Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm suffering from abdominal muscles ache since Sunday evening. Push-ups and stomach crunches are no jokes. I can't even cough properly. Whenever I do, I feel the ache immediately. I can't imagine when I want to laugh out loud.

Except that I haven't got the chance to.

Heart has muscles, too. When I say I feel heartache, how do you know if it's a physical or emotional agony?

Kick-boxing training is good for my heart. Having a conflict with the trainer is not.

I feel like a drill has been forced through my heart. But I will still take each session seriously until I've finished them. I am going to miss every bit of punching and kicking, or even the sound of punches, the sweat and muscle aches, the yelling out of pain and later learn to swallow it by bitting lips.

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