Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Play It Again, will you?

As I was mesmerised by the melodies when I watched his fingers danced vigorously on the piano keys, Jason sang songs after songs passionately. The moment when the music speaks louder.

I know Jason when we were in our matriculation studies in Kedah. He is always the famous, funny, friendly and smart guy among his friends, even until now, in our UKM KL Campus - most of the seniors and juniors know or at least heard of his name.

And he was my teammate during my junior inter-college debating tournament in UKM. Yann Shan was always the perfectly calm and sophisticated prime minister, Albert the monotonous second speaker, Jason the animated and witty whip speaker, and me the blur reserve. Before and after the tournament, we didn't have a lot of chance to meet each other - we were of different class and are of different faculty now. Only once in a while, we'll bump into each other some where in hostel and catch up a little.

It is really warm to see someone of my own batch in hostel now since most of the seniors (final or 4th year) are staying out. Jason is a kind of friend who'll say hi to you even you only had two sentences of conversation with him as introduction. The same goes to my other remaining coursemates in KTSN1 like Intan, Noi, Kee Leong and William. I've seen these people around for so long yet I never get bored of them. And as I am remembered that it's my final year here, I begin to appreciate more whenever I have the chance to say Hi to the people here, especially the oldies ;-)

Jason was playing the piano as I passed by the hall. I've seen Thompson and June played with the piano. And just now, Jason. They are all great pianist. The songs were alive with their talents. I smiled. Not only because the songs were beautifully played, but also because of the great company. Friends are those people whom you can sit down and say nothing to each other yet you enjoyed the time together. I can't say that I know much about Jason, but somehow I consider him as my old friend, haha.

"Any song that's not in the book that you want me to play for you?"

A friend knows how to do you a favor to cheer you up =) Thanks for the evening, Jason!


pris said...

wowowow...a WHOLE post on a guy?? that's NEW cher linn...=P
(excuse meself k, justy me being nauti..haha)

Teddy said...

i find anyone who plays an instrument very handsome/pretty.. hehehe..

Cher Linn Tang said...

Prisc: I wrote one for Thompson as well, around May this year =) Also for Fea and Jon Hoe on separate posts some where..this year ;-)

Teddy: yes, I agree, quite attractive yea, the artistic talent =)