Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sad sunset

Watching sunset with a heartache. Who am I kidding. Not even the most beautiful view cheers me up if you're not with me. It only reminds me that, it's never my turn to hold on to wonderful things. Even this sunset, it is not mine alone. And it does not even last.

Well, at least it is still longer than our short-lived friendship. This time, I'm gonna put a name to the him I write about. Jared Blatsioris.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Announcement

New blog. But some old stuff are still there :p

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear Readers,

What you are about to read are my thoughts from second half of 2006 to Oct 2010. No doubt you may notice the difference in writing style, and even the transparency of thoughts I show here. Some may keep you guessing, some with their names clearly stated.

Just to clarify: The last 42 posts are my list of things I like about life in KL - that's why it's more day-to-day basis in comparison to posts before that, and it's also part of my count down towards starting my new job in Subang.

I have maintained this blog wholeheartedly, and because of that, I have had problems coming after me sometimes, thanks to some posts I insist not to delete. There was only once I deleted my post, and it wasn't on voluntary basis as well. I am serious about everything I write here, and I am serious about this blog. Friends who know me know how important this blog is to me.

But now, I have decided to cease posting here. I just wish to keep this part of my memory here as I start a new life. Maybe I would get a new place to blog. Maybe I wouldn't.

Cheers and have a good day.

Friday, October 08, 2010


This is the last post of my count down to the days I leave KL. Even since before I begin the count down, I've had the thought of dedicating this last post to some very close friends of mine. Or at least I think that they are, the debating team.

But maybe I am wrong. Yes I understand everyone is busy. To be honest, it bothers me that my birthday isn't celebrated with them and even till my last day in KL, there isn't any farewell gathering or something from them. Whereas with my CG, they write me messages, pray for me and we mamak kao-kao. And even with my colleagues, they celebrated BOTH my birthday and farewell. Probably me and the debating team have just drifted apart already, which is a good reason to finally make me drop them down now.

Anyway, yesterday was my last day in the company. I've been rushing all my work since Monday, to finish whatever was given, and to hand over stuff accordingly. I could feel tachycardia from 8:30am till 5:30pm. Thank God for gym to work out the stress after work. I spent some time to bid good bye to some colleagues and superiors. It's been great to know them.

And at this moment, I am sitting at my desk in my Subang room. I've just moved in this afternoon, many things have yet to be unpacked.

But first, I need to pack my old emotions and memories, then only await the new adventure and give space for more memories ahead :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Just came back from mamak at NZ Wangsa Maju with Sue Ann, Aaron, Jeremy, Siaw Lin, Tristan and Lemuel :) Pictures are in Siaw Lin's camera. It's a great evening! I've been looking forward for it since last night. We talked about upcoming SPM, Lemuel's Hollywood talents, books, movies, Burger King RM1 Whooper Day, MBS dinner, among others.

We ate, talked, laughed. It's good to catch up with them before I leave.

At least these people bother to show me that I mean something to them even though I've only known them for a short while.


I had an enjoyable farewell lunch with colleagues (more specifically, my lunch mates in office) at SMI Cafe, Central Plaza, today.

I was glad that things went well, and everyone whom Amy's invited could attend. Sitting in their midst, talking and laughing, made me forget my excitement for my new job for a moment. I wished time could freeze itself at that moment, for me to take in everyone's presence and savour it.

It's been great to know that bunch of wonderful people. May the Lord bless them abundantly in their career, relationship, health and spirituality.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Abdullah was handing out some Turkish delicacies he received from a "normal but very close" female Turkish friend. He also sent her some local delicacies as well.

And we had a good time teasing him about it.



There's this Raya makan-makan event in office during lunch today :) We ate steamboat, among other delicious food prepared by the Malay colleagues. We do this every Raya, and I always look forward to it because the food are always delicious and we're always spoiled with choices!


Monday, October 04, 2010


So Talal and I went for a movie this evening. As we were having our dinner at Tabush (if I spell it correctly) at Pavilion, we happened to sit next to this friendly lady. We started to talk to each other, and had great conversations throughout our dinner.

Sandra Tan was from Penang, but now she travels all over the world pretty much, as a software developer. She'll only be in Malaysia till next January, then she'll be off to Switzerland. She attends FGA church.

With Talal coming from Middle Eastern, we had even more topics over our food. After dinner, we exchange contact numbers :)

It's second random night in a row, and I am totally loving it =)

Sunday, October 03, 2010


There are times I doubt what I read from the paper, even The Economist as well. I always think it's totally cool to be able to meet the people affected by certain incidents face to face and ask them questions.

Talal: Excuse me, what is this button for?
Me: Oh, it's inclination - how steep you want your treadmill to be.
Talal: Thanks. It's my first time here.
Me: I see. Go on, increase your inclination, give it a try!
Talal: Erm.. ok *chuckled* But I'm doing this just for you.
Me: Ha.............
(second non-Chinese in 2 weeks' time?)
Me: So, where are you from?
Talal: Me? Jordan :)
Me: WOW! So do you always have wars with Israel?
Talal: Yeah, sort of. I was actually from Palestine, but moved to Jordan some years ago.
Me: *jaw-dropped* How's the situation with Israel now?
Talal: Bad. I hate them.
Me: Sigh..*feel bad* Is it possible for you to forgive them?
Talal: No. Because they just came to our land and took it from us just like that.
Me: And they kill your people, too?
Talal: Yeah, they kill our people.
Me: If the Israelites were to stop killing your people and stop advancing at the borders, will you forgive them?
Talal: *pause* For me, yes.
Me: Wow.. :)
Talal: Are you a Chinese or Malay?
Me: *smile* I'm a Malaysian.
Talal: Oh, MALAYsian. *noded*I ask because the Malaysian Chinese have never heard of Palestine.
Me: HUH?! Wait! Really?!
Talal: Yeah, they don't know where Palestine is and have never heard of the name!
Me: But I am a Chinese! *defensive, haha*
Talal: Oh wow, and you've heard of Palestine and Jordan and Israel and West Bank? That's cool.

Seriously, Malaysian Chinese, what have you guys been telling our Middle Eastern friends, huh?

After the gym, the both of us ended up at a Middle Eastern restaurant called The Roof in Bukit Bintang area. Talal recommended it, and it serves good Yemeni food. If we sit at the open air tables, we can have a good view of the busy street from top of the building (roof top bah). Then he bumped into a friend at the restaurant, Rami, and the three of us had our dinner together.

The best part was, both of them were from Palestine, with Rami stays there longer than Talal. And they told me the situation in Palestine: Hamas who supported by Russia and Iran, is now controlling Gaza, while Fatah being the puppet of US is controlling West Bank. They neither support Hamas nor Fatah. Because to them, Hamas is just flying the Islamic flag but are not true Muslims in their heart. While Fatah, well, they're just useless when it comes to standing up for the people when US takes advantage of them.

And Russia + Iran support Hamas because US supports Fatah. In other words, the war between Israel and Palestine were for the piece of Holy Land. But it's now become a war FOR another war - who cares about Jerusalem now? The real victims are Palestinians AND Israelites, and the residents in that region.

We also discussed many other random topics about each other's countries. One thing that shocked me the most was:

It's best if they (Muslim) were to marry to another Muslim. If they were to marry with non-Muslims, they're more encouraged to marry with Jews and Christians than with people of other religions. Because they all believe in the same God. Still, the Muslim spouse has the responsibility to continue to convince and NOT force his spouse and children to convert to Islam. If they never seem to be converting, the Muslim spouse has to keep on trying. That's totally not the story we hear in Malaysia. Rami says it's in the Al-Quran. He seriously said that. As I heard this, I forgotten to breathe for 20 seconds.

Eventually, their friends dropped by the restaurant to hang out as well. And a few of them joined our table, and they all spoke in Arabic which I couldn't make sense of. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was surrounded by a language (no, in fact, is a total different culture!) I did't have much exposure of, it's totally so cool to just stared at them and be amazed.

Soon, I told them that I needed to leave because I wished to rest early tonight. Talal volunteered to send be back my condo.

It's a total random evening in KL which makes me hate to leave KL even more. How often do I get to jump into randomness this often again?? And I enjoyed the food, the culture, the conversations and companies I had. I have not meet enough people in this city to call myself a resident here, and now I'll be moving in 5 days time :(

Friday, October 01, 2010


NZ Mamakstall after CG
Tristan and I were talking about different kinds of law he is about to study throughout his degree.

Me: Do you have international law as well?
Tristan: Yup, but that's optional. It's only available in final year.
Me: Oh, do you plan to take it?
Tristan: See first la, it's quite tough.
Me: Oh yeah, it's quite tough. But, take la, take la! :D
HY: Haha, you're making the decision as if you're the one studying it.

And the 3 of us plus Si Qin laughed.

That's very likely my last supper at mamak with my CG mates after Bible study. I wonder after I move will I still have chance to go mamak frequently like this. Or to meet them up and have this kind of heart-lightening conversation..

I miss you guys.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Phew! So I've finally told my colleagues about my resignation from my current company.

I handed in my resignation letter since 20th July 2010, and my last day in this company is on 7th October 2010, after offsetting my remaining Annual Leaves.

Of course, Amy knew about my resignation for all this while. In fact, she actually knew about which interview I was attending whenever I took a day or two off from work, and the times I struggled with the 3 months notice period versus offered a job and ready to resign dilemma. And the rest of the department knew about it once I handed in my resignation letter.

For those who're not from my department, Chloe was the first one I broke the news to personally. The experience was hilarious. I started off by asking her for lunch at some slightly nicer place, such as SMI cafe in Central Plaza. She had no idea why I asked her for lunch there. But well, since we're lunchmates, it's nothing unusual. Then we went on to compare Japanese restaurants else where, share experience about the food, price and services. Then we moved on to talk about boss and the buying-over of our company and some contract stuff. And talk about our company as a whole. She's worked here for 5 years, of course she knows more about the background of the company than I do. Then only I broke the news to her. Haha! Man, it takes two to beat around the bush effectively!

Chloe was shocked, then jokingly made me tell the other colleagues myself, one by one. She said that since I wanted to be this secretive, they're not going to help me spread it, I'll have to do it myself. And I really have to do it because they're going to organise a farewell lunch for me. Without knowing what's happening, it's quite weird to invite others just for lunch, with the unusual group of lunchmates. Chloe's expression was really funny. And so was Choy Li's. William's response was really drama, while Ivory's, YC's, Jessie's and YSY's were very mild. But YSY has the best answer:

Me: Hey, next Wed are you free? Let's go for lunch together.
YSY: OK. Aiya, sure can la, I everyday also need to eat one mah.
Me: *burst out laughing*

Tomorrow will tell KJaan and others. And will tell Michelle next Mon or Tue when she's back from Aus :)

One more week to go!