Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Hired!

Went to debate training-cum-selection camp in Bangi during the last weekend. Spent great time there. Really *smile*

A lot of juniors turned up, and happy to be able to catch up with the seniors. Jokes aside, I also miss the time we went Al-Faris again for dinner, without the juniors, haha, and the cheese nan was awesome!

On another note: I just came back from interview in KLCC. I'm hired! Yay! First day of work will be on the morning of 24th Nov 2008, a Monday. Wish me the best of luck in this new job! But most importantly is my coming exam.

OK. Got to go. Take care, people.


Huan Ching said...

wow dat's gr8!!!! bet u wil love dat job! do smuggle out their secret recipe 4 me if can! all de best!

Teddy said...

chili is a restaurant ah? wat happen to biomedical scientist?

Cher Linn Tang said...

oh, I'm suppose to serve them with all those oily-fatty food to make them sick then make them come to hospital as out patient/customers.

No. Joking. It's only a part time job and I do enjoy Chilis meal.

Thanks Huan Ching =) aiya, better recipe coming from Joan la, go ask her!! =)

juz call me wen... said...

hey cher linn, got discount onot... need to bring ma for her birthday dinner la hahaha

chili's a nice place!

Joan Isabel said...

haha! mine r all indian dishes.. :)