Monday, October 20, 2008

Fea's Open House and the Cinderella's Ride

It's suppose to be a National Career Carnival in UKM Bangi which the final year student (especially for FSKB) were suppose to be there from 9am - 5pm for all three days from Friday to Sunday. So, according to the previous post, I was there, ok, on Friday. Full time.; and half day on Saturday (sounds like working pulak!). Yet as I went there on Saturday just to find out that there wasn't much booths in Dewan Gemilang as how I expected. I was pretty disappointed but I guess it's fine. Because I was kinda tired from all those walking and getting-lost-in-Bangi-campus and waiting-for-bus and traffic jams and hot-and-rainy weather and whatever.
Followed next, was a self-declared holiday (Hey, it was SUPPOSE to be a weekend!) - I decied to miss the bus and not to go for the carnival. And the next thing to decide on was: Am I going to Fea's open house in Bangi?

On Saturday I already asked Jun Hoe if he will be going there from Bangi campus hence maybe I can car pool with him. I told him I'll be in Bangi on Sunday anyway. Ha, I couldn't predict before hand what will happen next ok? So, on Sunday morning itself he told me he will be going from Bangi, and asked me what time I'd be done with the carnival thing so that we can go together.

To cut the story short, I walked all the way from KTSN to the bus stop near McD Titiwangsa to take a bus to Jusco in Wangsa Maju to meet up with Alia. She was sending her brother to Bangi campus also. Hence, we also picked up Jun Hoe from KDO and the three of us set off to Fea's open house! And owh, I bought Big Apple doughnuts when I was in Jusco.

At the open house, it's fun :) Met Delwyn, Lau, Kam and Illy, too! Cracked some jokes, had some history-cum-Malaysia-general-knowledge-cum-Malaysia-politics quizes from Delwyn (and it just showed that I will never do good in these subjects), took some pictures, ate a lot of tasty delicacies! My favourite would be the kek batik. I called it "Glue" because it's so sticky that it reminded me of the caremel in Snicker chocolate bar.

Cetak-rompaked from Fea's Facebook. 

And *ahem* Fea's meehun soup also very tasty. Honestly, I think it's delicious. Positive comment about food coming from a Penangite, it means it's really delicious indeed lah.

Later, Alia needed to go to her parents' house in Sepang to get something. Jun Hoe, Fea and of course me, tagged along :) Had an enjoyable ride from Fea's house in Bangi, all the way to Sepang. Believe me, it's quite a deserted highway, and it's a loooong drive. Yet it was enjoyable still, because I always feel contented to be with them. Finally as we reached Alia's parents's house, we helped ourselves with some of her coffee. Chilly, rainy night with steaming hot coffee - excellent!

On the way back to Bangi, since Alia's brother asked her to pack some McD food, we dropped by the restaurant and had our dinner/supper there. It was near 10pm already. It was again, enjoyable. Tried strawberry sundae for the first time under Jun Hoe's indirect pressure and influence. Henggh. It tasted like antibiotic! So Fea and Jun Hoe happily helped me to finish half of my sundae. And I helped myself with their coffee. And I like the combination ratio of cream and coffee in Jun Hoe's coffee.

Then we dropped Fea at her house, then Alia's brother's McD, then Jun Hoe at his college, then finally me the Cinderella (KTSN curfew is 12 mid-night. That's why the name). Had a nice chat with Alia in her car on the way back from Bangi to KTSN.

The whole outing was really an enjoyable one, I love it to bits! I always smiled as I remembered the night. And I believe it is inspiring enough for me to make this week a good and hopefully productive week!

Thanks, people... :)

Here are two pictures, taken in Fea's house:

Darling Kam and I

 Fea the most adorable bimbo queen and I

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