Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just came back from my last debate training with the kids in KTSN. I only managed to attend one round as I needed to get back and get ready for MPO at 8:30pm later. And hopefully get something else done as well, such as laundry and wrap books - bought some books during the KVBC and couldn't wait to start reading already. I've started on one but still prefer to wrap it up before continue reading. And I still haven't done with HY's The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Anyway, I wanted to write down my favourite conversations with the debaters. But I can't really remember how those conversations were initiated, or ended. I remembered I laughed a lot throughout all conversations. Like, hilariously. And they're funny effortlessly.

Jeremy: Pau, I've finally found out the shortest way to come to KTSN from Bangi!
Pau: Which is?
Jeremy: come out from istana then straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiighhhhtt then turn left then it's KTSN!
Dev: Why do you have to say "straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiighhhhtt" and not just "straight"?
Jeremy: Because the road is really long! It's 9km!

Have I told you Jeremy is indeed a drama king?

And oh, one shouldn't miss the way Kevin and Jeremy have their impromptu talk show, live.

It's very comfortable and warm to be with them. Saturday afternoons should be like this :)

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