Friday, November 21, 2008

I Found My Shopping Mate!

It took me so long to realise that my perfect shopping mate is Lorraine, who's also from UKM KL Campus and staying in KTSN for three years now. Next semester is my final semester here in UKM. I'd love to go out with her for at least one more time. To shop like sisters.

We are definitely not professional shopaholic. We do love to shop, but both of us cannot shop for more than two hours in a day (correction: her limit is four hours, mine is two), have no sense of direction and are technophobes. After laughing our stress off by watching Madagascar Escape2Africa in GSC, we window-shopped around Time Square. There is not my usual type of shopping place. But today somehow I felt like having a look around at the shoes and make ups and clothes and bags and hair clips. We admired the same design of dress separately, then told each other about it, only to find out that it's actually the same dress, haha =) And we also coincidentally felt like ending our shopping spree with Secret Recipe cakes and frost drink. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed since we met up in KTSN bus stop in the evening, till we parted after we reached KTSN.

She bought herself a CLEO magazine, while I bought myself a handphone pouch. We didn't buy a lot of things, but we are two happy girls (was thinking of saying we're two Happy Tree Friends, but nah.. lol)

Cheers! =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Friday, November 14, 2008


One hardly knows how much his words can move mountains. Needless to know the reasons behind a decision, but by mere questions one instills doubt on the decision which was thought to be firmly made. He just has the flair to do so. It could be the other's nature of indecissiveness. Or maybe she is known to have the softest heart to be exploited. Of course, one didn't mean to insist that things go his way, nor did he want to use his authority to exploit. Yet, decision's sent back to be reconsidered, without judgement.

The thought of changing priority. To finally put oneself ahead of others in the list. To let go and focus on things at hand, on dreams ahead. She thought she's made up her mind, and things have laid out according to her plan, too. Changing the plan is like risking the probability to achieve her goals for which plans had been made and carried out at the first place. For the people whom she has the largest soft spot for.

Indecisive? Because she loves them too much.

Love them so much that she changed her mind and willing to take the risk. For one last time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

If I called you "Ass" that means I adore you very much.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Sometimes don't you just enjoy it when someone instantly exclaim "EXACTLY" right after you say something? :)
Me: Owh I SO wish that KTSN has its own swimming pool!

Jason: EXACTLY! And a music room, too!

Had a nice chat with Jason after dinner. And the same with Kevin and Pau for yesterday's. Nowadays I find quality moment such as a heart-lifting, lung-choking and six-packs-building conversation with friends doesn't come easy. Maybe because it's exam season. I realise many things have become too luxury for ordinary people to acquire. Like a good joke, a favourite song, choices of food (change the menu please, KTSN cafe!), time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or simply a quiet moment to hug a book on the bed. And I felt awesome (sounds like Kevin) whenever I got the chance to experience one of them. If you've also experienced one of them in this week, then good for you! You're now filthy rich! =)

Exam tomorrow afternoon. After that will rush out to meet my friend at Pavilion for dinner and probably a movie. Don't tell the KTSN guard but my friend will be bunking in with me for tomorrow night, yay!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Warm War

I just got to blog about this! Haha :)
Had a brief Facebook-wall-vandalizing war with Kevin and I surrendered after reading the last message *smile* Here goes:

U habis lah, I told Ai Huey about what you keep boasting about ;-p

Kevin Tan:
well i'll be the first to admit that i'm her number one fan^^
of course a humble spec such as myself would not be able to contain his excitement when such a supreme goddess takes time out of her day to call me, albeit for official things such as debate:)

nah ur just jealous i dont do it when u call me blueeekk

HHHH Well, Ai Huey just wished me good luck for my exam, too! :p

And I thought you're Darryl's No1 KIPAS (I mean, fern, no, FAN!)?? 


Kevin Tan:
i am a fan of alot of people. im a fan of darryl's cuteness and xu vin's funniness and john's prettiness and qian yi's sportiness and keh len's mcDness and kok joo's nenekness and pau's cheongping-ness and alison's siren-ness and jonathan's handsomeness and fea's brittishness and jun hoe's huggableness and jason's weatherman-ness and last but not least cherlinn's HHHHHness!

Everyone should come and read this, that's very funny yet sweet of him. There's something very special about every person in our lives. And that's what you'll learn to appreciate when you see the ultimate uniqueness of each other that bind us together despite the difference.

Still smiling :-)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm -no- Baby Dinosaur!

I've always thought being called dinosaur in my debating team is a complement or a sign of respect. I'm not sure who actually started the usage, but I never thought it could mean something degrading. As all the debaters who're from my batch have graduated (Taiko's official graduation will be next year), they are now officially dinosaurs. Whereas me, in my 4th year, since technically I'm still in Uni, I am not a dinosaur.
My KTSN juniors like to call me dinosaur, fossils or anything in relation to the ancient Flintstone age. 

Since the recent training camp, Jun Hoe however, disallows me to use the term on myself. He always reminds me that I'm no dinosaur whenever I tried to twist the term, saying something like "I'm a baby dinosaur lalalala~" or "I'm going to shop for my Halloween dinosaur outfit" etc.

Of course, he's only kidding, but he explained being called a dinosaur isn't really a complement, because:
"After all dinosaurs were these huge creatures with small brains who move slowly and have to eat tonnes a day to maintain their metabolism and eventually got wiped out, which gave way to small, agile, rat-like mammals. "
I choked. That shall be my favourite joke of the month =)