Saturday, September 18, 2010


There is only one grand chamber for all MPO performance. I always wonder what would every inches of the chamber feel, to be there for every performances, years over years. Will they bask in the good musics and wear the heavenly notes as a scented coat? Or will they ever get bored of the harps and violin, cello and drums? Will they be inspired or moved, or depressed or sorrowed by every moves of the conductor?

I guess it's like asking how does the moon feel, watching the Earth years after years - civil wars, family affairs, changes in political leaders, rise and fall of economy, heart breaks, natural disaster, the invention of electricity and penicillin, every birth and death.

While all human does, is to live the moment as it is. I love MPO performances, and I like to attend it with friends. It's been a great evening to attend Operatic Gems conducted by Claus Peter Flor with Soprano singer Nicole Cabell, with Sue Lee.

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