Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. Why does it have to be this windy and chilly at night? I still can't go swimming even if it does not rain!

2. Inspiration to make more cards does not hit me enough! I need more ideas please!

3. Missing RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) fighter jet engine that costs RM50m was actually sold to an international company based in South Africa!

4. Decidophobic over the choice of enjoying the half-day leave on Christmas eve or Chinese New Year eve.

5. Run out of Milo 3 in 1!

6. Going home on Thursday evening. Thursday faster come!

7. Addicted to tetris!

8. What if Santa has no sense of direction too?

9. Nobody to explore Wave with :(

10. Is that all, the cute guys on this Earth?

1 comment:

Xu Vin said...

run out to get milo 3 in 1!

hav a safe n enjoyable trip home!

merry christmas! :P