Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tragical Musical

I never favour sad endings for any story, be it a play, a book, or movie, drama etc. If it is a fiction, I like it to be written in such a way that it makes me chuckle as I flip through the last page. If it is a play, I like it to have a happy ending which makes us go:"Awh... don't they looked adorable in the last scene?"

To many people, life is a form of suffering. That's why they need to create something to entertain themselves. Such as a comedy. From sitcom to stand-up comedy, the audiences look forward to some good belly laugh. And they actually pay comedians to make them do so. Everyone is having a merry time when the time seemed to stop and laughter fills in. All worries and blues vanished, albeit temporarily, for the few moments of cheers.

To me, I can't say the above is the exact reason I prefer happy endings. God has been merciful to me and my life has been filled with joy and sorrow at quite a balance ratio. There are always things to cheer me up, and things to make me long for Friends series sometimes. There are others' life which'll inspire me to be optimistic about tomorrow, yet there are also others which forces hesitation upon me.

A tragic ending, on the other hand, is a turn on (not that kind of turn-on) for some people. After all the happy endings and comedies, one would just equally love a twist at the ending, maybe a sad one. One which plays out the reality in life. One which reminds us to appreciate the peace and order we have at the current moment before it's becoming something like what is narrated. One which makes you cry to realise that you, too, have emotions despite the stern look we're wearing everyday for so-called protection.

I have watched two musical dramas with sad endings. First is Sweeney Todd, and another one was performed by KTSN talents - One Hope. Both were abso-fantastical-lutely awesome and I can sincerely see a lot of effort put into the show. Both ended with leading character died in the story. Yet, both were very beautiful. The dances, props, actings, and most importantly (for Sweeney Todd) the musics and lyrics were so astonishing that you'd want to watch it back-to-back!

One Hope was a good show, and good job to Jason and Ming Min for directing it, while kudos for the rest of the team! Musical drama is my all time favourite. Art comes in all forms, some of them are revealed in a musical. Art connects people, doesn't it? =)

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