Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Malls

I got to visit Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid recently and managed to catch a glimpse at their Christmas decoration there. As usual, the more customers frequent your place, the more responsibility you have to decorate it with style and creativity. I shall now let the pictures speak.

Castle in fairy tale Mid Valley

Gigantic yet adorable Christmas tree in Mid Valley

A Different form of castle and Christmas tree in Sunway Pyramid

Windmill in Sunway Pyramid

Part of the night view outside Sunway Pyramid

Aren't they lovely? Well, the best part is still the people you are with when you're amongst the warm atmosphere :)
with June :)

There will never be a dull moment with June, considering the range of things she might ask you to do with her (thank God she likes doing those things too ;p). And this time we managed to find our car at the car park. I bet running down the slope towards the Autopay machine helps *wink*


Xu Vin said...

yes lovely christmas deco! :P

n i wonder how they manage to think of new designs EVERY year n how every shopping mall stil manages to be kiasu different from every other shopping mall in kl.

Penny said...

June! I'm jealous! I havent seen her in ages!