Friday, October 01, 2010


NZ Mamakstall after CG
Tristan and I were talking about different kinds of law he is about to study throughout his degree.

Me: Do you have international law as well?
Tristan: Yup, but that's optional. It's only available in final year.
Me: Oh, do you plan to take it?
Tristan: See first la, it's quite tough.
Me: Oh yeah, it's quite tough. But, take la, take la! :D
HY: Haha, you're making the decision as if you're the one studying it.

And the 3 of us plus Si Qin laughed.

That's very likely my last supper at mamak with my CG mates after Bible study. I wonder after I move will I still have chance to go mamak frequently like this. Or to meet them up and have this kind of heart-lightening conversation..

I miss you guys.

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