Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear Readers,

What you are about to read are my thoughts from second half of 2006 to Oct 2010. No doubt you may notice the difference in writing style, and even the transparency of thoughts I show here. Some may keep you guessing, some with their names clearly stated.

Just to clarify: The last 42 posts are my list of things I like about life in KL - that's why it's more day-to-day basis in comparison to posts before that, and it's also part of my count down towards starting my new job in Subang.

I have maintained this blog wholeheartedly, and because of that, I have had problems coming after me sometimes, thanks to some posts I insist not to delete. There was only once I deleted my post, and it wasn't on voluntary basis as well. I am serious about everything I write here, and I am serious about this blog. Friends who know me know how important this blog is to me.

But now, I have decided to cease posting here. I just wish to keep this part of my memory here as I start a new life. Maybe I would get a new place to blog. Maybe I wouldn't.

Cheers and have a good day.


Xu Vin said...

looking forward to read of more of ur penned down thoughts in future cher. i've always loved it when ur blog appears on my dashboard's newsfeed n it's been so fun reading. i daresay i've nvr not read ur blog entries thoroughly. :P

Gine said...

Hey thanks Vin for your loyalty to my blog, hee hee! My hands are always itchy, you know, and even Twitter can't satisfy me ;-)