Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Monday I had department lunch with my colleagues in Tony Roma, Pavilion. It's actually a farewell lunch for me. We had their set lunch and I think it kinda worth it :)

Me: Hey Abdullah, mai duduk sini! *grinning*
*patting at the seat right next to me*
Abdullah puzzled and quickly sat at the opposite seat, next to my Head of Dept, and BLUSHED.
HOD: Hey duduk dengan yang sudah kahwin buat apa? You kena practise kurangkan rasa malu dengan yang belum kahwin la.


Abdullah is a clerk in my department. He knows everything about the department, where things are and how things go about. But he's a very shy person. We always tease him about finding his significant half, and very concern about this issue, too, because even himself admitted that he'll get panicky if the girl he likes is around.

And, it's not just us who likes to tease him. Girls from other departments like to do that to him, too. Hahahaha!

And there's an inside joke that Abdullah is the Pengetua, Amy is his assistant (Penolong Pengetua) and I am the disciplinary teacher, haha :)

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