Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Note To Malaysia

Definitely there are a lot more bloggers out there who has blogged about our 51st Independence Day long before I do. But I just want to share something I read on the paper today about this supposely significant event.

I read from an article about the idea of celebrating independence day and any possible anniverssary, be it a birthday or any break-ups annual rememberance. It is a day for us all to stop and ponder on:

1. what we've done so far;
2. what we've failed to do; and
3. what we're plannig to do in the future.

No doubt it's always a reason to celebrate this historical moment of success. It certainly means a lot to a population to be recognised as a sovereign nation which right to own governance is respected.

However, gaining independence isn't the end of the fight. It may be the end to imperialism by other leaders who are not from our own land. Yet, it is also a beginning to a journey to be travelled by all races together, to a stable and well-developed future.

From time to time, if we were to ensure that we're moving to the right direction, we have to pause at a check-point, step back and look at the big picture. The same applies to personal development. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves some time, to ponder and reflect on our personal growth, the direction we're heading and if we're doing enough to achieve our goals.

I guess I got to stop here. I can write no further when Bernard and Justin are goofing around me with that Madonna song *eyes rolling*. No, I still love them. Aren't they just being one of a kind? How many bimbo-ish people like them we can find in KTSN? =)

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