Monday, September 06, 2010


Me: Von, could you help me to tekan a bit, please?
Yvonne: OK.
Me: I use your bed ok?
Yvonne: OK.
*I lie down on the bed, face down*
Yvonne: Where?
Me: Here. At the waist. Yeah, that's right.
Yvonne: Tekan kuat-kuat?
Me: Yes, kuat-kuat.
*Yvonne's hands applied pressure kao kao at the agnonising area*
Me: Ohhhhh, feel so good! You're good!
*Yvonne tried at the area around*
Me: Yeah, that's the spot! Ohhhhhh....OHHH
Yvonne: OK ka?
Me: Yeah, so nice...
*Yvonne worked on the area for a while, and me indulging in the ultimate pleasure of massage*
Me: *sigh of relieve* I'm very much relieved now, thanks a lot!
Yvonne: You're welcome :)

Have I told you Yvonne has skillful hands?


fea said...

incredibly erotic :)

Gine said...

*grin* massage is addictive! It leaves me wanting a full body massage after that :(