Thursday, September 09, 2010


Min Fei stood in front of my cubicle in office, lifted the package of mooncakes to my eye level.

Me: Yay! Thanks, Min Fei!
MF: You're welcome. HY kept your RM0.60 change.
Me: Oh? Hahaha, oh yeah, the change. Nevermind la.
MF: He probably gave it to Jeremy already anyway.
Me: Nah, Jeremy has gone back to Ipoh. Oh, you know Jeremy also? Because he's more junior than your batch..
MF: Yeah, I know him, we're all from the same school what..
Me: I see.
MF: HY told me he has counted and there are four mooncakes inside, don't curi makan and give you what's left.
Me: Hahaha! OH, probably I can call him and ask him why it's only an empty box!
MF: Yeah, let's pull a prank on him! Quick, text him!
Me: Hahaha, you crazy fella!

Later, via sms:
HY: Hi, some of us are planning to go hiking at Bukit Tabur on Friday morning, 6:30am, weather permitting. Interested? :)
Me: Ugh, I'll be at home already! :( It's ok la, you guys have fun! Thanks for inviting. And thanks for helping me with the mooncakes :)
HY: You're welcome! And thanks for the book too. Hard cover somemore. Hope it's not too costly!
Me: Haha, don't be fooled by the looks :p just to hint that you should pay at least one visit to bookfest. still, the price may be cheap, not the content of the book. hee hee
HY: You are really tempting me to go to the fest... see how, may go after work today. Haha.
Me: Yeah, do some warm up with your muscles by carrying books before climbing Tabor tomorrow :p going with Siaw Lin, right?
Me: Erm, about the bookfair, actually it's not as impressive as last year, though. The books that I want aren't there, only picked up some books I wouldn't buy at normal price. Haha. And maybe because I was a bit rush, I didn't spend much time to check out books I haven't heard of, either. Still, go have a look la :)
Me: If you guys are going bookfest tonight, what time? I could meet you guys up a while in KLCC before I go back home tonight. Haha. Train is at 10pm anyway.
HY: Won't be going tonight already. Having dinner at home so don't want to be too late.

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