Thursday, December 04, 2008

Of Awesome People

It happens after every tournament, especially Royals, my favourite tournament of the year,  irregards of whichever university as the host. We always put much emphasis on it, and send as many members as possible. Seniors will try to come back and visit us, and we'd have a lot fun with everyone's company.

UKM Junior 2 which consisted of Beatrice, Jessie and Jason broke into Semi, an achievement which's totally out of my expectation. I believe the intensive training camp before the tournament really worked. I myself saw a great leap in improvement in every speakers in the team. Beatrice has been smartly dynamic and quick in response, qualities in first speaker that I admire; Jessie has become a stronger second speaker, with better elaboration and structure, and Jason spoke with equally confident momentum to kill, not to mention the occasional astounding wits that choked us off breath.

UKM Senior 1 which consisted of Ganeshree, Darryl and Lau broke into Final, meeting UM head on. Though we settled with something less than the Royal trophy, I'm still very proud of how far the three of them had gone through to be at this stage. From their first year, second year, and third year for Ganeshree. I'm glad that I was involved in a part of the process, albeit just a little. Ganeshree has always been the lead speaker I admire - strong, confident and responsive. Darryl's analysis never failed to make us proud, despite the fact that he looked like a boy next door that can be easily pushed around, haha! And Lau's speech in final testified how he deserved to be in the Final.

Dev, Lau and Darryl's effort in red tapes must not be left out as we praise everone's commitment in the debating team. The three of them had to prepare the proposal for funding, arrange training, accommodation, transport, get seniors and juniors coming for trainings, food and etc. They've dedicated much more time and attention than we know into all these preparation to make sure that everyone's well taken care off and things go smoothly. Reliable leaders indeed, whom the team is privileged to treasure.

And the seniors, who're always here for the team: Ai Huey, Jun Hoe, Fea and Jerry, to give guidance, and Alia, Sek Kuan and Swee Kheng for their omnipresent support. Tournaments are always great with their presence. Coffee doses aside, more importantly is their genuine companies. The chance to meet up with them, albeit for a few hours, has always been undescribably great moments to be remembered. It reminds me of the time when I first started off in debate, their unfailing love and patience in inspiring me to become a better debater, and a better person as a whole. In them I experience genuine friendship that needs no words to acknowledge the fact that we appreciate each other deeply.

Last but not least, the juniors who have just joined the team, the magnet of the team. This bunch of kiddos are really interesting and adorable, everyone of them, in their own ways. They went all the way out to buy flowers for the teams, made AWESOME cards for the seniors, accused seniors as murders and conspired to kick old people out of the game early in the game, McD maniac, bimbo and random, dramatic and mischevious, warm hugs and inspiring, and many more that I really appreciate them for. If this is the way to wrap up my debating journey, I'd smile, and say that 

Thanks for making my debating life an awesome and beautiful one, I love you guys.
Missing you guys already,
Cher Linn

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


The comfort of sitting next to him, in a manual car. The sense of security and reliability. The casual chats and the unexplainable peace in heart. The secret joy when he missed the turning when he was talking to me.

The racing heartbeats as I turn in every night, looking forward to the next morning. Drown myself in the thoughts of him, the smile on my face needs no effort. His warm stare pierces into my heart, I can't help the addiction to this sinfully adorable boy.

The joy as he strikes a simple conversation with me, the sour as he does with others. His mistery background, his randomness, his commitment and passion, his humor, his calmness, his friendliness, his ... his ... huggableness!!

Smiling at the sunshine which melts my heart,
Cher Linn

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Found My Shopping Mate!

It took me so long to realise that my perfect shopping mate is Lorraine, who's also from UKM KL Campus and staying in KTSN for three years now. Next semester is my final semester here in UKM. I'd love to go out with her for at least one more time. To shop like sisters.

We are definitely not professional shopaholic. We do love to shop, but both of us cannot shop for more than two hours in a day (correction: her limit is four hours, mine is two), have no sense of direction and are technophobes. After laughing our stress off by watching Madagascar Escape2Africa in GSC, we window-shopped around Time Square. There is not my usual type of shopping place. But today somehow I felt like having a look around at the shoes and make ups and clothes and bags and hair clips. We admired the same design of dress separately, then told each other about it, only to find out that it's actually the same dress, haha =) And we also coincidentally felt like ending our shopping spree with Secret Recipe cakes and frost drink. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed since we met up in KTSN bus stop in the evening, till we parted after we reached KTSN.

She bought herself a CLEO magazine, while I bought myself a handphone pouch. We didn't buy a lot of things, but we are two happy girls (was thinking of saying we're two Happy Tree Friends, but nah.. lol)

Cheers! =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Friday, November 14, 2008


One hardly knows how much his words can move mountains. Needless to know the reasons behind a decision, but by mere questions one instills doubt on the decision which was thought to be firmly made. He just has the flair to do so. It could be the other's nature of indecissiveness. Or maybe she is known to have the softest heart to be exploited. Of course, one didn't mean to insist that things go his way, nor did he want to use his authority to exploit. Yet, decision's sent back to be reconsidered, without judgement.

The thought of changing priority. To finally put oneself ahead of others in the list. To let go and focus on things at hand, on dreams ahead. She thought she's made up her mind, and things have laid out according to her plan, too. Changing the plan is like risking the probability to achieve her goals for which plans had been made and carried out at the first place. For the people whom she has the largest soft spot for.

Indecisive? Because she loves them too much.

Love them so much that she changed her mind and willing to take the risk. For one last time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

If I called you "Ass" that means I adore you very much.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Sometimes don't you just enjoy it when someone instantly exclaim "EXACTLY" right after you say something? :)
Me: Owh I SO wish that KTSN has its own swimming pool!

Jason: EXACTLY! And a music room, too!

Had a nice chat with Jason after dinner. And the same with Kevin and Pau for yesterday's. Nowadays I find quality moment such as a heart-lifting, lung-choking and six-packs-building conversation with friends doesn't come easy. Maybe because it's exam season. I realise many things have become too luxury for ordinary people to acquire. Like a good joke, a favourite song, choices of food (change the menu please, KTSN cafe!), time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or simply a quiet moment to hug a book on the bed. And I felt awesome (sounds like Kevin) whenever I got the chance to experience one of them. If you've also experienced one of them in this week, then good for you! You're now filthy rich! =)

Exam tomorrow afternoon. After that will rush out to meet my friend at Pavilion for dinner and probably a movie. Don't tell the KTSN guard but my friend will be bunking in with me for tomorrow night, yay!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Warm War

I just got to blog about this! Haha :)
Had a brief Facebook-wall-vandalizing war with Kevin and I surrendered after reading the last message *smile* Here goes:

U habis lah, I told Ai Huey about what you keep boasting about ;-p

Kevin Tan:
well i'll be the first to admit that i'm her number one fan^^
of course a humble spec such as myself would not be able to contain his excitement when such a supreme goddess takes time out of her day to call me, albeit for official things such as debate:)

nah ur just jealous i dont do it when u call me blueeekk

HHHH Well, Ai Huey just wished me good luck for my exam, too! :p

And I thought you're Darryl's No1 KIPAS (I mean, fern, no, FAN!)?? 


Kevin Tan:
i am a fan of alot of people. im a fan of darryl's cuteness and xu vin's funniness and john's prettiness and qian yi's sportiness and keh len's mcDness and kok joo's nenekness and pau's cheongping-ness and alison's siren-ness and jonathan's handsomeness and fea's brittishness and jun hoe's huggableness and jason's weatherman-ness and last but not least cherlinn's HHHHHness!

Everyone should come and read this, that's very funny yet sweet of him. There's something very special about every person in our lives. And that's what you'll learn to appreciate when you see the ultimate uniqueness of each other that bind us together despite the difference.

Still smiling :-)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm -no- Baby Dinosaur!

I've always thought being called dinosaur in my debating team is a complement or a sign of respect. I'm not sure who actually started the usage, but I never thought it could mean something degrading. As all the debaters who're from my batch have graduated (Taiko's official graduation will be next year), they are now officially dinosaurs. Whereas me, in my 4th year, since technically I'm still in Uni, I am not a dinosaur.
My KTSN juniors like to call me dinosaur, fossils or anything in relation to the ancient Flintstone age. 

Since the recent training camp, Jun Hoe however, disallows me to use the term on myself. He always reminds me that I'm no dinosaur whenever I tried to twist the term, saying something like "I'm a baby dinosaur lalalala~" or "I'm going to shop for my Halloween dinosaur outfit" etc.

Of course, he's only kidding, but he explained being called a dinosaur isn't really a complement, because:
"After all dinosaurs were these huge creatures with small brains who move slowly and have to eat tonnes a day to maintain their metabolism and eventually got wiped out, which gave way to small, agile, rat-like mammals. "
I choked. That shall be my favourite joke of the month =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I found this random writing in my personal folder. I must've written it some  time ago. But I guess it sounded quite silly and I chuckled at it when I read it again. So here it is:


I want to shout your name when I see you.

I want to tell you how I feel differently about you.

I wish I could grin widely at you without bothering how other people think about us.

I want to talk to you about everything like how I used to.

Thinking of you is my hobby.

You brighten up my day.

I want to look into your sparkling eyes to see you looking deep into mine.

I wish you’d joke with me the way you did.

I miss the time you made me laugh. The joy came from the inside, and warms my heart.

I wish you’d share with me whatever it’s on your mind.

I like the way you look at things. Your perspectives are always interesting to me.

I want to have a stroll at the park with you, especially in a fresh evening after rain.

I like to see you smile and wave at me when you see me.

I miss the way you look at me, so cheerfully and lively that I see sunshine in you.

I remember the night we knew each other.

I don’t know what has changed between us, but I wish you’ll understand that I didn’t mean to do anything to push you away from me.

I thought you were mature enough to know how to handle rumors. We need a little more faith.

I wish we can stay as friends. Do you, too?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Hired!

Went to debate training-cum-selection camp in Bangi during the last weekend. Spent great time there. Really *smile*

A lot of juniors turned up, and happy to be able to catch up with the seniors. Jokes aside, I also miss the time we went Al-Faris again for dinner, without the juniors, haha, and the cheese nan was awesome!

On another note: I just came back from interview in KLCC. I'm hired! Yay! First day of work will be on the morning of 24th Nov 2008, a Monday. Wish me the best of luck in this new job! But most importantly is my coming exam.

OK. Got to go. Take care, people.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tried Anything New Lately?

I've tried job hunting. Really hunting as in, even if there's no sign saying they have vacancy but I also asked them for it. Nah, not that I'm really THAT desparate. The reasons why I wanted to get myself a part time job after my final exam are:

1. I'm going to stay back in KL anyway, to continue with my lab work. I got to halt all lab processes for my thesis now because the exam is coming in two weeks time, I got to lock myself in the room and (hopefully) really push myself to study. To compensate the time lost, while others are having their full blast of holiday, I'm going to spend my time in a humble little lab and search for parasites in water sample - for one month ++.

2. I plan to visit my sis in Newcastle after I finish my final year. That'll be around May next year. By hook or by crook, I got to squeeze at least RM4700 for the flight ticket. My target of saving RM100 from RM600 motnhly pocket money is nearly reached for this month, but there're still rooms for improvement. Wish I can achieve higher saving during next month because it is an exam month hence I don't (and shouldn't) go out a lot.

3. If I were to stay in hostel during the semester break, I still got to pay the rental for my hostel. The amount will be around RM150. It'll be good if I can pay with my own means and don't always ask for money from dad.

4. I guess it'll be pretty boring if every morning I work in lab then come back hostel in the evening to stare at my wall and repeat the routine for the entire holiday. I'll go crazy in no time. I know it'll be a good time to do some readings, but if there're some cool jobs out there now, why not give it a try?

So, here are some restaurant I've tried:
1. Starbucks in Jaya Jusco, Wangsa Maju - Last weekend I saw that they're hiring baristas and walk-in interview was available. But as I reached there, there's no longer a sign for it. That's the thing. After Alison and I walked around the mall for a while she encouraged me to ask the person in Starbucks straightaway if the vacancy is still available. At first I thought it's very memalu-fying! Yet Alison said there's nothing for me to loose. So, yeah. And it turned out that the vacancy was acutally for Starbucks in One Utama. Dang~ Alison was right, I got nothing to loose :-)

2. Starbucks in KLCC - There was a banner saying they're hiring Baristas! I guess it's better I didn't make it to the interview in Jusco just now because from my campus to Jusco transportation wise is quite convenient but not quite so from Jusco back to my hostel after work late at night. I talked to the person in charge, who, *ahem* is a quite a cute guy. I filled a form and am now waiting for phone calls.

3. Chilis in KLCC - I actually planned to come here after I was rejected by Kinokuniya. Have I told you about Kinokuniya already? Never mind, it's been the past =) June told me Chilis pays well, and working there is quite fun. She may be working there for a week or two after her finals. The person in charged asked me to return there on next Tuesday afternoon, maybe because the interviewer wasn't in. Anyway, I guess it's good that the interview has to be carried out later because I wish to get an answer from Starbucks first and see what do they have to say about my job there. I don't want to say something like "I'll confirm with you later" if I can help it. It sounded very unsincere from me lah. And I'd honestly slightly more prefer working in Starbucks because I love Starbucks more than I love Chilis. I do love Chilis food, but not the the Chilis concept as a whole.

We'll see how things work out then :-) All the meeting-with-the-person-in-charge didn't give me the chance to know the salary yet, because I reckoned it's best I don't ask during the first time we meet. And I honestly do not really care how much Starbucks will pay me as long as they hire me =) Because,
It's something like:
And oh, after that, Alison and I went for Sakae Sushi! Camwhored as we got in:

And we both agreed that their Strawberry Daifuku worths second trying!

What a day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Have I ever told you that I never dream about the same friend for twice or more than that? Last night was like the third time I dreamed about this friend of mine.

Hope it was because I'm too tired and that's why I had dream or can remember my dream. It was so real that I can feel everything as if it did happen before.

I dreamed that he held my hand. Tight.

It was a sudden adrenaline rush yet felt very guilty to myself. I thought we're suppose to treat each other as friends and friends only. He's been playing his part well, being a caring friend and all. And I played my part too, by seeing him in his eyes without any mix signal.

God, if you want me to fall for him again, then I understand why you want me to. But can I skip the falling part and just do what you want me to do for You? Seriously.

Oh, whatever. It's just a dream. Take it as a sweet dream and well, inspire myself to make tomorrow a fruitful day because of his presence in my mind ^^

On another note, as I was googling for images of people holding hands, guess what I've found:

The OIL LAND is in our HANDS!

Fea's Open House and the Cinderella's Ride

It's suppose to be a National Career Carnival in UKM Bangi which the final year student (especially for FSKB) were suppose to be there from 9am - 5pm for all three days from Friday to Sunday. So, according to the previous post, I was there, ok, on Friday. Full time.; and half day on Saturday (sounds like working pulak!). Yet as I went there on Saturday just to find out that there wasn't much booths in Dewan Gemilang as how I expected. I was pretty disappointed but I guess it's fine. Because I was kinda tired from all those walking and getting-lost-in-Bangi-campus and waiting-for-bus and traffic jams and hot-and-rainy weather and whatever.
Followed next, was a self-declared holiday (Hey, it was SUPPOSE to be a weekend!) - I decied to miss the bus and not to go for the carnival. And the next thing to decide on was: Am I going to Fea's open house in Bangi?

On Saturday I already asked Jun Hoe if he will be going there from Bangi campus hence maybe I can car pool with him. I told him I'll be in Bangi on Sunday anyway. Ha, I couldn't predict before hand what will happen next ok? So, on Sunday morning itself he told me he will be going from Bangi, and asked me what time I'd be done with the carnival thing so that we can go together.

To cut the story short, I walked all the way from KTSN to the bus stop near McD Titiwangsa to take a bus to Jusco in Wangsa Maju to meet up with Alia. She was sending her brother to Bangi campus also. Hence, we also picked up Jun Hoe from KDO and the three of us set off to Fea's open house! And owh, I bought Big Apple doughnuts when I was in Jusco.

At the open house, it's fun :) Met Delwyn, Lau, Kam and Illy, too! Cracked some jokes, had some history-cum-Malaysia-general-knowledge-cum-Malaysia-politics quizes from Delwyn (and it just showed that I will never do good in these subjects), took some pictures, ate a lot of tasty delicacies! My favourite would be the kek batik. I called it "Glue" because it's so sticky that it reminded me of the caremel in Snicker chocolate bar.

Cetak-rompaked from Fea's Facebook. 

And *ahem* Fea's meehun soup also very tasty. Honestly, I think it's delicious. Positive comment about food coming from a Penangite, it means it's really delicious indeed lah.

Later, Alia needed to go to her parents' house in Sepang to get something. Jun Hoe, Fea and of course me, tagged along :) Had an enjoyable ride from Fea's house in Bangi, all the way to Sepang. Believe me, it's quite a deserted highway, and it's a loooong drive. Yet it was enjoyable still, because I always feel contented to be with them. Finally as we reached Alia's parents's house, we helped ourselves with some of her coffee. Chilly, rainy night with steaming hot coffee - excellent!

On the way back to Bangi, since Alia's brother asked her to pack some McD food, we dropped by the restaurant and had our dinner/supper there. It was near 10pm already. It was again, enjoyable. Tried strawberry sundae for the first time under Jun Hoe's indirect pressure and influence. Henggh. It tasted like antibiotic! So Fea and Jun Hoe happily helped me to finish half of my sundae. And I helped myself with their coffee. And I like the combination ratio of cream and coffee in Jun Hoe's coffee.

Then we dropped Fea at her house, then Alia's brother's McD, then Jun Hoe at his college, then finally me the Cinderella (KTSN curfew is 12 mid-night. That's why the name). Had a nice chat with Alia in her car on the way back from Bangi to KTSN.

The whole outing was really an enjoyable one, I love it to bits! I always smiled as I remembered the night. And I believe it is inspiring enough for me to make this week a good and hopefully productive week!

Thanks, people... :)

Here are two pictures, taken in Fea's house:

Darling Kam and I

 Fea the most adorable bimbo queen and I

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I heart sweet people :)

1. I've heard of Sushi King member privilege week was around the corner, yet didn't really bother about it because I am not a member, and I am not a sushi mania. I only fancy Japanese food once in a while. One day, Poh Ling asked me to join her for a meal in Sushi King together with her hoursemates. It reminded me of last year's sushi meal with my other friends, which was really enjoyable. I certainly would love to join her, even if I might not know her housemates. She borrowed Chee Mun's card, me Faidhi's card, just in case we brought more than 5 peopple along. I was thinking of asking someone from KTSN to join us so that I don't have to go back alone after dinner. I asked my great-grandbuddy, Charmagne.She is such a demure little girl next door. I always think that there's a generation gap between us. Everytime when my buddies (of different "generation") are to have a meal together, Peng Chiang and I will be the ones who talk the most, while Christinal will chip in her take occasionally. Charmagne will listen to us, smiling at the conversation we've exchanged with each other. 

As she gathered that I was looking for company, she told me that she was willing to accompany me for dinner in Sushi King if at the end I couldn't find anyone, even if she has ordered dinner for that night.

Wasn't she sweet? She may not be a popular person among her peers, but she's certainly a wonderful person to spend time with :)

2. I've always remembered Kevin's birthday is on the 19th of October (not for very long as I only know him for three months *grin*). He is the first ever person among all the debate juniors I have trained to call me OLD. He likes to remind me that I am 700 billion years old, and (teams up with Xu Vin occasionally to) make fun of me. He is the kind of person who dares to speak up what he thinks. He is VAIN. Very. And he has a sensible heart.

After the debate training in Fellow Conference Room, we celebrated Kevin's 20th birthday with a birthday card, a jar of peanut butter, French bread, and a sinfully yummilicious chocolate banana cake which was later inserted with candle from the sides (LOL) from Bread History. All prepared by Xu Vin.

Since then, everytime as I passed by the room, I'll smile and fell warm, remembering the scene when Xu Vin took out a jar of peanut butter and put a candle in it for Kevin, the time we switched off all the lights and fans and air-conds and sang the birthday song. 

3. Oh, Dev's birthday was celebrated there as well! Just a week ago :) . Dev has worked very hard for the team. Managing the debating team is certainly not easy. Writing and submittimg proposal to get funding for the team to go for debate tournament, organise training (camps), contacting seniors, getting juniors to attend, and etc. Bet he sacrificed a lot along the way. Yet he didn't mention it. And he is always a helpful and concerning friend.

4. Ai Huey was here for the training last Thursday. She came all the way here from Kajang Hospital after her work. She is now a medical officer, and is ENGAGED for 3 weeks now!! I told her after she left the training that night, we gossip about her ring, and she laughed :) There's always not enough said about Ai Huey. She is loving and understanding. Her wits are graceful and she speaks with humility. She is smart and knowledgable yet willing to share whatever she knows. She is so adorable that I reckon she is the first person to be kidnapped if it is not illegal.

5. I was at Bangi for the past two days for the National Career Carnival, which UKM is the host for this year. Honestly I didn't find a lot of job vacancies that are related to my field. They're looking for accountants, marketing executives, engineers - typical corporate careers. I only dropped my resume for around 20 companies after being there for one and a half day.

While I was waiting for my bus to depart back to KTSN, I saw someone looked like Darryl walking towards DECTAR. I called him to see if it was him. To cut story short, he realised that I was there, and asked to talk to me face-to-face. As he finally spotted me among the crowds, he told me he just wanted to say Hi to me in person.

Haha! Isn't he such an adorable person? Now I can differentiate "cute" from "adorable"- the former is more superficial while the latter comes from the inside. It was just a light conversation for less than 15 minutes, but it was certainly a pleasant one. Darryl is top in my suggestion list of 1,000 amazing person you should meet before you die. He is warm and wise in dealing with people, yet mischievous when we least expected it.

I'm not the only one to be surrounded with wonderful people. I believe most of us are. It is just that we always tend to be blind towards the beauty of others, yet love to magnify the weaknesses of theirs. Awesome people don't always appear extraordinary during the first time we meet. It takes time to reveal one's true colour. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

It Rained in a Sunny Afternoon

Against the golden ray from the sun, rain drops gently decended from the silver sky. If one didn't look close enough, he wouldn't realise the silent expression of the heaven.

It was a sunny day. The cheerful sky wasn't tainted by a single piece of dark cloud. Bright sunshine. A good time to do our laundry. Maybe we can go to the park for a while. 

Yet the truth was, maybe the sky didn't feel as cheerful as we thought it was. Who said it can't rain when the sky isn't dark? Who can tell if one is smiling in front of everybody yet is actually gloomy inside?

Drizzle soon became a heavy downpour. It was too late to notice the rain when it's audible, as the laundry may not be saved in time. Yet, the sun remained shining as bringhly as ever, thorugh the branches of the trees. Leaves danced in joy, welcoming the relief in a hot Monday afternoon.

As quickily as the previous transformation, the rain slowed down. Still drizzling, but not bone-piercing. The breeze fooled the earth into believing that it's still hopeful for a walk at the park later.

It is unpredictable for the sky to rain in a sunny day. It is also difficult to tell when will the rain stop. But it will stop one day. And rainbow will hang in the sky, as the fruit bore through perseverance.

And the sun will still be shining in the sky, as charmingly as ever.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Received a reply email from a friend and felt all warm-up from the inside out =)
2. Had the most disgusting meal in KTSN Cafe for lunch: plain rice, fried oily brinjal, fried spicy tou gua. It costs me RM3. And I felt awful after forcing myself to finish everything on the plate. There wasn't much choices, all the greens were finished and... maybe it's just me? After staying in KTSN 1 for three years consecutively...

3. Watch US Vice Presidential Debate 2008 from YouTube. The debate was not bad, though Darryl said seemed like Biden and Palin have practised their policy speech for tonnes of times already before the debate, so there isn't much impromptu. I like the way they phrased their words and speeches. Nice manner. Also downloaded the first and second Presidential Debate between Mccain and Obama, but yet to watched.

4. Downloaded a couple of video clips from YouTube. Nice songs introduced by others and newspapers, though some aren't my cup of tea. Currently playing repeatedly on my laptop is Because You Live by Jesse Mccartney. Thanks to my sister, Tuna =)

5. Suppose to write an article on the Wall Street meltdown and how it serves as an advantage for Asia market. Have yet to find a favoring piece of article towards it - all were saying more negative stuff. Is the CEO whom we interviewed pulling our legs or what? He was the one saying this is a good opportunity for Asia market to rise!

6. Celebrated Dev's birthday with chocolate cake from Grand Season Hotel, Sudan Crisis presentation and a debate on HIV testing made mandatory for marrying couples.

7. A friend has engaged in a relationship with a guy from the same hometown; another childhood friend in Russia has broken up her one year+ relationship with her British boyfriend.

8. Wonder if I'd ever have a chance to travel abroad again.

9. Wanted to fake a crush on someone and fool myself into believing that I really have a crush on someone. But I haven't found a target for this. Maybe later then. It should be fun. It's best i remain single for now. Relationship stuff is kinda complicated to handle especially at this busy and deadlines-approaching moment.

10. English Speaking Zone has ended with smooth closing ceremony. And I camwhored with my new hairband after that.
11. I have passed the KTSN Mama authority to Lee Fang, completely. I am now no longer in-charge of transport-applying, venue-booking, organising and conducting training, head-counting and number-reporting for trainings - things which I've done for 2 solid years and am tired of. I finally got the courage to say "I need a break". And Darryl has been very understanding.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Prayer 4

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness. 

Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You.

Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. Let me continue to see sin through Your eyes and acknowledge it as evil. And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth of my wrongdoing, and receive forgiveness. 

And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus' example -- to slip away and find a quiet place to pray.. It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I can't pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will. 

Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak. Keep me uplifted that I may have words of encouragment for others. I pray for those who are lost and can't find their way. I pray for those who are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who don't know You intimately. I pray for those who will delete this without sharing it with others. I pray for those who don't believe. But I thank you that I believe.

I believe that You change people and You change things for good reasons. I pray for all my sisters and brothers. For each and every one of my family members and friends and their families . I pray for peace, love and joy in their homes that they are out of debt and all their needs are met. 

I pray that every eye that reads this knows there is no problem, circumstance, or situation greater than You. Every battle is in Your hands for You to fight. I pray that these words be received into the hearts of every eye that sees them and every mouth that confesses them willingly.. 

This is my prayer.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Voice From The Answering Machine

Today I made a call. From the other end of the line, a voice from the answering machine said:

Hello. Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline

If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.

If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.

If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

If you are anxious, just start pressing numbers at random.

If you are phobic, don't press anything.

If you are anal retentive, please hold.

I was thinking, I have slight OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder), and also am a techno-phobe. Which number am I suppose to press, if I were to at all? Oh I was very panic that my decidophobia kicked in. And the end I suffered from mental trauma and decided to call the hospital instead.


OK, obviously it is just a joke. I got the joke from Prisca's page and added the last paragraph myself, which really describes what could happen to me though, if I were to call there one day ;-)
After a decent break for Raya holiday, I'm now back in UKM. For good. And final is coming in less than a month's time. Real good.

Guess what time did I order my dinner from the cafe during the first evening I was back here?


Don't believe me? Rub your eyes and read it again! 

Apparently not because I miss cafe food badly, but it's because I'm very kia su. Hahaha! I don't like to wait especially when I'm hungry.

Welcome back, Cher Linn, the one who was once short-haired. =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How Great Is That?

1. After 2 months away from home, now I got to reach my hometown safely.
2. The persons who waited for me at the train station for one and a half hours so that they could be the first ones to see me back home were my family members!
3. The first show I managed to catch (by accident) without missing much of it was my all-time favourite show - Friends!
4. Met Thompson on the net and booked some movies for our outing this weekend with Ranukka and June.
5. Slept till near noon the next day.
6. Penang food!

Was going to meet up my secondary school friends but because of curfew, I decided to pass this one. I still have the Cinderella curfew and a lot of my friends are no longer bound by it. It's ok. Sometimes I like curfew because it keeps me on the ground.

Till then. Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Learn to Speak, Speak to Learn

As I read Swee Kheng's latest post on Spanish China, this idea hits me back again, and I think it's time I really share it to more people about it.

Sweeks was telling us how the Chinese (in China, of course. The Chinese in Malaysia are quite different from those in China especially in this context. Read on.) take (note: present tense) up several foreign languages so that they can communicate with the foreign visitors and sell things to them. It is well known that if it is apparent for someone to look like a visitor in a foreign country, people from all sorts of businesses would like to squeeze the blood out of their pocket with whatever method. Taxi's cut throat price, roadside pirated goods, you name it. Live examples are on show everyday in Bukit Bintang area.

What I want to point out here is not the unethical money earning method, but the very effort of learning an altogether foreign language just to make sure they get more customers. If you manage to convince a customer to buy your good, you will get one sale ahead of others. The competition is intense, and every customer counts. Beijing hosted the Olympic and Paralympic recently. It has hence created a huge opportunity for the Chinese to earn extra cash by meeting the demand of the visitors - accommodation, food, transport, souvenirs and etc. 

The Chinese realise that communication serves as the basis of connection. In stead of being proud of their mother tongue and speak Mandarin to every visitor, they painstakingly learn a foreign language to make their customers feel comfortable (and respected) while trading with them. They understand that if they were to stand at international level, they have to be able to accommodate international visitors.

English used to be the international language. Though it is still a language widely used, some has actually argued that Mandarin is soon becoming the international language. This is due to the fact that markets are opening up in China and everyone wants to have a piece of cake from them. We can see young working Japanese learning Mandarin from a guide book while commuting. However, to the Chinese, they understand that it's not the matter of whose language is the international language. It's the idea of being multilingua in order to be competent in the flat world.

If other people doesn't want to learn Mandarin, or have difficulties in learning it, then fine, the Chinese will go the other way round and learn other languages, so that they are the one approaching you to trade with you. They are the one who gets the profit. And they are the one who expands their influence, or threat, to other now economical strong countries.

The problem I see among Malaysian now is that nobody seems to realise that we should actually incorporate several languages into our education system ever since primary school. While everyone is arguing if we should abolish schools which use their non-BM mother tongues as teaching medium, why not we consider learning all the languages to solve the problem? Learn the Malay language, English, Mandarin and Tamil at least, so everyone wouldn't have language barrier with each other, and the major languages are preserved.

It is sad for someone to be restricted from speaking in a language that they know of simply because they have to respect others who don't. I understand how rude it is to do so, but if everyone were to understand what each other are talking about, shouldn't the ability to comprehend a language be cherished? 

These days we have more and more Chinese who doesn't speak or read in Mandarin, or Indian in Tamil. Of course, they still can survive in Malaysia because the medium here is mainly BM and a number of big cities out there use English. We don't have to argue if preserving mother tongue is important or forcing the young generation to take on their ancestral language is correct. We were given the impression that as a Malaysian, we have a national language, and we can all communicate in that language and there should be no barrier among citizens of this multiracial and multiethnicity country.

What a waste, Malaysia. 

The true treasure we have in Malaysia is the diversity in peace. But is that all we can get from this colourful country? Instead of just being tolerance towards each other, we can use it as a big classroom where we don't have to pay a cent to learn a new language or experience a new culture. Too bad we have yet to realise it.

Should we be proud of our identity as a country where multi races can live in harmony together, why can't we see the diversity in everyone of us? We're seeing uniformity, not unification. While the different language are still spoken in this land, we still have all we need for us to stand out in the eyes of the world. Our uniqueness is not about one national language, but the ability to communicate in different languages we learnt from our friendly neighbours who come from different racial background! 

As we talk about globalisation, are we ready for it? Are we ready to compete with other countries to be a sale ahead of them? Apparently we are not. We are sleeping while others have awaken. Language opens our world to a new dimension of knowledge we are unable to discover should we continue to be ignorance towards the importance of the "foreign" language. When the world is getting flatter, everyone can go anywhere, and everyone can be anybody else. What is it really "foreign" about that language then? The more languages you're able to command, the more knowledge and opportunities will be opened to you, and the higher and farther you will go.

Wake up Malaysia. You are a rich country if you know how to use your resourses well. Capital development and human resources, I mean. We are all blessed, but the government are too busy playing racial cards than to see the comparative advantage. I still love Malaysia. I believe Malaysia can do more than what we've done so far, by opening up the gate.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What A Blast!

Before this I wrote a post about having doubt about myself being appreciated.  And I talked about my birthday vs debate training.

Haha ;-) I should laugh at myself, after laughing for the whole day at everything before, during and after the training =)

Spending time with that bunch of people is still worth while. Because there isn't any boring moment with them. And I am a part of them.

They actually arranged a celebration for me. Dev kind of spoiled it while he mistakenly sent an sms to me by right it was meant for somebody else. It made me chuckled. But it's alright. At least I know that they do care for me. They wanted to make it special for me. And they gave me card and gift as if I deserve them because I'm me. 

And it's been so long I haven't heard a birthday song that is meant only to me. I have a coursemate, Ah Chew, who was born on the same day as I was. So if friends were to celebrate with the both of us, the birthday song would be for the both of us. While if my junior buddies were to celebrate my birthday with me, it'll be too few people to sing a birthday song without feeling embarrassed. Also, it's been ages I haven't spent my birthday at home because of classes and stuff.

This evening UKM English Debating Team sang me a birthday song. Debaters. Singing. Aren't they cute? ;-)

I can't deny I like to receive gifts that are specially chosen for me. Because while others are choosing that gift,at least  for that moment I've crossed their minds. It feels good that some people would want to spend time with and for you, hoping that whatever they do would make you happy.

I want to thank all of you who had sent me warm wishes. At least you spent some time dropping by to send me wishes.

I want to thank my childhood best friend Say Li for calling me up right after 12mid night to send me wishes. *wink*

I want to thank my beloved crazy ex-roommate Siok Leng for also calling me up and dropping me a great gift: After few months of courstship only now she tells me about it. I am very happy for her because she is a wonderful girl. I always think guys around her must have been blind not to see her charming personality.

I want to thank Shyang Heng for doing a trick to get my number just to wish me by phone. Thanks for making me laugh =)

I want to thank Sidek for the scented shirt. Fine, I'm very kampung. I haven't came across a scented shirt before, so it's something interesting for me, and I like it! Nice design and colour!

I want to thank Fea for spending her time to represent the team to pick a gift (book) for me. Choosing a book for a friend is never easy. You never know if he or she has read it or would prefer one category over another regarding reading materials. You never know if he or she likes the writing style of that author, or his or her standard is good enough for that level of literature. Not to mention deciding if buying a book for a friend who doesn't read as enthusiastically as she does is a good choice, too.

But I have to say she picked the right gift. These days I was thinking bookstores should give discount to students so that they can encourage a reading generation. Anyway, books are always a temptation for me ;-) It is a timely gift: The Bible : The Biography by Karen Armstrong. It is timely because I seriously need to revive my spirit for God and reaffirm my love for Jesus.

I want to thank Alia for her hugs. I always feel like never growing up when I meet those seniors who watched me grow. And I feel loved and secure whenever I'm with them, because they allow me to be imperfect.

I want to thank Lee Fang for her cookies. They are very delicious and fresh!

I want to thank Darryl and Dev for arranging all these while trying to keep it secret from me ;-)

I want to thank my KTSN juniors (namely Fatin, Kok Joo, Kevin, Lai Peng and Keh Len) who made the trip to training in Bangi not as tiring as it used to be. Thanks for the lame jokes and influences you guys have on me. Thanks for making fun of me (Gosh I'm getting retarded, how can I be thanking someone for making fun of me??). Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Thanks for being a part of me.

Last but not least, after all the blasting events, I want to thank God for sending all His angels to me, to tell me that there are a lot of ways to show our love to someone, to God especially. I've forgotten, now I re-learn the lesson: if we love someone, we think of them, we want (or willing to sacrifice) to spend time with them, we want to make them happy with what we do. We want to show appreciation, tell them boldly that we care for them, that they deserve all the good things from us because we love them. We want to stand out for them. Irregards of what other people say, because we always have faith in them. We don't need prove to tell us that loving that person is worthwhile, because to love is to allow someone to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

And that's the way God wants His children to love Him. Isn't this an awesome way to learn?

I'm glad that at least at my final year, I really had a birthday that is a BLAST!

Friday, September 12, 2008


A week has (almost) passed and Sunday is coming! Yay!

Can't wait! Sunday~ *dancing*

Every second passed means the Sunday is getting nearer!



tone down..

...SUNDAY~ SUNDAY~ *sing song*

Eager.SmiLe =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Hurts

It's scary even if just to wonder if you meant a lot to someone who means a lot to you. For all the things I did, now I wonder if it's worth while. It's easy to say as long as they're happy and I did it with a cheerful heart, any other things doesn't matter anymore. When dilemma sinks in, I wonder if I keep sacrificing in such a manner is needed at the first place. 

Since last semester break, something happened to me and I yet to forget it. I hope I'm doing the right thing. And I wonder if it's time for me to let go now. Letting go of the responsibility, leaving the bunch of people whom I love dearly, for another group of people whom I equally cherish, but realise it at too late a time.

I wanted to go to Setapak for moon cake festival and birthday celebration with my coursemates this Saturday. But I have a debate training which I've promised to attend, and also to bring along KTSN juniors there. Sounds like they need more senior to attend - well, Dev said it's compulsory for all seniors anyway. And sounds like in Setapak it's ok without me attending it even if that very day is my birthday and probably the last chance for us all to have such a celebration together. The last time we have such a celebration with every coursemates was during my first year when all of my batch were staying in the hostel. Now most of them have moved out, and it's also my final year here. Shouldn't I spend more time with them in Setapak?

All these while I've put debate in the first place without much dilemma or hesitation. And I missed a lot of events. I never regretted it. Yet now I am thinking twice. They mean a lot to me, but am I to them? Will they know what have I given up to be with them?

Smile, Cher Linn, even if love hurts.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fear Not but for the Lord

Humans have fear. Fear sometimes holds us back, or pushes us forward. But if we were to identify our fear factor and the main reason we have such fear, we might be able to overcome the fear and move on. On a positive side, fear exists to make us think twice before acting, to ensure we're on the right track. But sometimes we pondered for too long and we spent too much time hesitating on our next move that we're stunted from growing. Fear mainly due to the sense of insecurity, sometimes due to anticipation of bad consequences, and many other reasons.

Insecurity due to lack of understanding towards a particular object are the main reason why we're afraid of a lot of things in our life. Such as the lack of understanding towards snakes, snails, crocoaches, directions, escalator, autoclave, replacing light bulbs, frogs, water, blood, and etc. Thus it has hindered a lot of us from exploring new things in our life - jungle trekking, research, travelling, close contact with snakes and frogs.

The sense of insecurity also includes how we're afraid of what other people think of us judging by the way we behave. We feel insecure if they have negative impression on us, and it may in turn affects the current relationship we have - with discrimination, alienatation, public humiliation and etc. And we're afraid of loosing our dignity, pride and reputation, where our glossy image is tainted by judgemental comments. Together with lack of confidence in oneself, one may not dare to start a conversation with strangers, camwhore, or express oneself freely altogether.

Fear also due to the bad consequences we anticipate may or may not occur, and how these consequences may affect our daily activities. One example is the fear of having halucination after watching horror movie, that one may not dare to enter toilet cubicle at night, or look into the mirror while brushing teeth. Or one might be afraid of height and dare not go above level 4 in a building, the level where all the goodies are on sale *ahem*. One may fear to look into the deep dark eyes for fear of what one anticipated to find - ignorance, hatred, dissapointment, demand, discrimination and etc.

To overcome fear, we have to be able to recognise and acknowledge its existence, and then the reason for such feeling. By doing so, we learn how to overcome it by hitting the right spot - either increasing one's understanding towards such fear, or convince oneself that others' opinion don't really matter much in things which doesn't concern them. To identify the reason for insecurity or how the bad consequences may affect us, we have to really think what matters to us more - such as our pride VS freedom to express ourselves, right to experience new things VS comfort zone.

It is sad to know sometimes we've been hold back by our fears so much that we didn't go far enough to prove a point, or to experience the wonders in life. Fear for nothing but the Lord,

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit
of power, of love and of self-discipline.

[2Timothy 1:7]

Cher Linn

Friday, September 05, 2008

A sudden surge of loneliness filled my heart as the night approaches, and as it brings next-week along.

Hope next week will pass real fast!

Looking forward. Breathe. Smile =)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Play It Again, will you?

As I was mesmerised by the melodies when I watched his fingers danced vigorously on the piano keys, Jason sang songs after songs passionately. The moment when the music speaks louder.

I know Jason when we were in our matriculation studies in Kedah. He is always the famous, funny, friendly and smart guy among his friends, even until now, in our UKM KL Campus - most of the seniors and juniors know or at least heard of his name.

And he was my teammate during my junior inter-college debating tournament in UKM. Yann Shan was always the perfectly calm and sophisticated prime minister, Albert the monotonous second speaker, Jason the animated and witty whip speaker, and me the blur reserve. Before and after the tournament, we didn't have a lot of chance to meet each other - we were of different class and are of different faculty now. Only once in a while, we'll bump into each other some where in hostel and catch up a little.

It is really warm to see someone of my own batch in hostel now since most of the seniors (final or 4th year) are staying out. Jason is a kind of friend who'll say hi to you even you only had two sentences of conversation with him as introduction. The same goes to my other remaining coursemates in KTSN1 like Intan, Noi, Kee Leong and William. I've seen these people around for so long yet I never get bored of them. And as I am remembered that it's my final year here, I begin to appreciate more whenever I have the chance to say Hi to the people here, especially the oldies ;-)

Jason was playing the piano as I passed by the hall. I've seen Thompson and June played with the piano. And just now, Jason. They are all great pianist. The songs were alive with their talents. I smiled. Not only because the songs were beautifully played, but also because of the great company. Friends are those people whom you can sit down and say nothing to each other yet you enjoyed the time together. I can't say that I know much about Jason, but somehow I consider him as my old friend, haha.

"Any song that's not in the book that you want me to play for you?"

A friend knows how to do you a favor to cheer you up =) Thanks for the evening, Jason!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Note To Malaysia

Definitely there are a lot more bloggers out there who has blogged about our 51st Independence Day long before I do. But I just want to share something I read on the paper today about this supposely significant event.

I read from an article about the idea of celebrating independence day and any possible anniverssary, be it a birthday or any break-ups annual rememberance. It is a day for us all to stop and ponder on:

1. what we've done so far;
2. what we've failed to do; and
3. what we're plannig to do in the future.

No doubt it's always a reason to celebrate this historical moment of success. It certainly means a lot to a population to be recognised as a sovereign nation which right to own governance is respected.

However, gaining independence isn't the end of the fight. It may be the end to imperialism by other leaders who are not from our own land. Yet, it is also a beginning to a journey to be travelled by all races together, to a stable and well-developed future.

From time to time, if we were to ensure that we're moving to the right direction, we have to pause at a check-point, step back and look at the big picture. The same applies to personal development. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves some time, to ponder and reflect on our personal growth, the direction we're heading and if we're doing enough to achieve our goals.

I guess I got to stop here. I can write no further when Bernard and Justin are goofing around me with that Madonna song *eyes rolling*. No, I still love them. Aren't they just being one of a kind? How many bimbo-ish people like them we can find in KTSN? =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Reason for Hula Dance ;-)

I just came back from movie at Pavilion with Justin. It was really fun, even if it rained since the evening till the time we headed back KTSN. I was contented that I went out with a friend who is not boring and willing to accompany me to satisfy my craving for movie.

The reason I wanted to watch 21 was because these days I've been craving for movies (to be watched in cinemas), and today happened to be the last day for 21 in nearby cinema in my area. The show was at 6pm. Hence around noon I started to ask around for friends who might want to join me for the outing. Justin happened to be kind enough to agree to tag along with the reason of taking some fresh air amidst his studies.

I don't watch horror movie on whatever occasion. Yet these days we have a lot of it on show: 4bia, Mirror, and whatever the names are. I also don't really watch violent/ action/ thriller/ blood-shedding-for-unknown-reason/ gun-shooting-like-the-bullets-are-not-going-to-run-out movie, alone. I watched Blood Diamond only because Albert said the plot and message were quite interesting and he wanted to watch it back then. I watched De Javu and came out remained sane because I watched it with Thompson, June and Su Yin back then.

Well, today it so happened that Justin hasn't watched Dark Knight and it's also showed at 6pm, same time as mine. I find the coincidence very amusing. We went outing together, we went for movie at the same time, but different show at different hall *laugh*.

Anyway, 21 was alright. I like the storyline, the attention-catching twist of the plot, the actors and actresses (Gosh for the first time I'm this superficial in commenting a movie), and soundtracks and etc. For whatever reason, I came out of the cinema smilling without meaning to =) It was a worthy show and the things before movie went just nice - we enjoyed our conversations and we shared (or, like Xu Vin said, "pigged on") half a dozen of J.Co donuts right before movie and they were delicious!

After movie, I saw a book on war crime in Abu Ghraib in Times bookstore. Title: Monsters, costs RM 66.90, at Current Affairs section. I really want to read the reports about US army torturing hostages or suspected terrorist in Abu Ghraib. I really wanted to know what was really happening inside there. I was nearly tempted to buy it, but, yeah, I convinced myself that I still have a lot of books on my shelf yet to be read. The main reason being the book is a little too costly for me. If next month I am going to Pavilion again and the book is still there, then I'll reconsider it again =)

As we were heading back hostel, it's still raining, though not as heavy as 2 hours ago. Luckily I brought along my umbrella and we walked to Bukit Bintang Monorail station to go to Chow Kit. From there we flagged down a cab who didn't suck the blood out of our pocket. We reached safely before 10pm. And I am still smiling, even until the writing of this post.

Have I told you how I dislike to be alone out there at night in a big city like KL? Plus, it was raining. Somehow I'm afraid of the night in KL. It's like sucking the wanderers' souls, leaving unhappy people on the street, partying their night away while in the inside, their lonely hearts will never be cheered by the neon lights and exclusive touch of high end shopping malls/ clubs.

After a day of lab and a simple outing, all I wanted was to come back hostel safely for a good night rest. And to check my mails. And maybe to blog about the night. And also some Face- "book-keeping". Hee hee~

Cher Linn IS very happy and contented. Thanks, Justin *smile*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Finally on last Thursday I gave my thesis a push and the lab work has started since then. After I finally talked to my thesis supervisor face-to-face and talked to some lab technicians for their advice, I decided I can't delay it any longer and got it moving right away. I got the things I needed ready and went out to collect water sample from hawkers at Chow Kit.

If you were wondering why am I using water and soil sample instead of rat's brain and cat's feces as mentioned earlier (Did I mention it here?), the reason being - my supervisor wanted it. I know it's a poor excuse, but if you were me, you'll understand how difficult it is to go against what your supervisor insisted. Yes, she insisted on water and soil sample from Chow Kit since the beginning of our discussion, even if both of us didn't know how to do that, not even the method to collect the sample.

Hence as I talked to the lab technicians as suggested by my supervisor, all of them responded:"Oh, this is a difficult topic!" or "Hmm..the method is very difficult.."

It's not the point of difficulty in conducting this research that troubles me, but the fact that none of the lab technicians in Parasitology Department of Medical Faculty who worked there for 20 or 30 years know about the methods for those samples. We discussed and decided to use some of the basic method to screen the samples. When you talk about "basic" methods, it's always less sensitive and specific.

And till now I still don't understand why use water and soil sample by right cat is the definitive host for this parasite and only cat can defeacate this parasite in oocysts (egg) form in its feces. If we were to check for the prevalence of this parasite in Chow Kit, isn't it suppose to check for its presence from cat feces found in Chow Kit? The probability of getting a positive result would be higher. Of course, it's not wrong to get a negative result which means Chow Kit is free of Toxoplasma gondii, but will the result be reliable coming from water and soil sample? Water and soil sample will only be contaminated and positive for this parasite only if it's contacted with cat feces. Hence isn't checking out cat feces is more logical?

Anyway, I have collected 3 bottles (Schott, 250 mL) of water sample from 3 different hawkers in Chow Kit and am in the process of screening the water. It has become my routine everyday since then:

1. Wake up and convince myself that I'd rather sleep less to catch the last bus than to walk to campus.
2. Reach campus and have a quick breakfast then go to lab.
3. Pipette the water sample from Schott bottle into 4 centrifugation tubes and centrifuge them at 1500 rpm for 5 minutes.
4. Get rid of the supernatant and pipette the sediment to perform direct smear on microscopic slides and cover with cover slips.
5. Screen under light microscope.

The last step can take up to 2 hours, just for 4 tubes (2 drops of sediment each, hence 8 slides to screen within 2 hours). I'm trying to increase my screening speed so that I can screen more slides and finish of the water sample I've collected since last week to collect new water sample again. There are loads of hawkers in Chow Kit! And I haven't started with the soil sample yet!

Well, after the 5th steps, usually it'll be lunch time. So I usually go to campus cafe for a quick lunch then head back lab.

Afternoon (right after lunch):
1. If the centrifugation tubes are running out or the disposal tank is kinda full, I'll wash the equipments before starting off my afternoon screening session. I have to thank Jun Hoe for his post which created awareness in me on why new people in the lab should volunteer to help up with the management of the lab, or at least, clean up our own mess.

2. After putting the washed equipment in the oven, I'll start the water-sample screening procedure again. Usually it lasts till around 5pm or slightly before that because the lab technicians are getting ready to close the lab and call it a day.

Everyday I walked out of the lab, feeling relieved that at least my lab work is progressing and I know what to do next. My work is indeed very easy. It is no doubt tiring my eyes because all I do most of the time in lab is to look into microscope and screen the slide up-down, next roll, up-down, next roll... for that mysterious oocysts. You got the picture. But it isn't that tiring because I've learnt how to look into the microscope using both eyes. Gosh it took me this long to find my "spot" for perfect vision, haha ;-)

Like Wey Wen said, looking into microscope to observe microorganisms is fun. It is true. But at least, let's hope that the parasite will show up fast, OK? I've found nothing after 60 slides! Most of them are plain dirt. Anyway, I'm still keeping myself optimistic about my lab work. That's a way to enjoy one's lab work, no? =)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I don't want to survive, I want to LIVE!

Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning, feeling good.

Checked out Michael Phelps. This young fella broke 31 World Records even before Beijing Olympic this year. He beats his rivals, previous swimmers' records, and his own record. His first world record for 200m Butterfly was during World Championship in Fukuoka, Japan in 2001; while his first Olympic gold was in 2004, where he won 2 bronzes, 6 golds, breaking 3 Olympic records, 1 world record and 2 American record. And duing Beijing Olympic 2008, until the writing of this post, Michael Phelps has won 7 gold, breaking 6 world records and 1 Olympic record. More importantly, he broke his previous World Record in the 200-meter freestyle by nearly a second.

It strucks me at how one leaves a legacy like this in his career. He is not only good in his gift - swimming, but outstanding! He is so famous that people write about him in Wikipedia, from brief introduction about him, to detailed personal life history and lengthy achievements in his swimming career.

To the rest of non-swimmers population, we also can taste one's effort in committment, feel one's determination to excel, and proud on one's achievement in the eyes of all mankind. An athlete makes use of all his physical strength to define limit from a new prespective. He charms the world with the fact that sport is not just about fame and glory. It's about aspiration for others to go beyond one's limit. It's an art of living out a meaningful life.

I believe everyone is gifted in different ways. Some people are born to shine in eyes of the world, some are born to work behind the screen and give the world a push; some are born to touch the lifes of many, some are meant for particular group of people. It's time we discover our gifts, and make full use of it to mark a difference in man's history that we ever live at all.

If you were asked: "What kind of legacy do you want to leave?", what would be your answer?

Cheers :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I learnt a new word from Kevin.

Demure - (used especially about a girl or young woman) shy, quiet and well behaved

I'm not sure if it's a compliment, but it certainly defines me to a certain extent.

In the old days, where we can watch from some of those 80s movies, we see women always protray the image of soft-spoken, controlled, and, and.. DEMURE! Yes, that's the word. And the guys are always out there hunting (I mean, working to find) for food, that's why they're always macho and protective over women. They gave the impression that men have the responsibility to provide food and shelter and any form of security for the frail ladies while the latter are in charge of keeping the household in order. Hence it became like a model for the society to follow - should any girl can protray the "good" traits as shown in the dramas/movies, then she's a competent wife and men should bring her home.

However I realise that these days most boys no longer that attracted to girlish type of girls, or the demure, skema type of girls. Instead, they're more attracted to outspoken, sporty type of girls. They deem these girls have "attitude". Maybe it is easier for them to approach the outspoken girls because there will be little chance for quick-think-of-what-should-I-say-next moment where both will immersed in long silence.

And the way these girls think is very different from the ones described above. They are frank and bold. They are more confident and comfortable in open conversation. Their brilliant ideas and wits reflect the true colour of a lady. Or maybe because the sporty ladies shine charmingly when they beat the boys flat in games.

I don't have problem with the change of wind direction. While change is the only constant, I always like to see more variety in the people whom I meet. Being a demure, old-fashioned girl myself, I'm also attracted to the more sporty and outspoken girls. These are the girls you can feel engaged with their conversation easily and may even enjoy being blown away by their wits!

Having said that, it'll not be the reason I'd change myself from who I am to who I am not just because I want to make myself "sell". I feel comfortable to be who I am now and should there be a beholder, he should see the beauty as it is, too. Afterall, being a demure girl is not a crime *eyes rolling*. If it is, you'll see posters of my face, stating "WANTED", haha, oops!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Convocation Season

Convocation season is here. Best wishes are sent to those completed their tertiary education and graduate from their respectives higher institutions. It's time for them to close the chapter of a student's life, and move on to the working world, or maybe continue to a higher level of learning.

In the past few years of university life, these students learned to become a better person. They were molded to be more wholesome in every way, from academical knowledge to maturity in behaviour. They were taught to serve the society after their graduation. They were strengthened before taking off into their separate paths of life.

They would have met a lot of people, from the admin staff to the lecturers, their friends, and the community beyond their campuses. They would have met wonderful people and learnt from them. They would have met awful people and endured through their company.

They, too, would have made changes into others' life. Let others have the chance to learn from them, or to endure their presence. They cross other's path and left foot prints. They came to show guidance, to rebuke, to lend their ears, and last but not least, to mold you also, to become a more wholesome person than you are today, when it's your turn to walk up to the stage and receive your reward during your convocation ceremony.

Some of my friends are graduating this year. Although we entered university at the same time, they take off earlier than I do. They are angels of mine who has been a good companion and made my university life awesome. They are friends who give the warmest hugs. They are a part of me, and I shall give them the bestest wishes as I watch them taking a part of me with them when they leave.

This post is specially dedicated to my fellow darlings: Kathrin, Jerry, Delwyn, Keat Lim, Anthony, Theresa and Huai Ming. All the best for your future undertakings!

With Love,
Cher Linn

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tragical Musical

I never favour sad endings for any story, be it a play, a book, or movie, drama etc. If it is a fiction, I like it to be written in such a way that it makes me chuckle as I flip through the last page. If it is a play, I like it to have a happy ending which makes us go:"Awh... don't they looked adorable in the last scene?"

To many people, life is a form of suffering. That's why they need to create something to entertain themselves. Such as a comedy. From sitcom to stand-up comedy, the audiences look forward to some good belly laugh. And they actually pay comedians to make them do so. Everyone is having a merry time when the time seemed to stop and laughter fills in. All worries and blues vanished, albeit temporarily, for the few moments of cheers.

To me, I can't say the above is the exact reason I prefer happy endings. God has been merciful to me and my life has been filled with joy and sorrow at quite a balance ratio. There are always things to cheer me up, and things to make me long for Friends series sometimes. There are others' life which'll inspire me to be optimistic about tomorrow, yet there are also others which forces hesitation upon me.

A tragic ending, on the other hand, is a turn on (not that kind of turn-on) for some people. After all the happy endings and comedies, one would just equally love a twist at the ending, maybe a sad one. One which plays out the reality in life. One which reminds us to appreciate the peace and order we have at the current moment before it's becoming something like what is narrated. One which makes you cry to realise that you, too, have emotions despite the stern look we're wearing everyday for so-called protection.

I have watched two musical dramas with sad endings. First is Sweeney Todd, and another one was performed by KTSN talents - One Hope. Both were abso-fantastical-lutely awesome and I can sincerely see a lot of effort put into the show. Both ended with leading character died in the story. Yet, both were very beautiful. The dances, props, actings, and most importantly (for Sweeney Todd) the musics and lyrics were so astonishing that you'd want to watch it back-to-back!

One Hope was a good show, and good job to Jason and Ming Min for directing it, while kudos for the rest of the team! Musical drama is my all time favourite. Art comes in all forms, some of them are revealed in a musical. Art connects people, doesn't it? =)

Friday, August 01, 2008

10 Yays!

10. For the first time ever, I visited a PC Fair! I know it sounds very kampung, but what to do? I'm not a technophobe by name only ok? Yay!

9. I managed to narrow down my target printer to only 3 options, which I don't really remember the model name now, but there are 2 from Canon, and one from HP. Not bad for a first-timer, eh? Yay!

8. Tried Starbucks' Peach Frappacino today. Not bad, but I still prefer their caremel machiato. It is simply coffee-taste-buds tantalising and soothing. But still, it's a good try, yay!

7. Visited Chilis today, good foodI Oh, and no waiting list! Yay!

6. I bought myself a black blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Yay!

5. Have a good laugh today for whatever reason that the news is funny. Yay!

4. My lethal combo effects have subsided a lot and I'm feeling normal now. Thanks to my body which loves me and care for me (Dr.Rohi's famous line), I'm able to say all the yays here. Yay!

3. My computer darling has just recovered from its second viral attack within 2 weeks time. I sent it to the technician in my campus to have a look at it, again, and they healed it efficiently. Yay!

2. I bumped into Kandahar from MMU Cyberjaya at KLCC, yay! Up to this stage, I nearly wanted to do the hula dance right in the middle of Signature food court in Suria KLCC already! That gentleman is a very pleasant person to meet up with, isn't he?

1. My parents are coming over to KL tomorrow, yay!