Sunday, September 12, 2010


Met Jolene and Keh Len at the bus stop in front of KLCC after BookFest.

Jolene whispered something into Keh Len's ear.
KL: Huh, really? Where.. (turned around) huh, Cher Linnnn!
Me: Hey Keh Len! Hey Jolene!
KL: What are you doing here?
Me: Bookfair! *lifted my "rewards"*. You girls? Eh, you guys went there too *notice the same plastic bags in their hands*
KL: Yeah. You came here after work is it?
Me: Yup.
KL: How do you come here?
Me: I walk from Bukit Bintang.
KL: WALK from Bukit Bintang?!
Me: Yeah, actually it's quite near, especially around evening when it's not very hot, it's a pleasant trip.
KL: I see.
Me: Oh, just now I saw Gan at the bookfair!
KL: He's still there?! Wow, he's been there for a long time!
Me: Really? What time did you see him?
KL: around 5pm something.
Me: Oh, yeah.. I saw him around 8pm. BTW, so you two know each other?
KL: Yeah, we're coursemates.
Me: Oh, I always thought Jolene is still in second year! Haha!
KL: Not fair, how come she gets to be a second year while I stay a third year..
Me: Well, I don't know.
KL: How do you know each other?
Me: hmm.. It would be during CF camp.
Jolene: Yeah, the CF camp.
Me: How long have you been waiting here?
Jolene: You mean, here at this bus stop? *checked watch* 15 minutes
Me: OK la, not too bad.
Jolene: Just now we were very blur. Before this we waited at another bus stop for 30 minutes, and the only bus that passed by was B114 to Maluri.
Me: Huh? Another bus stop? Haha!
KL: Yeah, we got confused, haha. And we finally asked the bus driver, and he told us to wait at the bus stop in front, which is here.
Me: I see. Haha, so adorable la you two.
Jolene: We are always very blur. But Keh Len is more blur, hahaha!

*on the bus, with Keh Len sitting between Jolene and I*
Me: Pss, Jolene, is there anyone going after Keh Len?
Jolene: Hmm, not that I know of..
KL: HEY you two are literally speaking behind my back! And I can understand Mandarin ok!
Me: Opps, hahahaha, ok so, Keh Len, is there anyone going after you?

Hahaha :)

There is something special about Keh Len that I can't quite place. Something that remind me of a sea of sunflowers that let you put down your guard. Many of us observe that she is very good in giving speeches on ethical issues, we call it "emo speech". I'd say, those speeches are just so Keh Len. Many times I actually believe that Keh Len herself genuinely believes in what she says about being human with a heart made of flesh and blood. I guess that's it. Keh Len, the girl-next-door whose heart beats with love and passion for life.


Crystal said...

Its amazing how you remember the whooole entire conversation :)

Crystal said...

Its amazing how you actually remember the whole conversation!! :)