Saturday, October 18, 2008

I heart sweet people :)

1. I've heard of Sushi King member privilege week was around the corner, yet didn't really bother about it because I am not a member, and I am not a sushi mania. I only fancy Japanese food once in a while. One day, Poh Ling asked me to join her for a meal in Sushi King together with her hoursemates. It reminded me of last year's sushi meal with my other friends, which was really enjoyable. I certainly would love to join her, even if I might not know her housemates. She borrowed Chee Mun's card, me Faidhi's card, just in case we brought more than 5 peopple along. I was thinking of asking someone from KTSN to join us so that I don't have to go back alone after dinner. I asked my great-grandbuddy, Charmagne.She is such a demure little girl next door. I always think that there's a generation gap between us. Everytime when my buddies (of different "generation") are to have a meal together, Peng Chiang and I will be the ones who talk the most, while Christinal will chip in her take occasionally. Charmagne will listen to us, smiling at the conversation we've exchanged with each other. 

As she gathered that I was looking for company, she told me that she was willing to accompany me for dinner in Sushi King if at the end I couldn't find anyone, even if she has ordered dinner for that night.

Wasn't she sweet? She may not be a popular person among her peers, but she's certainly a wonderful person to spend time with :)

2. I've always remembered Kevin's birthday is on the 19th of October (not for very long as I only know him for three months *grin*). He is the first ever person among all the debate juniors I have trained to call me OLD. He likes to remind me that I am 700 billion years old, and (teams up with Xu Vin occasionally to) make fun of me. He is the kind of person who dares to speak up what he thinks. He is VAIN. Very. And he has a sensible heart.

After the debate training in Fellow Conference Room, we celebrated Kevin's 20th birthday with a birthday card, a jar of peanut butter, French bread, and a sinfully yummilicious chocolate banana cake which was later inserted with candle from the sides (LOL) from Bread History. All prepared by Xu Vin.

Since then, everytime as I passed by the room, I'll smile and fell warm, remembering the scene when Xu Vin took out a jar of peanut butter and put a candle in it for Kevin, the time we switched off all the lights and fans and air-conds and sang the birthday song. 

3. Oh, Dev's birthday was celebrated there as well! Just a week ago :) . Dev has worked very hard for the team. Managing the debating team is certainly not easy. Writing and submittimg proposal to get funding for the team to go for debate tournament, organise training (camps), contacting seniors, getting juniors to attend, and etc. Bet he sacrificed a lot along the way. Yet he didn't mention it. And he is always a helpful and concerning friend.

4. Ai Huey was here for the training last Thursday. She came all the way here from Kajang Hospital after her work. She is now a medical officer, and is ENGAGED for 3 weeks now!! I told her after she left the training that night, we gossip about her ring, and she laughed :) There's always not enough said about Ai Huey. She is loving and understanding. Her wits are graceful and she speaks with humility. She is smart and knowledgable yet willing to share whatever she knows. She is so adorable that I reckon she is the first person to be kidnapped if it is not illegal.

5. I was at Bangi for the past two days for the National Career Carnival, which UKM is the host for this year. Honestly I didn't find a lot of job vacancies that are related to my field. They're looking for accountants, marketing executives, engineers - typical corporate careers. I only dropped my resume for around 20 companies after being there for one and a half day.

While I was waiting for my bus to depart back to KTSN, I saw someone looked like Darryl walking towards DECTAR. I called him to see if it was him. To cut story short, he realised that I was there, and asked to talk to me face-to-face. As he finally spotted me among the crowds, he told me he just wanted to say Hi to me in person.

Haha! Isn't he such an adorable person? Now I can differentiate "cute" from "adorable"- the former is more superficial while the latter comes from the inside. It was just a light conversation for less than 15 minutes, but it was certainly a pleasant one. Darryl is top in my suggestion list of 1,000 amazing person you should meet before you die. He is warm and wise in dealing with people, yet mischievous when we least expected it.

I'm not the only one to be surrounded with wonderful people. I believe most of us are. It is just that we always tend to be blind towards the beauty of others, yet love to magnify the weaknesses of theirs. Awesome people don't always appear extraordinary during the first time we meet. It takes time to reveal one's true colour. 


Teddy said...

20 resumes for 20 companies?
need so desperate mar?
biotech companies dont normally go to such places to promote their job...
hehe.. u nid to find at other places..
hows ur thesis going?
good data coming out?

Cher Linn Tang said...

Haha, is it a lot? I was only trying out =) I am not very keen on biotech field, but can consider la. Actually there're a lot of things I can consider, so I just drop resume in loh.

My thesis is still fine, thanks =) I'm doing a prevalence study, so the result till now is negative on the presence of that particular parasite.

Kevin Tan said...

im featured in cher linn's blog! 700 million years worth of readers!!!1 IM FAMOUS WHOOO~!

Cher Linn Tang said...

yeah, my fehmus M1 Kevin Tun :)