Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Convocation Season

Convocation season is here. Best wishes are sent to those completed their tertiary education and graduate from their respectives higher institutions. It's time for them to close the chapter of a student's life, and move on to the working world, or maybe continue to a higher level of learning.

In the past few years of university life, these students learned to become a better person. They were molded to be more wholesome in every way, from academical knowledge to maturity in behaviour. They were taught to serve the society after their graduation. They were strengthened before taking off into their separate paths of life.

They would have met a lot of people, from the admin staff to the lecturers, their friends, and the community beyond their campuses. They would have met wonderful people and learnt from them. They would have met awful people and endured through their company.

They, too, would have made changes into others' life. Let others have the chance to learn from them, or to endure their presence. They cross other's path and left foot prints. They came to show guidance, to rebuke, to lend their ears, and last but not least, to mold you also, to become a more wholesome person than you are today, when it's your turn to walk up to the stage and receive your reward during your convocation ceremony.

Some of my friends are graduating this year. Although we entered university at the same time, they take off earlier than I do. They are angels of mine who has been a good companion and made my university life awesome. They are friends who give the warmest hugs. They are a part of me, and I shall give them the bestest wishes as I watch them taking a part of me with them when they leave.

This post is specially dedicated to my fellow darlings: Kathrin, Jerry, Delwyn, Keat Lim, Anthony, Theresa and Huai Ming. All the best for your future undertakings!

With Love,
Cher Linn

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Teddy said...


nice article.. hehe... frankly, i hate leaving uni.. i oways feel skool is the best place to be!! i love it... still do, owayz will...

btw, do u have classes on Fridays? until what time ah? i will be in KL on the last week of Aug for a Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Conference.. wana meet my professors... maybe we can have lunch?! or something if our schedule matches.. hehe... anyway, drop me a message, k.. c ya