Friday, September 05, 2008

A sudden surge of loneliness filled my heart as the night approaches, and as it brings next-week along.

Hope next week will pass real fast!

Looking forward. Breathe. Smile =)

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pris said...'s just that season of infection of "loneliness" again...symptom of sudden onset of feeling empty is manifested..transmits via radiation..mass scale..
incubation period is random, depending on own "defence" mechanism..

1st stage:
MILD - state of denial..don't even know that he/she is infected...less than one attack per week

2nd stage:
Moderate - state of acceptance..acknowledge loneliness but wanna get out of the present loneliness state..attacks at least one per week

3rd stage:
Severe - state of total surrender to present state of loneliness and yet still choose to dwell in it..

Warning: VERY DEADLY virus n may progress to consequent stages in even one day..

CURE: no possible cure, except for "company" and "bloging"...very expensive

btw, i'm INFECTED too.. sob sob