Thursday, September 30, 2010


Phew! So I've finally told my colleagues about my resignation from my current company.

I handed in my resignation letter since 20th July 2010, and my last day in this company is on 7th October 2010, after offsetting my remaining Annual Leaves.

Of course, Amy knew about my resignation for all this while. In fact, she actually knew about which interview I was attending whenever I took a day or two off from work, and the times I struggled with the 3 months notice period versus offered a job and ready to resign dilemma. And the rest of the department knew about it once I handed in my resignation letter.

For those who're not from my department, Chloe was the first one I broke the news to personally. The experience was hilarious. I started off by asking her for lunch at some slightly nicer place, such as SMI cafe in Central Plaza. She had no idea why I asked her for lunch there. But well, since we're lunchmates, it's nothing unusual. Then we went on to compare Japanese restaurants else where, share experience about the food, price and services. Then we moved on to talk about boss and the buying-over of our company and some contract stuff. And talk about our company as a whole. She's worked here for 5 years, of course she knows more about the background of the company than I do. Then only I broke the news to her. Haha! Man, it takes two to beat around the bush effectively!

Chloe was shocked, then jokingly made me tell the other colleagues myself, one by one. She said that since I wanted to be this secretive, they're not going to help me spread it, I'll have to do it myself. And I really have to do it because they're going to organise a farewell lunch for me. Without knowing what's happening, it's quite weird to invite others just for lunch, with the unusual group of lunchmates. Chloe's expression was really funny. And so was Choy Li's. William's response was really drama, while Ivory's, YC's, Jessie's and YSY's were very mild. But YSY has the best answer:

Me: Hey, next Wed are you free? Let's go for lunch together.
YSY: OK. Aiya, sure can la, I everyday also need to eat one mah.
Me: *burst out laughing*

Tomorrow will tell KJaan and others. And will tell Michelle next Mon or Tue when she's back from Aus :)

One more week to go!

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