Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Received a reply email from a friend and felt all warm-up from the inside out =)
2. Had the most disgusting meal in KTSN Cafe for lunch: plain rice, fried oily brinjal, fried spicy tou gua. It costs me RM3. And I felt awful after forcing myself to finish everything on the plate. There wasn't much choices, all the greens were finished and... maybe it's just me? After staying in KTSN 1 for three years consecutively...

3. Watch US Vice Presidential Debate 2008 from YouTube. The debate was not bad, though Darryl said seemed like Biden and Palin have practised their policy speech for tonnes of times already before the debate, so there isn't much impromptu. I like the way they phrased their words and speeches. Nice manner. Also downloaded the first and second Presidential Debate between Mccain and Obama, but yet to watched.

4. Downloaded a couple of video clips from YouTube. Nice songs introduced by others and newspapers, though some aren't my cup of tea. Currently playing repeatedly on my laptop is Because You Live by Jesse Mccartney. Thanks to my sister, Tuna =)

5. Suppose to write an article on the Wall Street meltdown and how it serves as an advantage for Asia market. Have yet to find a favoring piece of article towards it - all were saying more negative stuff. Is the CEO whom we interviewed pulling our legs or what? He was the one saying this is a good opportunity for Asia market to rise!

6. Celebrated Dev's birthday with chocolate cake from Grand Season Hotel, Sudan Crisis presentation and a debate on HIV testing made mandatory for marrying couples.

7. A friend has engaged in a relationship with a guy from the same hometown; another childhood friend in Russia has broken up her one year+ relationship with her British boyfriend.

8. Wonder if I'd ever have a chance to travel abroad again.

9. Wanted to fake a crush on someone and fool myself into believing that I really have a crush on someone. But I haven't found a target for this. Maybe later then. It should be fun. It's best i remain single for now. Relationship stuff is kinda complicated to handle especially at this busy and deadlines-approaching moment.

10. English Speaking Zone has ended with smooth closing ceremony. And I camwhored with my new hairband after that.
11. I have passed the KTSN Mama authority to Lee Fang, completely. I am now no longer in-charge of transport-applying, venue-booking, organising and conducting training, head-counting and number-reporting for trainings - things which I've done for 2 solid years and am tired of. I finally got the courage to say "I need a break". And Darryl has been very understanding.

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