Thursday, September 30, 2010


Phew! So I've finally told my colleagues about my resignation from my current company.

I handed in my resignation letter since 20th July 2010, and my last day in this company is on 7th October 2010, after offsetting my remaining Annual Leaves.

Of course, Amy knew about my resignation for all this while. In fact, she actually knew about which interview I was attending whenever I took a day or two off from work, and the times I struggled with the 3 months notice period versus offered a job and ready to resign dilemma. And the rest of the department knew about it once I handed in my resignation letter.

For those who're not from my department, Chloe was the first one I broke the news to personally. The experience was hilarious. I started off by asking her for lunch at some slightly nicer place, such as SMI cafe in Central Plaza. She had no idea why I asked her for lunch there. But well, since we're lunchmates, it's nothing unusual. Then we went on to compare Japanese restaurants else where, share experience about the food, price and services. Then we moved on to talk about boss and the buying-over of our company and some contract stuff. And talk about our company as a whole. She's worked here for 5 years, of course she knows more about the background of the company than I do. Then only I broke the news to her. Haha! Man, it takes two to beat around the bush effectively!

Chloe was shocked, then jokingly made me tell the other colleagues myself, one by one. She said that since I wanted to be this secretive, they're not going to help me spread it, I'll have to do it myself. And I really have to do it because they're going to organise a farewell lunch for me. Without knowing what's happening, it's quite weird to invite others just for lunch, with the unusual group of lunchmates. Chloe's expression was really funny. And so was Choy Li's. William's response was really drama, while Ivory's, YC's, Jessie's and YSY's were very mild. But YSY has the best answer:

Me: Hey, next Wed are you free? Let's go for lunch together.
YSY: OK. Aiya, sure can la, I everyday also need to eat one mah.
Me: *burst out laughing*

Tomorrow will tell KJaan and others. And will tell Michelle next Mon or Tue when she's back from Aus :)

One more week to go!


July 2005

on the bridge in front of Istana Budaya, crossing over to the football field, with a massive traffic jam under the bridge

You: Hey, look, on your left, it's all red lights from the cars on the left lane, and all yellow lights on the right lane.
Me: *amazed* yeah..
You: However, on your right, it's the opposite!
Me: Haha! I was just about to point that out!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Monday I had department lunch with my colleagues in Tony Roma, Pavilion. It's actually a farewell lunch for me. We had their set lunch and I think it kinda worth it :)

Me: Hey Abdullah, mai duduk sini! *grinning*
*patting at the seat right next to me*
Abdullah puzzled and quickly sat at the opposite seat, next to my Head of Dept, and BLUSHED.
HOD: Hey duduk dengan yang sudah kahwin buat apa? You kena practise kurangkan rasa malu dengan yang belum kahwin la.


Abdullah is a clerk in my department. He knows everything about the department, where things are and how things go about. But he's a very shy person. We always tease him about finding his significant half, and very concern about this issue, too, because even himself admitted that he'll get panicky if the girl he likes is around.

And, it's not just us who likes to tease him. Girls from other departments like to do that to him, too. Hahahaha!

And there's an inside joke that Abdullah is the Pengetua, Amy is his assistant (Penolong Pengetua) and I am the disciplinary teacher, haha :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We celebrated Xu Vin's birthday at San Francisco Steak House, KLCC last Sunday night. To get there from UiTM Women's IV:

I was already at Women's IV when I found out Kevin's note about this surplaise dinner for Xu Vin. It didn't take me long to decide if I wanted to attend, though. (Have I finally found the cure for decidophobia?? Hee hee!)

Initially the plan was Lee Fang and I would be attending, and hence Lee Fang could drive us there. After the Women's Forum, Lee Fang was very much moved by how much effort the organisers had put in to for this tournament, and felt guilty for leaving early. That automatically rendered me a double sinner as I did feel the same guilt as well, with me being the most senior adj except the adj core - the turn out for the tournament was kinda small.

But for some reasons, it didn't affect my previous decision. And I happened to talk to Shaq and Fairuz about hitching a ride, and they had graciously went all out to get Reza to send me to the nearest (not necessarily near, mind you) Putra LRT station so that I can avoid taking KTM, to go to KLCC.

At first, Fairuz and Reza were suppose to attend an open house together, and they could drop me at Kelana Jaya station on the way there. But this wasn't what happened. Fairuz had to stay back for some prize giving ceremony event, hence only Reza drove me all the way to that station from UiTM Shah Alam (if you're familar with the distance, you know how much it means to me), just to send me there, then back to campus to wait for Fairuz. And Shaq was partly involved in talking Reza into doing this favour for me. He later sms me just to make sure I reached wherever I needed to go.

I am (still, present tense) indeed overwhelmed by their great hospitality and kindness. The world should have more amazing people like them. I am glad to be given the chance to know them via debate :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


UiTM Women's IV

I took a day off from work for it. It's been a long time I haven't seen Khairun in the debating scene. This time she came back as CA for this tournament. I actually liked most of the motions in this tournament - which only consisted of 4 prelims, semi and final. I don't quite like the motion for semi though, maybe because most of us don't have much understanding about that particular person, and the debate I adjudicated in were slightly below average. And I haven't known the motion for final round as I left UiTM for Xu Vin's birthday celebration dinner at KLCC right after semi.

On Fri and Sat night, in our hotel room, I gave massages to my girls, one by one :) I like giving massages because I like it when people feel good after my "service". I am not a pro. But that's the best I can give. Massage is good way for team bonding, or strength relationship.

On Sat night, the girls asked me to write a message for each of them on their book. That's very sweet of them. These girls are very precious to me. Each of them. I am glad that I get to know them and spend time with them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


With Amy's cubicle next to mine at work, we basically spend about 8 hours a day sitting just two feet from each other, separated by chest-height partition. However, both of us usually communicate with each other via (surprise surprise) Gtalk :)

Suddenly, Amy turned around and stared at me in disbelief.

Me: *chuckled* HEY! Don't stare at me like that!
Amy: *whispered* what the..??
Me: *whispered* groans, I don't know la.. :S

And we went back to typing.

But well, that's only when we have the time to do so. Most of the time, either she or me or both of us are occupied. Yet, it does make working less stressful or boring. Haha :)

I will totally miss these moments :)


I'm suffering from abdominal muscles ache since Sunday evening. Push-ups and stomach crunches are no jokes. I can't even cough properly. Whenever I do, I feel the ache immediately. I can't imagine when I want to laugh out loud.

Except that I haven't got the chance to.

Heart has muscles, too. When I say I feel heartache, how do you know if it's a physical or emotional agony?

Kick-boxing training is good for my heart. Having a conflict with the trainer is not.

I feel like a drill has been forced through my heart. But I will still take each session seriously until I've finished them. I am going to miss every bit of punching and kicking, or even the sound of punches, the sweat and muscle aches, the yelling out of pain and later learn to swallow it by bitting lips.

Monday, September 20, 2010


On the dining table:

Pineapple Tart - Raya cookies from Ana
Red Bean Mooncake (Halal) - Mooncake Festival from me

I love diversity - the benefit of living with different races :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've finally asked him to stop asking me out.

Nonetheless it's not something I did with a cheerful heart.


Si Qin: Do you like musical drama?
Me: Yes I do! Who doesn't? Haha.

It reminded me of Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical I attended with Kevin, Xu Vin, Pau, Kok Joo, Fea and Jun Hoe last year. It was my first time watching a performance in Istana Budaya. The show was splendidly done - awesome singings and musics, impressive props and beautiful lyrics. Bahasa Malaysia has never been this beautiful to me. The show was very enjoyable that it made me wanted to fall in love right at that moment, too.

I may not have musical background, but I do love watching theatric performance, orchestra or even just a small live band in a restaurant, be it country, jazz, cosa nova or R&B. I am always amazed at the sound produced when individual notes dances in concert.

HY said it's good that I accepted the invite from Sue Lee because I have less chance to catch a performance in MPO once I move to Subang, compared to him, who will still be in KL for a long time, and can attend MPO performance whenever he feels like it. Heh, at my face, haha!


KL also gives me a lot of heartbreaks. But I don't want zero-heartbreak life from God, but a friend who is willing to spend time with me at times like this. To sit next to me and accompany me, without a word. Or a friend who will hold on to the line even if both of us don't say anything through the phone. Because that is the best conversation ever. When my heart's broken and I don't know how to pick up the pieces, it's just like how I don't know how to pick the words to form sentences.

I've met people. Nice people. Not-very-nice people. The latter let me treasure the former even more. The latter shall be the past. The former shall be in my heart.

You are the former. But you have no idea how much I need you now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


There is only one grand chamber for all MPO performance. I always wonder what would every inches of the chamber feel, to be there for every performances, years over years. Will they bask in the good musics and wear the heavenly notes as a scented coat? Or will they ever get bored of the harps and violin, cello and drums? Will they be inspired or moved, or depressed or sorrowed by every moves of the conductor?

I guess it's like asking how does the moon feel, watching the Earth years after years - civil wars, family affairs, changes in political leaders, rise and fall of economy, heart breaks, natural disaster, the invention of electricity and penicillin, every birth and death.

While all human does, is to live the moment as it is. I love MPO performances, and I like to attend it with friends. It's been a great evening to attend Operatic Gems conducted by Claus Peter Flor with Soprano singer Nicole Cabell, with Sue Lee.


Just came back from my last debate training with the kids in KTSN. I only managed to attend one round as I needed to get back and get ready for MPO at 8:30pm later. And hopefully get something else done as well, such as laundry and wrap books - bought some books during the KVBC and couldn't wait to start reading already. I've started on one but still prefer to wrap it up before continue reading. And I still haven't done with HY's The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Anyway, I wanted to write down my favourite conversations with the debaters. But I can't really remember how those conversations were initiated, or ended. I remembered I laughed a lot throughout all conversations. Like, hilariously. And they're funny effortlessly.

Jeremy: Pau, I've finally found out the shortest way to come to KTSN from Bangi!
Pau: Which is?
Jeremy: come out from istana then straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiighhhhtt then turn left then it's KTSN!
Dev: Why do you have to say "straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiighhhhtt" and not just "straight"?
Jeremy: Because the road is really long! It's 9km!

Have I told you Jeremy is indeed a drama king?

And oh, one shouldn't miss the way Kevin and Jeremy have their impromptu talk show, live.

It's very comfortable and warm to be with them. Saturday afternoons should be like this :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Venue: Ps. Tony's house - Bible study

Jeremy and I are moving on from College CG soon. HY led the group to do a heart-warming farewell for us. Everyone was given some sticky post-it notes and asked to write Jeremy's and my characteristics and follow by a message into respective papers for us both. At the end, everyone shared what they wrote, and I collected the stack of post-it notes from them. Some of them even with drawings! That's very sweet of them, a group of friends I've grown to love ever since the first day I know them.

Amos: (with surprisingly neat handwriting from a guy!)
Although it's been only a short period since I knew you, I can safely say that you're very much a cheerful person (at least from what I observe). You're receptive in meeting new faces from our church. And it's quite impressive that you can join us regularly for CG and occasional lunches as well (though I'm not that regular).

Thank you for my birthday cake especially! Grateful that all remembered my b'day, and you helped buy it! =) thank you.

Sue Ann:
Cher Linn is friendly! :)

It is nice getting to know you and hear you voice out your opinions during CG discussions. I would suppose CG might be even more quiet during discussion sessions without you. Continue to grow in your walk with Christ and shine for Christ wherever you are! =)

Bubbly, Friendly, Smiley

Do enjoy the next adventure you are about to face as you embark on a journey of faith. God will guide you ALL DA WAY! *love*

Siaw Lin: (she wrote this impressive spiralling message within minutes!)
Book Lover, Friendly, Appreciative, Listener

Hi Cher Linn, it has been great getting to know you. Can't believe you'r leaving us so fast =( I really enjoyed talking to you and sharing the same interest in books. As you start a new day at the new place, I pray that God will provide you directions and good Christian friends to encourage you in your walk with God... Please remember us in your prayers and visit us whenever you can. Keep in touch!

Tristan: (he called himself King Kong, haha!)
cheerful, loves the Lord, funny, great friend, caring

Although it is just a short time knowing you, it was great. Do keep in touch, stay strong in the Lord and be a testimony wherever you are =)

All the best in your new job in Subang! -Bye-

who loves sharing valuable, informative and personal, very encouraging mature views
thanks for being who you are and being a real friend to me...

Ta Jie, there will surely be a new world once you move on... thank you for sharing your thoughts in and out of CG.

Cher Linn!! don't go T.T

Although we haven't know each other for very long, I will definitely miss you very very much. You are a very cheerful, bubbly and joyful person and I have learnt a lot from your sharing in CG =) I hope that wherever God leads you, you will be able to shine for Him and bless those around you! Remember to come back and visit us often! (Not too far ma =)) Also remember to rely on God in everything that you do. God bless.

Kok Yee:
Solemn. Dear Sherlynn, All the best in your new working place in Subang. I hope I spelled your name correctly! (haha, wrong spelling! But it's ok ;))

You have a nice smile and I'm sure that brings out a smile in each person you meet. Continue smiling! =)
Even as you brave yourself into a new environment, always remember to let God lead, guide and walk with you in every aspect of your life. God bless!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. [Proverbs 3:5-6]

V Jin:
Smiles a lot, Think from different point of view, Committed in coming for CG

I don't really know you that well but ALL THE BEST IN SUBANG. Hope you find a good new church that welcomes you.

Cheerful + Smart/ Bright = Cher Linn!!

Your presence at CG will be dearly missed.. May you continue to be a blessing wherever you go =)

Hon Yau:
Smart, Teachable & humble spirit, Adventurous
Remain in Jesus. Be rooted in Him. Rejoice in Him. Find your supreme satisfaction in Him. Proclaim Him in your life!

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened on the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. [Colossians 2:6-7]

Aunty Teresa:
1. Characteristics: Smiley, Carries herself well, Mature
2. (also) [Proverbs 3:5-6]

Pastor Tony:
You have a keen interest and commitment in the Lord - may this never wane in the years to come. Go and make a difference for the Lord.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Venue: A pet shop in MidValley

Me: Hey, Ervina, come here *grin*
Ervina: Yeah?
*standing in front of glass cage which houses a few adorable, fluffy rabbits
Me: During one of my lab sessions, we dissected one of these *still grinning*
Ervina: =.="


Venue: Grand Ballroom, Tropicana Golf Club & Country Resort (on the phone)

Me: Hi, Ervina! Hey, sorry, just now I was at the Bible conference I told you about.
Ervina: No problem. So it's finished already?
Me: Yup.
Ervina: So are you holier now?
Me: =.="

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


13th September. My birthday. Every year. There are always ways to celebrate it :) This year had been pretty interesting. I celebrates it with God's presence. I mean, He doesn't even bother to be "subtle", haha!

During Raya break, I was back in BM. Family celebrated my birthday the night before I board the train back to KL. It was a lovely meal with family :) My whole family was at home that weekend. Thank God for my family members, all are healthy and well.

On Monday morning on my way to work, it rained heavily! I reached office dripping all over the place. Even with umbrella, the only part of me that was not wet was my chest, because I hold my bag tightly in front of my chest. It has not rained in the morning (around 8am) for a very long time. Today, it surprisingly happened. But I made it on time, with an unexplainable grin on my face. As I was fighting my way to office, I was reminded that: if God can bring you through the rain, He can bring you through everything. It IS not easy to walk through the rain. Every steps is gingerly placed and moved. My mind has to be strong and focus in getting to destination. Preserverance and determination on not to give up. And only with strength from God that I am able to stay strong, and remain joyful at the same time :)

Lunch was treated by colleagues. It's been many times I told you how much I love this bunch of people. What is there to like about them, really? I can't quite place it, but I like them! TanKingYee are you reading this? :p
(Edit: NO, they are an evil bunch of people. Amy didn't want to tell me where they are bringing me for lunch celebration. And then she tricked me that they're bringing me to NZ - a nearby mamakstall, a MAMAKSTALL - for lunch. And others joined her plan. She knew it's going to kill me if I wanted to know something badly and NOT getting the answer. Evil! Hahaha)

Dinner was with HY. And treated by him as well. Then together with other friends, we attended Klang Valley Bible Conference. Tough stuff, learned something new, bought 2 new books. Met some old friends and got to know some new people (Please tell me how could I not enjoy this day? :D). And lastly, HY sent me back. We talked on many things and I enjoyed the conversation.

And more than 260 birthday wishes on Facebooks, a couple of SMS-es, calls, cards and presents!

I have been blessed with an eventful and contented day! To me, it's totally a blast!

The best part is, the events do not just stop there. the KVBC is a three-night event, and I've had activities planned for the rest of the week. It's like my birthday celebration has been extended to become my birth-week celebration, haha! And I'm totally loving every part of it :)

Lord, I don't know what to say. I am a sinner, but You've been merciful to me. Thank You for Your love and grace, for the past 24 years. I am not who I wish to be, I am not who I ought to be, but I'm sure I am not who I was, and it's by God's grace that I am who I am today.

There was once I asked Ervina: will there really be someone who'd call me just to hear my voice? (I used to have that someone but that's history now.). She assured me that there will be. And I asked Jesus if it's true. Jesus spoke to me: "Yes, there will be. Because I am that someone."

And it reminded me that praying is talking to someone who is already talking to you. And God does listen to our prayers. God is so in love with us that He is always delighted to hear from us. Lord, I want to fall deeper in love with You. To want to be thirsty for Your words. May Your presence guide me to grow towards You, to serve Your kingdom, in years to come.

In Lord Jesus' name, Amen.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Met Jolene and Keh Len at the bus stop in front of KLCC after BookFest.

Jolene whispered something into Keh Len's ear.
KL: Huh, really? Where.. (turned around) huh, Cher Linnnn!
Me: Hey Keh Len! Hey Jolene!
KL: What are you doing here?
Me: Bookfair! *lifted my "rewards"*. You girls? Eh, you guys went there too *notice the same plastic bags in their hands*
KL: Yeah. You came here after work is it?
Me: Yup.
KL: How do you come here?
Me: I walk from Bukit Bintang.
KL: WALK from Bukit Bintang?!
Me: Yeah, actually it's quite near, especially around evening when it's not very hot, it's a pleasant trip.
KL: I see.
Me: Oh, just now I saw Gan at the bookfair!
KL: He's still there?! Wow, he's been there for a long time!
Me: Really? What time did you see him?
KL: around 5pm something.
Me: Oh, yeah.. I saw him around 8pm. BTW, so you two know each other?
KL: Yeah, we're coursemates.
Me: Oh, I always thought Jolene is still in second year! Haha!
KL: Not fair, how come she gets to be a second year while I stay a third year..
Me: Well, I don't know.
KL: How do you know each other?
Me: hmm.. It would be during CF camp.
Jolene: Yeah, the CF camp.
Me: How long have you been waiting here?
Jolene: You mean, here at this bus stop? *checked watch* 15 minutes
Me: OK la, not too bad.
Jolene: Just now we were very blur. Before this we waited at another bus stop for 30 minutes, and the only bus that passed by was B114 to Maluri.
Me: Huh? Another bus stop? Haha!
KL: Yeah, we got confused, haha. And we finally asked the bus driver, and he told us to wait at the bus stop in front, which is here.
Me: I see. Haha, so adorable la you two.
Jolene: We are always very blur. But Keh Len is more blur, hahaha!

*on the bus, with Keh Len sitting between Jolene and I*
Me: Pss, Jolene, is there anyone going after Keh Len?
Jolene: Hmm, not that I know of..
KL: HEY you two are literally speaking behind my back! And I can understand Mandarin ok!
Me: Opps, hahahaha, ok so, Keh Len, is there anyone going after you?

Hahaha :)

There is something special about Keh Len that I can't quite place. Something that remind me of a sea of sunflowers that let you put down your guard. Many of us observe that she is very good in giving speeches on ethical issues, we call it "emo speech". I'd say, those speeches are just so Keh Len. Many times I actually believe that Keh Len herself genuinely believes in what she says about being human with a heart made of flesh and blood. I guess that's it. Keh Len, the girl-next-door whose heart beats with love and passion for life.


It's only Sunday early evening and I've had plans for all my coming weekdays. I'm loving my life! =)

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Min Fei stood in front of my cubicle in office, lifted the package of mooncakes to my eye level.

Me: Yay! Thanks, Min Fei!
MF: You're welcome. HY kept your RM0.60 change.
Me: Oh? Hahaha, oh yeah, the change. Nevermind la.
MF: He probably gave it to Jeremy already anyway.
Me: Nah, Jeremy has gone back to Ipoh. Oh, you know Jeremy also? Because he's more junior than your batch..
MF: Yeah, I know him, we're all from the same school what..
Me: I see.
MF: HY told me he has counted and there are four mooncakes inside, don't curi makan and give you what's left.
Me: Hahaha! OH, probably I can call him and ask him why it's only an empty box!
MF: Yeah, let's pull a prank on him! Quick, text him!
Me: Hahaha, you crazy fella!

Later, via sms:
HY: Hi, some of us are planning to go hiking at Bukit Tabur on Friday morning, 6:30am, weather permitting. Interested? :)
Me: Ugh, I'll be at home already! :( It's ok la, you guys have fun! Thanks for inviting. And thanks for helping me with the mooncakes :)
HY: You're welcome! And thanks for the book too. Hard cover somemore. Hope it's not too costly!
Me: Haha, don't be fooled by the looks :p just to hint that you should pay at least one visit to bookfest. still, the price may be cheap, not the content of the book. hee hee
HY: You are really tempting me to go to the fest... see how, may go after work today. Haha.
Me: Yeah, do some warm up with your muscles by carrying books before climbing Tabor tomorrow :p going with Siaw Lin, right?
Me: Erm, about the bookfair, actually it's not as impressive as last year, though. The books that I want aren't there, only picked up some books I wouldn't buy at normal price. Haha. And maybe because I was a bit rush, I didn't spend much time to check out books I haven't heard of, either. Still, go have a look la :)
Me: If you guys are going bookfest tonight, what time? I could meet you guys up a while in KLCC before I go back home tonight. Haha. Train is at 10pm anyway.
HY: Won't be going tonight already. Having dinner at home so don't want to be too late.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


There are some people whom I should not go out for lunch with when what I have is only an hour break. Time flies when I am with them (In other words, I age so fast when they're around! :p) It makes me reluctant to leave for work.

:) Pau, Kevin and Xu Vin came over for lunch with me in Pavilion today. I'm very touched and happy to see them.


From: Tan King Yee
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:36 PM
To: Abdullah
Cc: Tang Cher Linn
Subject: RE:

Seminggu macam setahun tau? Haha
Enjoy ya!
From: Abdullah
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:35 PM
To: Tan King Yee
Subject: RE:

Jgn sedih mcm selesema je mb menangis kot :(
I cuti seminggu je
From: Tan King Yee
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:32 PM
To: Abdullah
Cc: Tang Cher Linn
Subject: RE:

I kan penolong pengetua !! -.-
From: Abdullah
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:31 PM
To: Tan King Yee
Subject: RE:

TQ Cikgu kecik :]
From: Tan King Yee
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:30 PM
To: Abdullah
Cc: Tang Cher Linn
Subject: RE:

Selamat Hari Raya :D
From: Tang Cher Linn
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:08 PM
To: Tan King Yee
Subject: FW:
From: Abdullah
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:07 PM
To: Tang Cher Linn
Subject: RE:

Sama je suma cikgu kecik & sy cikgu besar . Huahahah……:D ;]
From: Tang Cher Linn
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:06 PM
To: Abdullah
Cc: Tan King Yee
Subject: RE:

Cikgu kecik?! Hahaa saya guru disiplin la :p itu tankingyee adalah penolong pengetua :p
From: Abdullah
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:04 PM
To: Tang Cher Linn
Subject: RE:

TQ cikgu kecik .
From: Tang Cher Linn
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 4:02 PM
To: Abdullah
Cc: Tan King Yee

Half an hour to go! Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Makan kuih raya banyak-banyak! ;-)

Thanks and regards,
Cher Linn, Tang

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


It was a pleasant day in the city. Two individuals asked me for direction on separate occasion that day.

First: From Sg. Wang Plaza to Low Yat Plaza
I can count with my fingers how often I have visited Low Yat Plaza in my entire life. No matter how many times I've walked the back street in Bukit Bintang area, I still cannot trust myself to arrive wherever I want to go untill I finally reach the place. And yes, I still get lost in Sg. Wang Plaza.

I was on my way to Berjaya Time Square passing by the front door of Sg. Wang Plaza.
Tourist: Excuse me, may I know how to get to Low Yat Plaza?
Me: Oh.. er.. It's just right behind this building.. *pointing at the entrance to Sg. Wang Plaza*
Tourist: er..
(I know I had not been helpful! But I really not sure the direction to go to LYP through SW, which I think is the fastest way?)
Me: Oh, are you alone? Or are you waiting for your friends?
Tourist: Er.. Yes, LYP?
Me: No, I mean, are you with your wife or girlfriend, or anyone?
(sounds kinda wrong to ask this question, no? sigh)
Tourist: Sorry I don't understand.. It's ok, it's ok.
Me: No. no! Because if you're not waiting for anyone, you can follow me now, I'm going to a place that will pass by LYP, I can bring you to LYP now.
Tourist: Oh, Ok. Thank you very much!

And we walked. I happened to use a new route that day as well, as I think going to BTS via SW during lunch time is not a great idea. Along the way, I kept hoping I won't humiliate myself, by volunteering to show the direction yet got lost together. Haha.

In the end, we didn't get lost! And we went our separate ways, leaving me a happy person :)

Second: From Wisma Cosway to KLCC
It's just a short distance. After work, I decided to walk to KLCC for BookFest from my office in Bukit Bintang, passing by Pavilion. This guy parked his car in Kenanga building and wanted to walk there, but he's confused with the direction towards there amongst the high rise buildings around. Sometimes, I do, too. But it was just a day before that I discover a path that enable me to get back to the right track even if I've made a wrong turning at the beginning of the road.

He was walking in front of me and suddenly stopped and looked across the car pack, hesitating if he should walk back to the original point. I asked him if he wanted to walk through the car park, and I showed him the "newly discovered" path of mine. We walked through the car pack, had a pleasant chat. He was suppose to had dinner in Pavilion but since it was buka puasa time, all the restaurant were full house. Then we parted as I walked towards KLCC, him to Kenanga building where he parked his car.

Again, it left me feeling happy, to be able to show direction to others (when myself is a very geographically challenged person, haha!).


Trainer: You mau train dengan Melvin, kan?
Me: Ya.. bila you balik lepas raya?
Trainer: Next Thurs 16th September. Hari Malaysia saya ada.
Me: Thursday? Hm.. Oh! Jadi Thurday itu saya ada training, kan?
Trainer: Ya.
Me: So next Tuesday saya train dengan Melvin la?
Trainer: Boleh je, saya tak kisah pun.
Me: .. Oh, Ab boleh bagi Melvin punya nombor?
Trainer: Kenapa pula tadi tak mintak kat dia?
Me: Tadi dia rushing ma.
Trainer: Ok. 01x-xxxxxxx
Me: Thanks!
Trainer: OK, nak pergi ambil barang kejap.
Me: You Khamis flight pagi pukul berapa?
Trainer: 7am
Me: Oh wow.
Trainer: Kenapa? You nak hantar ka?
Me: Hahaha, nanti tak payah balik dah.
Trainer: Tidor je la kat sana, nanti lepas I terbang you terus datang kerja.
Me: Hahaha.. Oh, selamat hari raya!
Trainer: You mau bagi duit raya, kan?
Me: Eh, kenapa pula saya yang kena bagi duit raya? Bukan Ab ke yang kena bagi? Ab yang celebrate mah.
Trainer: Ya la, memang saya celebrate, jadi you yang kena bagi duit raya kat saya supaya saya boleh beli barang untuk celebrate.
Me: Hahahaha, lebih la Ab ni. Saya lagi muda dari Ab, jadi Ab kena bagi duit raya kat saya.
Trainer: Tak, saya sudah cakap, saya yang celebrate, so saya kena terima duit raya.
Me: *burst out laughing*

Actually, I was suppose to be mad at him over something which I now think is really trivial.

Monday, September 06, 2010


Me: Von, could you help me to tekan a bit, please?
Yvonne: OK.
Me: I use your bed ok?
Yvonne: OK.
*I lie down on the bed, face down*
Yvonne: Where?
Me: Here. At the waist. Yeah, that's right.
Yvonne: Tekan kuat-kuat?
Me: Yes, kuat-kuat.
*Yvonne's hands applied pressure kao kao at the agnonising area*
Me: Ohhhhh, feel so good! You're good!
*Yvonne tried at the area around*
Me: Yeah, that's the spot! Ohhhhhh....OHHH
Yvonne: OK ka?
Me: Yeah, so nice...
*Yvonne worked on the area for a while, and me indulging in the ultimate pleasure of massage*
Me: *sigh of relieve* I'm very much relieved now, thanks a lot!
Yvonne: You're welcome :)

Have I told you Yvonne has skillful hands?

Sunday, September 05, 2010


HY: Have you been to any bazaar?
Me: There's one right opposite my office, I always pass by it to go to Monorail. So yup, I've been to bazaar :) But I can't really eat the food from there. Many fatty, fried stuff.
HY: You can't or you don't want to?
Me: I.. should not. And even if I'm very much tempted to buy them, I always afraid that my trainer will catch me red handed buying those food! Haha!
HY: Yeah. So your trainer advises you on food intake as well?
Me: Yup.
HY: I see. It's not just going to gym but also other things in everyday life we have to take care as well for good health.
Me: And to follow them religiously as well.
HY: Yeah, haha. Did he tell you anything about sleeping time as well?
Me: No. But these things, we know lah, must have enough sleep, regular time to sleep, etc.
HY: Yeah, but sometimes we seem to have so many things at hand that we have to sacrifice sleeping time.
Me: There's this hormone called leptin, which influences our appetite and energy intake base on the amount of energy left in our body. But if our sleep cycle has been disturbed, the release of this hormone does not reflect the actual energy need of our body, and we tend to eat more. There has been a study that shows teenagers tend to eat more fried food after sleep deprivation.
HY: Oh yeah?
Me: Yeah. Still, I don't know why I feel like I'm always running out of time, always have been rushing here and there, haha.
HY: Well, maybe life in a city is like this. And city gives us opportunity to get more things done.
Me: True. And that's exactly why I love my life in this city!