Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Card is

Variety of colours, shapes and sizes, different type of papers. Creative ideas excitedly rush into your mind and your hands make them into reality.

You block your calendar or schedule, dedicate the time into making cards. Usually I know when I should sit down and start the project, but I don't limit myself when it should be done. Because I want my creativity to bring me to you.

You start thinking of the person whom you want to dedicate the card to. And let the ideas flow in. I am not really a creative person. I need a lot of time for the inspiration to hit me, to consider if that person will like the combination of the colours, and many other factors. Sometimes I'd stare at a blank sheet of black colour paper for minutes, look around for other colours to match and contrast each other, cover a part of the paper to imagine them being cut into certain shapes and sizes, and wonder if it's a good fit. I'd make use of whatever I can grab hold of: paper puncher, pencil and ruler, glue, silver gel pen, Stabilo set of coloured markers, anything. It takes time to make one. Sometimes I'd come up with a nice one but have no idea who should I give it to. Sometimes I need to make one for a specific friend, but ended up deciding another friend will like it better. Because when I look at what I've made, if I thought about you, even if for no reason, I'd still give it to you. Because the point is: you must've been a wonderful person to me that I think of you when I look at something as lovely as the card.

You give your best into making a good one. If you're making many cards, that means you have to constantly put yourself into your creation. Because you don't spend time making things you don't like. And when you give the cards to those you mean them to, you're giving a part of you to them. Because your creation reflects upon yourself.

If you love that person, you don't need a reason to make a card for him/her. If you dislike that person, there's even more reasons to make a card for him/her. Because you have to first make yourself to forgive that person in order to produce a beautiful card. As I said, one doesn't waste their time making something they don't like. That person could have been very mean to you in the past and might not forgive you even if you gave him/her your best card. But if you don't find a way to forgive him/her first, you yourself cannot move on but only stick to hatred for the past. Forgiving others is not only a command from God, but also a way to release yourself from the prison of rage.

It's Christmas time! Do you have anyone in mind you want to give a card to? Start making a card today! =)


Xu Vin said...

'If you love that person, you don't need a reason to make a card for him/her. If you dislike that person, there's even more reasons to make a card for him/her.'

the 2nd line made me laugh hehe. i was trying to imagine making a card for sum1 i dun reli like w a dl face. i dun think i've ever done so so far. haha.

the 1st line is true wei. that nvr crossed my mind but hey yeah its so true.

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