Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I learnt a new word from Kevin.

Demure - (used especially about a girl or young woman) shy, quiet and well behaved

I'm not sure if it's a compliment, but it certainly defines me to a certain extent.

In the old days, where we can watch from some of those 80s movies, we see women always protray the image of soft-spoken, controlled, and, and.. DEMURE! Yes, that's the word. And the guys are always out there hunting (I mean, working to find) for food, that's why they're always macho and protective over women. They gave the impression that men have the responsibility to provide food and shelter and any form of security for the frail ladies while the latter are in charge of keeping the household in order. Hence it became like a model for the society to follow - should any girl can protray the "good" traits as shown in the dramas/movies, then she's a competent wife and men should bring her home.

However I realise that these days most boys no longer that attracted to girlish type of girls, or the demure, skema type of girls. Instead, they're more attracted to outspoken, sporty type of girls. They deem these girls have "attitude". Maybe it is easier for them to approach the outspoken girls because there will be little chance for quick-think-of-what-should-I-say-next moment where both will immersed in long silence.

And the way these girls think is very different from the ones described above. They are frank and bold. They are more confident and comfortable in open conversation. Their brilliant ideas and wits reflect the true colour of a lady. Or maybe because the sporty ladies shine charmingly when they beat the boys flat in games.

I don't have problem with the change of wind direction. While change is the only constant, I always like to see more variety in the people whom I meet. Being a demure, old-fashioned girl myself, I'm also attracted to the more sporty and outspoken girls. These are the girls you can feel engaged with their conversation easily and may even enjoy being blown away by their wits!

Having said that, it'll not be the reason I'd change myself from who I am to who I am not just because I want to make myself "sell". I feel comfortable to be who I am now and should there be a beholder, he should see the beauty as it is, too. Afterall, being a demure girl is not a crime *eyes rolling*. If it is, you'll see posters of my face, stating "WANTED", haha, oops!

Have a nice day!

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