Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We celebrated Xu Vin's birthday at San Francisco Steak House, KLCC last Sunday night. To get there from UiTM Women's IV:

I was already at Women's IV when I found out Kevin's note about this surplaise dinner for Xu Vin. It didn't take me long to decide if I wanted to attend, though. (Have I finally found the cure for decidophobia?? Hee hee!)

Initially the plan was Lee Fang and I would be attending, and hence Lee Fang could drive us there. After the Women's Forum, Lee Fang was very much moved by how much effort the organisers had put in to for this tournament, and felt guilty for leaving early. That automatically rendered me a double sinner as I did feel the same guilt as well, with me being the most senior adj except the adj core - the turn out for the tournament was kinda small.

But for some reasons, it didn't affect my previous decision. And I happened to talk to Shaq and Fairuz about hitching a ride, and they had graciously went all out to get Reza to send me to the nearest (not necessarily near, mind you) Putra LRT station so that I can avoid taking KTM, to go to KLCC.

At first, Fairuz and Reza were suppose to attend an open house together, and they could drop me at Kelana Jaya station on the way there. But this wasn't what happened. Fairuz had to stay back for some prize giving ceremony event, hence only Reza drove me all the way to that station from UiTM Shah Alam (if you're familar with the distance, you know how much it means to me), just to send me there, then back to campus to wait for Fairuz. And Shaq was partly involved in talking Reza into doing this favour for me. He later sms me just to make sure I reached wherever I needed to go.

I am (still, present tense) indeed overwhelmed by their great hospitality and kindness. The world should have more amazing people like them. I am glad to be given the chance to know them via debate :)

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Xu Vin said...

1. i am so psyched about how fast u made the decision. grins..

2. yeah they are indeed reli awesome ppl! God bless them!