Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love to Fall in Love ;-)

I don't know how to structure a post anymore, for I've lost my mind. I keep thinking about you. Emotions floods my mind, words formed are only bits and pieces. Heart racing, cheek flushing, lips smiling at the sound of your name, at the thought us being together. I have never been this sure that I want you more than anything else. I know it from the first sight of you. The way you make the world stops as I stare at you, the way you make it easy for me to come to a decision.

The way my heart skips a beat when Lilac Purple colours my world :)
Samsung Star 3G (S5603)
- cannot locate an image of the light pink model, but it's basically how the phone looks like :)

Monday, December 28, 2009


Some pictures taken while on the way back with June and Joan and Jill and Chun How, the Sunday after Christmas weekend :)

I love this picture the most, and am pretty proud of it, too, hahaha! It's like seizing the golden opportunity right when it's here!

I love sun sets :)

Another one, freezing the moment at the perfect timing :)

June, the first class driver :p

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. Why does it have to be this windy and chilly at night? I still can't go swimming even if it does not rain!

2. Inspiration to make more cards does not hit me enough! I need more ideas please!

3. Missing RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) fighter jet engine that costs RM50m was actually sold to an international company based in South Africa!

4. Decidophobic over the choice of enjoying the half-day leave on Christmas eve or Chinese New Year eve.

5. Run out of Milo 3 in 1!

6. Going home on Thursday evening. Thursday faster come!

7. Addicted to tetris!

8. What if Santa has no sense of direction too?

9. Nobody to explore Wave with :(

10. Is that all, the cute guys on this Earth?

Monday, December 21, 2009


Awestruck. Really.

How could you possibly sense that I was referring to you in my shout out message? And, actually responded to it the moment I changed it? You said because you can read my mind. Really? (But basically if you read my blog that means you're reading a big part of me already. You bluff-ologist!)

You commented that I typed a lot of chats in one go. And your eyes sore from reading it (serve you right, muahahaha!) But in fact, you got me speechless. You caught me with surprises, again.

:) Yes, it's you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yes. You.

Stop catching me with surprises, even if you do not intend to. This weird feeling is only going to be here during this weekend, right? I'm just going to ignore it. Though it is strange that it is always here every time after I met you.

It took me two months a semester two years whole uni life ever to draw the line defining friendship and what-not. You're like a stranger to me. I don't know you anymore. You're like a part of me. Everything you do, I am awed that it fits nicely, like it is suppose to be.

You told me to stay focus, and I shall achieve it. You told me time heals, and I will get over you.

You lied.

I hate that we're better off with what we have now. I hate to finally reach the balance. I hate to keep watch at the lines. I hate what-ifs. I hate the self-controls I have with myself every time as I almost spilled out the unspeakable. I hate you don't know I'm still influenced by you. I hate the obvious fact that we complement each other.

I hate that you're the only guy who comes this close to making me tell you I love the way you being imperfect.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing More, Nothing Less

It cannot be clearer that you didn't mean anything more than what I understand. But if this is a joke, I'll be the first one to laugh at it, at myself, at us. The first time you asked me for a date, I brought a group of friends along. The following times we went out, there were only the both of us. Neither of us had the initiative to ask other friends along, but those were not dates anymore. And I still love it. Everything in it.

The car ride and get confused with the direction with you. The movies and the way we thought of watching the same movie despite our decidophobia. The way you asked for the 2:30pm show because I suggested so even though you thought it's a bit too rush. The way we can read each other's mind about the designs of shirts and pants and shoes and neck ties and bags and decoration of restaurants and musics and voice of the live band and cooking style of the food served and the plot of the movie. The conversations that I don't expect to have with a Malaysian guy, or a guy, or anyone, or ever. The way you know the lyrics to every songs played in the radio and comfortably sing along with it in the car while admitting you're not a good singer. The way you ask me if I am still alright halfway through the movie knowing that the movie could be a bit too extreme for me. The way you hand me your wallet and ask to get the money ready while approaching toll. The way you helped me carry my tote bag as I told you my shoulder is aching from carrying it the whole day. The way you ask me if I am interested to enter a shop which only sells girls clothes and accessories, and actually enter it with me. The way you laugh at my excitement as I found a search-a-word puzzle that can keep me busy for a month. The way you don't laugh at my obsessiveness at getting the dish I want by confirming with the waiter that the two dishes at different page are exactly the same. The way you ask me help you read the sign boards. The way you love R&B songs, too.

And the way you'll always make sure you send me back personally, either by public or private transport, before you head home.

Christmas Malls

I got to visit Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid recently and managed to catch a glimpse at their Christmas decoration there. As usual, the more customers frequent your place, the more responsibility you have to decorate it with style and creativity. I shall now let the pictures speak.

Castle in fairy tale Mid Valley

Gigantic yet adorable Christmas tree in Mid Valley

A Different form of castle and Christmas tree in Sunway Pyramid

Windmill in Sunway Pyramid

Part of the night view outside Sunway Pyramid

Aren't they lovely? Well, the best part is still the people you are with when you're amongst the warm atmosphere :)
with June :)

There will never be a dull moment with June, considering the range of things she might ask you to do with her (thank God she likes doing those things too ;p). And this time we managed to find our car at the car park. I bet running down the slope towards the Autopay machine helps *wink*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Card is

Variety of colours, shapes and sizes, different type of papers. Creative ideas excitedly rush into your mind and your hands make them into reality.

You block your calendar or schedule, dedicate the time into making cards. Usually I know when I should sit down and start the project, but I don't limit myself when it should be done. Because I want my creativity to bring me to you.

You start thinking of the person whom you want to dedicate the card to. And let the ideas flow in. I am not really a creative person. I need a lot of time for the inspiration to hit me, to consider if that person will like the combination of the colours, and many other factors. Sometimes I'd stare at a blank sheet of black colour paper for minutes, look around for other colours to match and contrast each other, cover a part of the paper to imagine them being cut into certain shapes and sizes, and wonder if it's a good fit. I'd make use of whatever I can grab hold of: paper puncher, pencil and ruler, glue, silver gel pen, Stabilo set of coloured markers, anything. It takes time to make one. Sometimes I'd come up with a nice one but have no idea who should I give it to. Sometimes I need to make one for a specific friend, but ended up deciding another friend will like it better. Because when I look at what I've made, if I thought about you, even if for no reason, I'd still give it to you. Because the point is: you must've been a wonderful person to me that I think of you when I look at something as lovely as the card.

You give your best into making a good one. If you're making many cards, that means you have to constantly put yourself into your creation. Because you don't spend time making things you don't like. And when you give the cards to those you mean them to, you're giving a part of you to them. Because your creation reflects upon yourself.

If you love that person, you don't need a reason to make a card for him/her. If you dislike that person, there's even more reasons to make a card for him/her. Because you have to first make yourself to forgive that person in order to produce a beautiful card. As I said, one doesn't waste their time making something they don't like. That person could have been very mean to you in the past and might not forgive you even if you gave him/her your best card. But if you don't find a way to forgive him/her first, you yourself cannot move on but only stick to hatred for the past. Forgiving others is not only a command from God, but also a way to release yourself from the prison of rage.

It's Christmas time! Do you have anyone in mind you want to give a card to? Start making a card today! =)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When I was around for the sun set

So last Thursday I was sent by my company to attend a workshop. It ended at 5:30pm, hence that evening I was officially off work ON TIME after about a months of OT everyday. It feels good to catch the sun set after work :)

Behind me is Grand Season hotel. It's the first time I like towering buildings in a city to be my background.

Against the evening sun. No OT :D

Precious moment to gaze at the evening sky.

Sun set does exit. And it is always beautiful.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hot and Cold

Cool stuff

1. Pandadol does work.
2. Adjudicating in Royals, and breaking.
3. No lines in Tropicana City GSC at both ticket counter and popcorn counter, on Friday night!
4. Going home for Christmas.
5. No more rain in the evening after work - can go swimming!
6. The White Man's Burden by William Easterly. Mind blowing. Awesome!

Not so cool stuff
1. Christmas present that costs RM20 - give me ideas, please! Rawr!
2. Wet morning while on the way to work.
3. Ervina flying back to US soon :(
4. Not using my original healthy voice on last Friday night :S
5. Bad cough