Sunday, September 19, 2010


Si Qin: Do you like musical drama?
Me: Yes I do! Who doesn't? Haha.

It reminded me of Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical I attended with Kevin, Xu Vin, Pau, Kok Joo, Fea and Jun Hoe last year. It was my first time watching a performance in Istana Budaya. The show was splendidly done - awesome singings and musics, impressive props and beautiful lyrics. Bahasa Malaysia has never been this beautiful to me. The show was very enjoyable that it made me wanted to fall in love right at that moment, too.

I may not have musical background, but I do love watching theatric performance, orchestra or even just a small live band in a restaurant, be it country, jazz, cosa nova or R&B. I am always amazed at the sound produced when individual notes dances in concert.

HY said it's good that I accepted the invite from Sue Lee because I have less chance to catch a performance in MPO once I move to Subang, compared to him, who will still be in KL for a long time, and can attend MPO performance whenever he feels like it. Heh, at my face, haha!

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