! And I haven't started with the soil sample yet!

Well, after the 5th steps, usually it'll be lunch time. So I usually go to campus cafe for a quick lunch then head back lab.

Afternoon (right after lunch):
1. If the centrifugation tubes are running out or the disposal tank is kinda full, I'll wash the equipments before starting off my afternoon screening session. I have to thank Jun Hoe for his post which created awareness in me on why new people in the lab should volunteer to help up with the management of the lab, or at least, clean up our own mess.

2. After putting the washed equipment in the oven, I'll start the water-sample screening procedure again. Usually it lasts till around 5pm or slightly before that because the lab technicians are getting ready to close the lab and call it a day.

Everyday I walked out of the lab, feeling relieved that at least my lab work is progressing and I know what to do next. My work is indeed very easy. It is no doubt tiring my eyes because all I do most of the time in lab is to look into microscope and screen the slide up-down, next roll, up-down, next roll... for that mysterious oocysts. You got the picture. But it isn't that tiring because I've learnt how to look into the microscope using both eyes. Gosh it took me this long to find my "spot" for perfect vision, haha ;-)

Like Wey Wen said, looking into microscope to observe microorganisms is fun. It is true. But at least, let's hope that the parasite will show up fast, OK? I've found nothing after 60 slides! Most of them are plain dirt. Anyway, I'm still keeping myself optimistic about my lab work. That's a way to enjoy one's lab work, no? =)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I don't want to survive, I want to LIVE!

Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning, feeling good.

Checked out Michael Phelps. This young fella broke 31 World Records even before Beijing Olympic this year. He beats his rivals, previous swimmers' records, and his own record. His first world record for 200m Butterfly was during World Championship in Fukuoka, Japan in 2001; while his first Olympic gold was in 2004, where he won 2 bronzes, 6 golds, breaking 3 Olympic records, 1 world record and 2 American record. And duing Beijing Olympic 2008, until the writing of this post, Michael Phelps has won 7 gold, breaking 6 world records and 1 Olympic record. More importantly, he broke his previous World Record in the 200-meter freestyle by nearly a second.

It strucks me at how one leaves a legacy like this in his career. He is not only good in his gift - swimming, but outstanding! He is so famous that people write about him in Wikipedia, from brief introduction about him, to detailed personal life history and lengthy achievements in his swimming career.

To the rest of non-swimmers population, we also can taste one's effort in committment, feel one's determination to excel, and proud on one's achievement in the eyes of all mankind. An athlete makes use of all his physical strength to define limit from a new prespective. He charms the world with the fact that sport is not just about fame and glory. It's about aspiration for others to go beyond one's limit. It's an art of living out a meaningful life.

I believe everyone is gifted in different ways. Some people are born to shine in eyes of the world, some are born to work behind the screen and give the world a push; some are born to touch the lifes of many, some are meant for particular group of people. It's time we discover our gifts, and make full use of it to mark a difference in man's history that we ever live at all.

If you were asked: "What kind of legacy do you want to leave?", what would be your answer?

Cheers :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I learnt a new word from Kevin.

Demure - (used especially about a girl or young woman) shy, quiet and well behaved

I'm not sure if it's a compliment, but it certainly defines me to a certain extent.

In the old days, where we can watch from some of those 80s movies, we see women always protray the image of soft-spoken, controlled, and, and.. DEMURE! Yes, that's the word. And the guys are always out there hunting (I mean, working to find) for food, that's why they're always macho and protective over women. They gave the impression that men have the responsibility to provide food and shelter and any form of security for the frail ladies while the latter are in charge of keeping the household in order. Hence it became like a model for the society to follow - should any girl can protray the "good" traits as shown in the dramas/movies, then she's a competent wife and men should bring her home.

However I realise that these days most boys no longer that attracted to girlish type of girls, or the demure, skema type of girls. Instead, they're more attracted to outspoken, sporty type of girls. They deem these girls have "attitude". Maybe it is easier for them to approach the outspoken girls because there will be little chance for quick-think-of-what-should-I-say-next moment where both will immersed in long silence.

And the way these girls think is very different from the ones described above. They are frank and bold. They are more confident and comfortable in open conversation. Their brilliant ideas and wits reflect the true colour of a lady. Or maybe because the sporty ladies shine charmingly when they beat the boys flat in games.

I don't have problem with the change of wind direction. While change is the only constant, I always like to see more variety in the people whom I meet. Being a demure, old-fashioned girl myself, I'm also attracted to the more sporty and outspoken girls. These are the girls you can feel engaged with their conversation easily and may even enjoy being blown away by their wits!

Having said that, it'll not be the reason I'd change myself from who I am to who I am not just because I want to make myself "sell". I feel comfortable to be who I am now and should there be a beholder, he should see the beauty as it is, too. Afterall, being a demure girl is not a crime *eyes rolling*. If it is, you'll see posters of my face, stating "WANTED", haha, oops!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Convocation Season

Convocation season is here. Best wishes are sent to those completed their tertiary education and graduate from their respectives higher institutions. It's time for them to close the chapter of a student's life, and move on to the working world, or maybe continue to a higher level of learning.

In the past few years of university life, these students learned to become a better person. They were molded to be more wholesome in every way, from academical knowledge to maturity in behaviour. They were taught to serve the society after their graduation. They were strengthened before taking off into their separate paths of life.

They would have met a lot of people, from the admin staff to the lecturers, their friends, and the community beyond their campuses. They would have met wonderful people and learnt from them. They would have met awful people and endured through their company.

They, too, would have made changes into others' life. Let others have the chance to learn from them, or to endure their presence. They cross other's path and left foot prints. They came to show guidance, to rebuke, to lend their ears, and last but not least, to mold you also, to become a more wholesome person than you are today, when it's your turn to walk up to the stage and receive your reward during your convocation ceremony.

Some of my friends are graduating this year. Although we entered university at the same time, they take off earlier than I do. They are angels of mine who has been a good companion and made my university life awesome. They are friends who give the warmest hugs. They are a part of me, and I shall give them the bestest wishes as I watch them taking a part of me with them when they leave.

This post is specially dedicated to my fellow darlings: Kathrin, Jerry, Delwyn, Keat Lim, Anthony, Theresa and Huai Ming. All the best for your future undertakings!

With Love,
Cher Linn

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tragical Musical

I never favour sad endings for any story, be it a play, a book, or movie, drama etc. If it is a fiction, I like it to be written in such a way that it makes me chuckle as I flip through the last page. If it is a play, I like it to have a happy ending which makes us go:"Awh... don't they looked adorable in the last scene?"

To many people, life is a form of suffering. That's why they need to create something to entertain themselves. Such as a comedy. From sitcom to stand-up comedy, the audiences look forward to some good belly laugh. And they actually pay comedians to make them do so. Everyone is having a merry time when the time seemed to stop and laughter fills in. All worries and blues vanished, albeit temporarily, for the few moments of cheers.

To me, I can't say the above is the exact reason I prefer happy endings. God has been merciful to me and my life has been filled with joy and sorrow at quite a balance ratio. There are always things to cheer me up, and things to make me long for Friends series sometimes. There are others' life which'll inspire me to be optimistic about tomorrow, yet there are also others which forces hesitation upon me.

A tragic ending, on the other hand, is a turn on (not that kind of turn-on) for some people. After all the happy endings and comedies, one would just equally love a twist at the ending, maybe a sad one. One which plays out the reality in life. One which reminds us to appreciate the peace and order we have at the current moment before it's becoming something like what is narrated. One which makes you cry to realise that you, too, have emotions despite the stern look we're wearing everyday for so-called protection.

I have watched two musical dramas with sad endings. First is Sweeney Todd, and another one was performed by KTSN talents - One Hope. Both were abso-fantastical-lutely awesome and I can sincerely see a lot of effort put into the show. Both ended with leading character died in the story. Yet, both were very beautiful. The dances, props, actings, and most importantly (for Sweeney Todd) the musics and lyrics were so astonishing that you'd want to watch it back-to-back!

One Hope was a good show, and good job to Jason and Ming Min for directing it, while kudos for the rest of the team! Musical drama is my all time favourite. Art comes in all forms, some of them are revealed in a musical. Art connects people, doesn't it? =)

Friday, August 01, 2008

10 Yays!

10. For the first time ever, I visited a PC Fair! I know it sounds very kampung, but what to do? I'm not a technophobe by name only ok? Yay!

9. I managed to narrow down my target printer to only 3 options, which I don't really remember the model name now, but there are 2 from Canon, and one from HP. Not bad for a first-timer, eh? Yay!

8. Tried Starbucks' Peach Frappacino today. Not bad, but I still prefer their caremel machiato. It is simply coffee-taste-buds tantalising and soothing. But still, it's a good try, yay!

7. Visited Chilis today, good foodI Oh, and no waiting list! Yay!

6. I bought myself a black blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Yay!

5. Have a good laugh today for whatever reason that the news is funny. Yay!

4. My lethal combo effects have subsided a lot and I'm feeling normal now. Thanks to my body which loves me and care for me (Dr.Rohi's famous line), I'm able to say all the yays here. Yay!

3. My computer darling has just recovered from its second viral attack within 2 weeks time. I sent it to the technician in my campus to have a look at it, again, and they healed it efficiently. Yay!

2. I bumped into Kandahar from MMU Cyberjaya at KLCC, yay! Up to this stage, I nearly wanted to do the hula dance right in the middle of Signature food court in Suria KLCC already! That gentleman is a very pleasant person to meet up with, isn't he?

1. My parents are coming over to KL tomorrow, yay!