Sunday, September 05, 2010


HY: Have you been to any bazaar?
Me: There's one right opposite my office, I always pass by it to go to Monorail. So yup, I've been to bazaar :) But I can't really eat the food from there. Many fatty, fried stuff.
HY: You can't or you don't want to?
Me: I.. should not. And even if I'm very much tempted to buy them, I always afraid that my trainer will catch me red handed buying those food! Haha!
HY: Yeah. So your trainer advises you on food intake as well?
Me: Yup.
HY: I see. It's not just going to gym but also other things in everyday life we have to take care as well for good health.
Me: And to follow them religiously as well.
HY: Yeah, haha. Did he tell you anything about sleeping time as well?
Me: No. But these things, we know lah, must have enough sleep, regular time to sleep, etc.
HY: Yeah, but sometimes we seem to have so many things at hand that we have to sacrifice sleeping time.
Me: There's this hormone called leptin, which influences our appetite and energy intake base on the amount of energy left in our body. But if our sleep cycle has been disturbed, the release of this hormone does not reflect the actual energy need of our body, and we tend to eat more. There has been a study that shows teenagers tend to eat more fried food after sleep deprivation.
HY: Oh yeah?
Me: Yeah. Still, I don't know why I feel like I'm always running out of time, always have been rushing here and there, haha.
HY: Well, maybe life in a city is like this. And city gives us opportunity to get more things done.
Me: True. And that's exactly why I love my life in this city!

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