Friday, October 24, 2008

Tried Anything New Lately?

I've tried job hunting. Really hunting as in, even if there's no sign saying they have vacancy but I also asked them for it. Nah, not that I'm really THAT desparate. The reasons why I wanted to get myself a part time job after my final exam are:

1. I'm going to stay back in KL anyway, to continue with my lab work. I got to halt all lab processes for my thesis now because the exam is coming in two weeks time, I got to lock myself in the room and (hopefully) really push myself to study. To compensate the time lost, while others are having their full blast of holiday, I'm going to spend my time in a humble little lab and search for parasites in water sample - for one month ++.

2. I plan to visit my sis in Newcastle after I finish my final year. That'll be around May next year. By hook or by crook, I got to squeeze at least RM4700 for the flight ticket. My target of saving RM100 from RM600 motnhly pocket money is nearly reached for this month, but there're still rooms for improvement. Wish I can achieve higher saving during next month because it is an exam month hence I don't (and shouldn't) go out a lot.

3. If I were to stay in hostel during the semester break, I still got to pay the rental for my hostel. The amount will be around RM150. It'll be good if I can pay with my own means and don't always ask for money from dad.

4. I guess it'll be pretty boring if every morning I work in lab then come back hostel in the evening to stare at my wall and repeat the routine for the entire holiday. I'll go crazy in no time. I know it'll be a good time to do some readings, but if there're some cool jobs out there now, why not give it a try?

So, here are some restaurant I've tried:
1. Starbucks in Jaya Jusco, Wangsa Maju - Last weekend I saw that they're hiring baristas and walk-in interview was available. But as I reached there, there's no longer a sign for it. That's the thing. After Alison and I walked around the mall for a while she encouraged me to ask the person in Starbucks straightaway if the vacancy is still available. At first I thought it's very memalu-fying! Yet Alison said there's nothing for me to loose. So, yeah. And it turned out that the vacancy was acutally for Starbucks in One Utama. Dang~ Alison was right, I got nothing to loose :-)

2. Starbucks in KLCC - There was a banner saying they're hiring Baristas! I guess it's better I didn't make it to the interview in Jusco just now because from my campus to Jusco transportation wise is quite convenient but not quite so from Jusco back to my hostel after work late at night. I talked to the person in charge, who, *ahem* is a quite a cute guy. I filled a form and am now waiting for phone calls.

3. Chilis in KLCC - I actually planned to come here after I was rejected by Kinokuniya. Have I told you about Kinokuniya already? Never mind, it's been the past =) June told me Chilis pays well, and working there is quite fun. She may be working there for a week or two after her finals. The person in charged asked me to return there on next Tuesday afternoon, maybe because the interviewer wasn't in. Anyway, I guess it's good that the interview has to be carried out later because I wish to get an answer from Starbucks first and see what do they have to say about my job there. I don't want to say something like "I'll confirm with you later" if I can help it. It sounded very unsincere from me lah. And I'd honestly slightly more prefer working in Starbucks because I love Starbucks more than I love Chilis. I do love Chilis food, but not the the Chilis concept as a whole.

We'll see how things work out then :-) All the meeting-with-the-person-in-charge didn't give me the chance to know the salary yet, because I reckoned it's best I don't ask during the first time we meet. And I honestly do not really care how much Starbucks will pay me as long as they hire me =) Because,
It's something like:
And oh, after that, Alison and I went for Sakae Sushi! Camwhored as we got in:

And we both agreed that their Strawberry Daifuku worths second trying!

What a day!


Alison said...

it was great fun today even if it's a bit exhausted at the end of the day...n totally agree wif u!!starbucks coffee is the best anyone could possibly get!plus,sakae sushi has bcom one of the significant place due to their dainty strawberry daifuku!!u shd post the pic to let the world noe lolx!!

Cher Linn Tang said...

the pic of strawberry daifuku? yup, just added =) Gosh I'm so going to marry someone who invented this dessert!