Friday, November 14, 2008


One hardly knows how much his words can move mountains. Needless to know the reasons behind a decision, but by mere questions one instills doubt on the decision which was thought to be firmly made. He just has the flair to do so. It could be the other's nature of indecissiveness. Or maybe she is known to have the softest heart to be exploited. Of course, one didn't mean to insist that things go his way, nor did he want to use his authority to exploit. Yet, decision's sent back to be reconsidered, without judgement.

The thought of changing priority. To finally put oneself ahead of others in the list. To let go and focus on things at hand, on dreams ahead. She thought she's made up her mind, and things have laid out according to her plan, too. Changing the plan is like risking the probability to achieve her goals for which plans had been made and carried out at the first place. For the people whom she has the largest soft spot for.

Indecisive? Because she loves them too much.

Love them so much that she changed her mind and willing to take the risk. For one last time.

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