Saturday, September 27, 2008

How Great Is That?

1. After 2 months away from home, now I got to reach my hometown safely.
2. The persons who waited for me at the train station for one and a half hours so that they could be the first ones to see me back home were my family members!
3. The first show I managed to catch (by accident) without missing much of it was my all-time favourite show - Friends!
4. Met Thompson on the net and booked some movies for our outing this weekend with Ranukka and June.
5. Slept till near noon the next day.
6. Penang food!

Was going to meet up my secondary school friends but because of curfew, I decided to pass this one. I still have the Cinderella curfew and a lot of my friends are no longer bound by it. It's ok. Sometimes I like curfew because it keeps me on the ground.

Till then. Selamat Hari Raya everyone!


pris said...

glad u're having fun!
just here to spread sum holiday lurrvve! haha...take care..
slamat ari raya! =P

marjie said...

Hi Cher Linn!!
thanks for stopping by. have fun this festive season. miss you all=)
Happy Raya to u

Xu Vin said...

i stil dun get why no 1 says selamat hari raya properly. hahah. 2 examples as above. grin.
take pictures of penang food!
n haf a safe hopefully-no-delay trip back! :P