Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love to Fall in Love ;-)

I don't know how to structure a post anymore, for I've lost my mind. I keep thinking about you. Emotions floods my mind, words formed are only bits and pieces. Heart racing, cheek flushing, lips smiling at the sound of your name, at the thought us being together. I have never been this sure that I want you more than anything else. I know it from the first sight of you. The way you make the world stops as I stare at you, the way you make it easy for me to come to a decision.

The way my heart skips a beat when Lilac Purple colours my world :)
Samsung Star 3G (S5603)
- cannot locate an image of the light pink model, but it's basically how the phone looks like :)


Wen said...

OMG this is a beautifuuul thing... I can't believe it took me this long to comment

Gine said...

exactly! samsung always has beautiful phones!

Gine said...
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